CBSE Question Paper 2019 Class 10 English Communicative

English Communicative Question Paper Class 10 2019

English is the third most common language out of the 6,500 that are spoken around the world. It is taught and spoken in more than 118 countries and is often used worldwide as a business or diplomatic language. It is used in science, aviation, computers, tourism, and international relations. It is used to talk to people worldwide, in the media, and on the internet.

Knowing how important English is will help you reach your goals, whether you want to learn it for work or fun. Here are a few reasons why you should keep learning and using English.

The English language is essential because it helps us talk to people worldwide. It is the primary language that people worldwide use to learn anything. English is important for students because it helps them think in new ways, builds their emotional skills, and gives them job opportunities that improve their lives.

Also, more and more people are using English as an international language because it is the only way to communicate in many countries. The books in the literature and media sections are also written in English. Most writers prefer English because English is the language most people read. Because of globalization, English is taught in many countries, and students learn different ways to learn languages, especially how to read. The most important thing that affects how students learn a foreign language is their learning method.

The best way for students in CBSE Class 10 to prepare for their board exams is to look at question papers from the last few years. This helps students a lot when they don’t have much time to study CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Question Paper 2019 can teach a lot to students who want to do well on the Class 10 exam. Most students don’t know how the test is set up or how hard it is. Also, they don’t feel confident enough about the test because they haven’t solved the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers for Class 10. The first step is the CBSE Class 10 exam, so students should work hard all year to prepare for it. From Extramarks, students can get free copies of the CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Question Paper 2019 solved answers.

Previous Year Question Paper Class 10 English Communicative with solution

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Class 10 Board Exam English Communicative Question Paper 2019

Practising CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Question Paper 2019  is an essential and reliable study method. Subject matter experts with extensive teaching experience prepare Extramarks solutions. These detailed answers come in a downloadable format to help you do better on your test and get better scores.

On the Extramarks platform, students can get free solutions for the CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Question Paper 2019 and other study materials. This will help you go over the whole course and improve your exams. Class 10 is an essential part of a student’s life. If a student does well on the board exam, it will help them decide what they want to study in higher education.

The best way to prepare for the Class 10 board exams is to answer questions from previous years. It’s essential to do well on the Class 10 exams because Class 10 Board marks are important when applying to top universities in India and abroad. The concepts in Class 10 are like the building blocks on which the concepts in higher Classes are built. You will be better prepared for the test by working through the questions. This will make it more likely that you will do well on the board exam.

CBSE Board Exam 2019 English Question Paper Class 10

The CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Question Paper 2019 had 80 marks. The other 20 marks were saved as internal marks. There were 11 questions on the paper that had to be answered. All of the questions on the exam paper are required and have internal choices. This page has the CBSE Class 10 English Communicative question paper 2019 questions and answers to help you study.

Section A – Reading 

20 Marks

In this part, you will read two passages. Based on these passages, questions are asked.

Section B – Writing and Grammar

30 Marks

This part is a test of your writing and grammar skills. This part has questions like how to write a letter or a story and grammar exercises.

Section C – Literature 

30 Marks

This part is about the lessons and poems in the NCERT English books. This part has long questions and answers.

English Communicative Question Paper Class 10 for 2019 – Benefits

It is essential to solving the English Communicative Question Paper 2019 Class 10 because it has many benefits. It helps to know how the exam is set up and how marks are given. Also, it helps them learn about time, speed, and how accurate their answers need to be before the actual Board exams.

It takes time to learn how to use a language like English well. Mastering the Class 10 English Paper requires a lot of hard work. Getting enough practise for the Communicative English paper, which tests students’ reading and understanding abilities, is especially important. The best way to improve your Class 10 marks and subject knowledge is to do the Previous Year Question Paper for CBSE Class 10 English Communicative. English is used to talk formally. 

Solving the 2019 question papers will help you learn how the question papers are set up and give you a lot of practice with the subjects. Solving old papers also helps you write faster and makes you less likely to make mistakes with grammar. English might seem like a straightforward subject that you can put off studying until the last minute to focus on other subjects. But to do well on the Class 10 Board exam, you must consider all subjects. For students to answer all the questions, they need to be able to write quickly.

Extramarks provides question papers from previous years that will help you study well for your 2020 exam. Practise with these Previous Year Question Papers, which follow the same format as previous CBSE exams. This will help you get better at what you do and learn more about the subject. Students can also download the CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Question Paper 2019 solved solutions from the Extramarks website or mobile app.

