ISC Class 12 Biology Question Paper

ISC Class 12 Biology Question Paper

The Biology Last Year Question Paper for the Class 12 ISC encourages students to provide precise answers in the Class 12 Biology Board Exam. Exams for the ICSE frequently incorporate exercises from the end of each chapter and questions from the previous year’s exam. Every chapter and topic in the ICSE Biology Paper should be covered, and as many important questions  as possible should be asked. These Previous Years Papers may be helpful for students whose marks are comparable to those in the ICSE.

Extramarks has the most recent Biology Practical Class 12 ISC Question Paper. You can increase your chances of doing well on your final exams by practising these Question Paper for Class 12 ISC Biology. Our most recent solutions for the sample Class 12 question paper are judged to be the most favourable for the expert framing of in-text questionnaires by expert professional teachers on board. You may read the detailed explanations for each question in our Class 12 study guide.

Biology ISC sample exams with solutions are available at Extramarks.The most recent ISC Sample Papers are available here for all students. Topic experts developed the papers based on in-depth research, the most recent ISC question paper format, and strict adherence to the ISC criteria. These sample questions are quite valuable when preparing for the ISC board exams. These study aids for Class 12 have been created in simple English because students will be using them, which will help them comprehend them better. Charts, graphs, and images are included in the study aids to enhance the learning experience further.

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ISC Class 12 Biology Question Paper:

Extramarks provides access to the last five years ISC Class 12 Biology Question Paper below:

  • ISC Class 12 Biology Question Paper 2021
  • ISC Class 12 Biology Question Paper 2020
  • ISC Class 12 Biology Question Paper 2019
  • ISC Class 12 Biology Question Paper 2018
  • ISC Class 12 Biology Question Paper 2017

Students must finish the ISC Biology Class 12 Question Paper to do well on the ICSE Class 12 Biology  Exam. By practising with questions from several sets of the ISC Class 12 Biology Question Paper, students can understand the format of the question paper, the distribution of the marks, and the kinds of questions that will be asked in the upcoming exam. After completing them, students feel secure and ready to take on the exam.

About ISC Class 12 Biology Question Paper

Class twelfth is a very important class and a milestone to the future education and career for any Indian student. It’s essential to obtain excellent grades in Class 12 because it will help you get into a reputable university. Getting good grades is important when applying to several government and private universities for further education, also if a student gets good grades in school or college board exams, this reflects on his/ her preparedness for the test. Such students are likely to score very high marks in the entrance exams that they take to qualify for the stream of their choice. To help such high aspiring students prepare well for their exams, the ISC Sample Papers for Class 12 Biology are now available for Class 12 biology curriculum.

Most of the NEET’s (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) questions are from the Biology curriculum during Class 12. Before beginning to solve the sample papers, it is imperative that you fully comprehend the ideas. You will profit from learning more and gaining confidence as a result.Completing these ISC Biology Sample Papers with Solutions will also help you become acquainted with the types of questions that will be asked on the exam. You must comprehend how different concepts are graded. After completing these question papers, revise your answers to see which chapters or topics you scored poorly on and where you need more work.

The ICSE Class 12 Biology Question Paper can assist you in fully comprehending a subject. Because you will be familiar with the question types, you will have the assurance to ace exams. Have access to sample papers on every subject and start accurately answering them right now to observe a difference in your preparation. Every important topic is covered from the standpoint of the exam in these sample exams. Our main objective was to help as many students as possible, and we were successful.  The sets of ICSE Class 12 Biology Question Papers and online solutions provided will make it easier for students to submit their assignments throughout exams.

Students today frequently participate in extracurricular activities. By using practice examinations, students can ace exams despite their busy schedules. Start working on these papers when you have finished a course and are aware of your strengths and weaknesses. It is now possible for students to obtain the ICSE Biology exam paper (all students). When you have access to the exam papers, solve them on your own or with a partner to ace the upcoming exams.

How Do ISC Class 12 Biology Question Papers Help Students

You may get quick and easy access to subject-specific materials for all Classes at Extramarks. We provide easy access to the Biology Sample Paper ISC Solutions. The papers are completely comprehensive and written with Standard 12 students in mind.

You are provided with up-to-date study materials for Biology for Class 12 and thorough papers on every subject. For students to have in-depth preparation for the upcoming board examinations, these solutions and study materials for the sample paper are carefully produced in accordance with the most recent ISC Syllabus. Because we consistently uphold a high level of quality and accuracy, our solutions are among the best on the market.

All the offered solutions were made using time-saving strategies and step-by-step instructions to help you study for your examinations effectively. Our knowledgeable lecturers, who are experts in this subject, created these solutions. These have been developed with exams in mind.

