ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes Chapter 10 – Endocrine Glands

ICSE Class 10 examination is conducted by The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination annually. The importance of this examination is that it makes students well versed in all academic fields. This helps them to grow into mindful adults.

Biology is the branch of Science that studies living organisms and their life processes. The study of Biology gives insight into the understanding of human life and bodily functions such as digestion, excretion, reproduction, etc. The ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes Chapter 10 helps the students to learn thoroughly for their examinations.

The ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes Chapter 10 – Endocrine Glands is a very informative and important chapter that deals with the characteristics and roles of hormones.

ICSE Class 10 Board examination is one major step in the life of a student. It also holds incredible academic value. The ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes Chapter 10 not only cover the syllabus but is also important for students to do multiple revisions. Biology is a very interesting subject as it deals with the unique creation of nature and its life processesExtramarks’ The ICSE Revision Notes at Extramarks are simple and based on the ISC & ICSE Syllabus. The experts provide these notes with clear elucidation. Covering entire chapters of all subjects is a difficult task,and hence, Extramarks has come up with simplified ICSE revision notes. The ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes Chapter 10 deals with the Endocrine system, which deals with the different kinds of human glands and the regulation of hormones in the human body.

Revision Notes for ICSE Class 10 Biology Chapter 10 – Free PDF Download

The ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes Chapter 10 is based on the Endocrine system. Every part of the human body has a particular task given to them. The endocrine system balances the hormones of the human body to keep a healthy mind and body. The ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes Chapter 10 compiled by Extramarks helps students learn and understand the chapter better and quicker. Students can download the ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes Chapter 10.

Features of Our Revision Notes

The ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes Chapter 10 contains clear descriptions of all the topics in a language that is simple and easy to understand. The ICSE Solutions are provided by the Extramarks experts according to the ICSE Question Paper and ISC & ICSE Syllabus. The ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes Chapter 10 are available to download from the official website of Extramarks.

Importance of Studying Biology in High-School

It is very important for today’s generation to have a general understanding of their bodies. The constantly changing atmosphere and social behaviour tend to put a lot of pressure on the human body. Biology helps to understand how living organisms evolve over a period of time and how they adapt to change. Understanding the working of nature also helps us to create a better living environment for humans and other living creatures. It provides information about the plant world, the animal world and the overall ecosystem.

Why is Biology an Important Subject to Study in High School?

  1. Biology helps to create a better life and increase the prosperity of everyone’s lives.
  2. It gives an understanding of the basic nature of the ecosystem we live in.
  3. It also helps to create a better life for animals and birds and other living creatures.
  4. The study of Biology also gives insight into the world of plants and helps develop our agriculture.
  5. New age medicine and development in medical technologies have also been possible due to the understanding of biology.

Biology is also very helpful from the point of view of ICSE Examinations. It is a great subject if the concepts and key points are properly understood. Biology is a highly scoring subject which can also be chosen as the main subject in the Intermediate. Biology can prove to be a valuable subject if the student wants to become a doctor or go into the pharmaceutical field.

If You are Making Your Notes, Consider These Tips

Before going through the ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes Chapter 10, students should consider going through the ISC & ICSE Syllabus.  Students should use the key requirements of the subject to make notes that would prove helpful in the board examination. Using pointers and diagrams is also useful in making notes more visually appealing and in turn easy to memorise. Using important books and reliable resources like Extramarks would prove to enhance the quality of the notes the student makes.

Prepare Your Notes in Your Language

Another important thing to remember is to use self-made notes. Every child is different, with a different method of study that appeals to them. The idea of making self-notes is to personalise their learning process and give them creative and academic freedom to make decisions. Making notes is also a way to revise everything already studied. It motivates the student into doing better. It also helps the student to know their understanding of the chapter deeply. While making notes students get to understand what topics they have understood and what they have not. Self-assessment is the best method of realisation for any student.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to revise the ICSE Class 10 Biology Chapter 10 in a short period?

Following a proper schedule and reliable resources is the only way to revise and learn ICSE Class 10 Biology Chapter 10. There is innumerable information about the Endocrine Gland available on the internet, which can make students confused. This is why students should limit the sources of information and maximize their revision.

2. How to Score Better marks in ICSE Class 10 board?

To score better marks, students should focus on their syllabus and follow ICSE Question Papers to practice for their exams. They should follow a consistent and scheduled study method to be well-prepared for their examination. Students can refer Extramarks’ website to download notes for Endocrine System Class 10 ICSE.

3. How are the ICSE Revision Notes helpful in preparing for the ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes Chapter 10?

Preparation for the ICSE board examination cannot be possible if there is no revision. The ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes Chapter 10 by Extramarks are detailed and easily accessible on their website.

4. How to use the ICSE Sample Question Papers?

Students should use the ICSE Sample Paper for practising after they have studied with the help of the ICSE Revision Notes.

5. Is the ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes Chapter 10 easy to understand?

The ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes Chapter 10 has been written by experts by keeping in mind the average understanding of a Class 10 student. The language is simple and easy to grasp. The ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes Chapter 10 also includes multiple diagrams and figures for the easy understanding of every child.