CBSE conducted the Class 10 English Communicative test on March 23, 2019. This paper was of average difficulty level. It was not too hard or too easy. The more students practise, the faster they’ll be able to write. Your skills will get better as you work on these papers. It will also help you figure out your weaknesses so you can fix them. Before entering the exam room, you should ensure you are ready for everything. Your mind should be calm, and you shouldn’t have any worries.

Students can find any study material on Extramarks, like notes, CBSE Important Papers, CBSE Sample Papers and CBSE Previous Year Question Papers. It’s where you’ll find everything you need for the test, so you won’t have to look elsewhere.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the different sections of the CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Question Paper 2019?

There are three parts to the 2019 CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Question Paper. Section A of the question paper is about reading skills and is worth about 20 marks. Section B of the question paper is about writing skills and grammar, worth about 30 marks. The literature-based Section C of the question paper is worth about 30 marks. There are 80 points for the whole paper. Extramarks’s CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Question Paper 2019 has been very helpful for millions of graduates.

2. What chapters are included in the prose section of CBSE Class 10 English Communicative?

  1. The following chapters make up the prose section:
  2. A Letter to God 
  3. Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom 
  4. His First Flight 
  5. Black Airplane 
  6. From the Diary of Anne Frank 
  7. The Hundred Dresses I & II 
  8. A Baker from Goa 
  9. Coorg 
  10. Tea from Assam 
  11. Mijbil the Otter
  12. Madam Rides the Bus
  13. The Sermon at Benares 
  14. The Proposal 
  15. A Triumph of Surgery 
  16. The Thief’s Story 
  17. The Midnight Visitor 
  18. A Question of Trust
  19. Footprints without Feet
  20. The Making of a Scientist 
  21. The Necklace 
  22. The Hack Driver 
  23. Bholi 
  24. The Book That Saved the Earth

3. How to prepare for the Class 10 English Communicative paper?

You must follow a good plan to get good marks on the English Communicative paper for CBSE Class 10. First, look over the course outline to figure out how to organise your study plan. Study well so that you can understand everything. Once you’ve finished studying, you can start working on the sample papers. You shouldn’t skip any questions to save time. Even if some questions take a long time, you should practise all the papers.

4. Are poems also included in the CBSE Class 10 English Communicative syllabus?

11 poems are included in Class 10 English Communicative curriculum for CBSE. The following are the poems:

  • Dust Of Snow 
  • Fire And Ice 
  • A Tiger In The Zoo 
  • How To Tell Wild Animals 
  • The Ball Poem 
  • Amanda! 
  • Animals 
  • The Trees 
  • Fog 
  • The Tale Of Custard The Dragon 
  • For Anne Gregory

5. When was the CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Question Paper 2019 conducted?

The Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) held the Class 10 English test on Saturday, March 23, 2019. It went well. The Class 10 English exam took place at different test centres from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The test was given at all schools that were part of the CBSE. Students can get the solution to these questions on Extramarks.

6. Why should you choose Extramarks?

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Extramarks.

  • Online mode

With Extramarks, students can study both online. With the help of learning tools, students can use self-directed learning skills to determine what is suitable for their education. Online classes let students learn to live anywhere and at any time.

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7. How to Answer the English Questions From the Previous Year's CBSE Class 10 Exam?

The question papers from the previous year might be used for various purposes. During the process of solving the paper, you can make use of some helpful hints and follow them.

  • Set a time limit for each question on the exam paper, and do your best to finish answering all of the questions within that time limit. Even if you cannot complete a question within the allotted time, you should move on to the next one and check how many of the questions you have already answered correctly.
  • Make an effort to respond to the questions without consulting the answers.
  • It is more time-efficient to tackle problems from the previous year after you have completed the chapters in question than to solve questions from the previous ten years individually for each chapter.
  • It is pretty beneficial to note the questions and the answers that have been worked out because doing so allows you to examine the information whenever it is most convenient for you.

8. How do I get familiar with the questions that might come from CBSE Class 10 English?

You can familiarise yourself with the material by going through the CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Question Paper 2019 With Solutions with Extramarks. Extramarks is a trustworthy educational website, with its study material created from the contributions of all of the knowledgeable professionals working in various academic sectors. It is an excellent resource for all students who need to study more effectively and efficiently, as it contains the best subject matter according to the Boards and the criteria they have provided. You can either access the information online or download it to your computer.