ISC Class 12 Biology Question Paper: Syllabus

For exam preparation, Class 12 students must be familiar with the ISC Class 12 Biology Syllabus. Knowing the curriculum will enable students to create a study plan. Here is a thorough breakdown of the ISC Class 12 Biology Exam:

Reproduction 16 marks
Genetics And Evolution 15 marks
Biology And Human Welfare 14 marks
Biotechnology And Its Applications 10 marks
Ecology And Environment 15 marks
Total 70 marks

In addition, internal choices are given to students for questions worth 2, 3, and 5 marks. The following chapters are part of the Biology syllabus for ISC Class 12:

  • Reproduction: Students must study a wide range of topics in this first unit, including sexual reproduction in flowering plants, human reproduction, reproductive health, and sexually transmitted illnesses, among others.
  • Genetics and Evolution: The second section covers a variety of topics, including Darwin’s hypothesis, evolution, the molecular basis of inheritance, principles of inheritance and variation, and human evolution, among others.
  • Biology And Human Welfare: The third unit of the ISC Class 12 Biology Syllabus will cover various topics. Human health and diseases, the green revolution, the role of microbes in human welfare, food processing, industrial production, etc., are some of the diverse topics covered in this course.
  • Biotechnology And Its Applications: The principles and procedures of Biotechnology, as well as Applications of Biotechnology, are covered in this unit, which is the fourth in the Biology curriculum for ISC Class 12 students.
  • Ecology And Environment: The final unit of Biology for ISC Class 12 covers a variety of topics, such as how organisms interact with their environments, how quickly they reproduce, how ecosystems function, how to conserve biodiversity, how to protect endangered species, and how to deal with environmental problems.

Benefits Of Solving ISC Class 12 Biology Question Paper

Students may find revisiting exam questions or exam samples from previous years useful. Before the final exam, students should take sample exams for several additional benefits. Before the Class 12 final Board Exam, Sample Papers must be finished for the reasons listed below. You must offer appropriate answers to the ISC Class 12 Biology Question Paper to pass the exam.

  • Learn the Exam Pattern: To prepare for their grade 12 exams, students need to become familiar with the structure of the paper or the questions that will be asked. Students should read the Biology Class 12 curriculum for the ICSE board to learn how the chapters are weighted in terms of marks. You must be familiar with the structure of the question paper and the importance of each section if you want your preparation to be successful. Students can achieve this goal by completing exam papers and becoming familiar with the format.
  • Self-Evaluation: By taking sample exams and comparing their results with an answer key or their teacher, students can pinpoint the areas that need the most development. With the help of these sample papers from previous years, students can determine which chapters and topics they already grasp and which still require additional practice or study. Question papers help determine a student’s areas of strength and weakness.
  • Examination Setting: When students take a sample exam based on an exam from a previous year, a parent or teacher may act as the examiner while strictly sticking to time restrictions. Students are under pressure to complete the assignment without help and by the deadline, even if they are not being observed to assess their aptitude. These fictional situations give students a false impression of what taking an exam is like, which helps them prepare for their final exam day. Students gain greater knowledge about stress-reduction techniques through this exam scenario. As they finish more sample papers, students feel less anxious, which reduces their chance of exam anxiety.
  • Time management: During the actual exam, students will get into the habit of completing the ICSE Class 12 Biology Question Paper in the allotted time. Before an exam, they can better manage their time if they read more papers. The students know that if they take longer to complete the task, they will need additional practice and sample papers.
  • Practice: To properly prepare for exams, students should complete the exercises and worksheets. Taking mock exams that cover the entire curriculum at once is the best way to study for exams, especially one as important as the final Board Exam. By passing the Sample Exams, students demonstrate a full understanding of the whole curriculum and any potential complications or questions.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What kinds of questions are asked in the Biology Class 12 ISC Exam?

The ISC Class 12 Biology exam will consist of various question types that students must respond to. They must respond to extremely short, short, and long answers in the exam. To acquire a feel for the questions in the exam, students should consult the ISC Class 12 Biology Sample Papers. By completing the ISC Class 12 Biology Sample Papers provided on Extramarks, students can also understand the grading criteria and format of the exam. The most recent pattern and grading system are used to create sample papers.

2. What is the format of the ISC Class 12 Biology Exam?

There are two sections in the Class 12 ISC Biology exam. The first section contains theory. The first exam has 70 marks. The second paper is a useful one. It is worth 15 marks. Students are required to turn in a project worth 10 marks and a practical file worth 5 marks. So that they may begin preparing for the final exams, students must comprehend the format of the ISC Class 12 Biology Exam. They can divide the course into sections and create a study plan.

3. Do Diagrams matter for the ISC Class 12 Biology Exam?

In ISC Class 12 Biology, diagrams are essential. For the ISC Class 12 Biology Exam, students must practise the crucial diagrams found in their required textbooks. They have to practise drawing diagrams. Students can describe their answers clearly using diagrams, so they must learn to label all diagrams. In class Biology, students are often given questions based on accompanying diagrams. Diagrams make it simpler to understand the concepts. Students must practise drawing as well as labelling these diagrams correctly, else they are likely to face deduction of marks.

4. How can I master the challenging Biology Terms for ISC Class 12?

A thorough understanding of key concepts and terminologies is necessary for biology. Given how broad the subject is, it requires careful attention. By breaking the concepts into two parts and fully comprehending their meanings, students may grasp the challenging terms and definitions in the ISC Class 12 Biology Course. To achieve excellent results in Biology, students must have their questions and concepts answered by teachers and fellow students. They can also learn crucial terms by writing down all the terms in their notebook and properly studying them before the exams.

5. What is the purpose of the Biology Class 12 Sample Papers?

The ISC Class 12 Biology Sample Papers are intended to improve students’ knowledge and comprehension of Biology ideas. Additionally, sample exams can help students understand the curriculum and prepare for the final exams. By analysing all key material, individuals can obtain a sense of the most recent exam format and perform well on the exam. To study for the exam, they can discover the crucial questions commonly asked.