ISC Important Questions For Class 11 Maths

Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics 

There are many practical advantages to studying Mathematics. It improves our ability to reason, fosters analytical thinking, sharpens our minds, fosters practicality, and also has applications in daily life. The way you measure the various ingredients is crucial to improving the flavour of the food you prepare. Mathematics makes it possible to determine the exact cost and value of the items you buy, enabling you to make wise purchases. Using mathematics, you may organise your finances, including your income and expenses. For those of you who are keen to pursue designing and engineering courses, Mathematics is a very important and a key subject. There is a number-crunching section in the JEE (Primary and High level), BITSAT, and fluctuated state designing tests as well as placement tests, and hence Mathematics is a key subject.

Candidates should earn a good grade on their Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics board exams, just like they would be required to score well in their  final exams.

Our subject-matter experts at Extramarks have created significant problems for the Class 11 Mathematics test that will greatly assist students in their preparation. These fundamental questions serve as the foundation for many competitive exams and board examinations. Keeping the manual’s instructions in mind, we created all ISC Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics with an Mathematics resolution for Class 11 Mathematics.

Students need to prepare especially well for competitive tests. We cover ISC Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics to help students prepare for the class twelve boards and other entrance tests.

Visit the Extramarks website to learn more about the ISC key questions for Class 11 Mathematics. Students have free access to textbook answers, ISC revision notes, and other resources. The students’ comprehension of the subject has been made easier by the inclusion of specific strategies and tips.

What Chapters Are Covered in Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics?

ISC Class 11 Mathematics can be intimidating for some students due to the ISC & ICSE Syllabus and 10 chapters. The ISC Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics Solutions cover the chapters from the Class 11 Mathematics textbook that are listed below.

Section A

  • Sets and Functions
  • Algebra
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Calculus
  • Statistics & Probability

Section B

  • Conic Section
  • Introduction to three-dimensional Geometry
  • Mathematical Reasoning

Section C

  • Statistics
  • Correlation Analysis
  • Index Numbers and Moving Averages

One needs to be very organised to cover all the chapters. After that, a study plan with regular practise time is needed. In this situation, the students will enjoy chapter-by-chapter ISC Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics solutions.

For each chapter of the ISC Class 11 Mathematics curriculum, the Extramarks team has prepared ISC Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics. This section contains questions in a wide variety of formats, including fill-in-the-blank and true/false questions, multiple-choice questions (MCQs), and subjective questions like “address in brief” and “address in depth.” As a result, these important questions will be useful for reviewing ISC Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics with concepts and evaluating the student in preparation for the tests.

Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics—Weightage

Below is a table detailing the mark distribution across chapters in ISC 11th Mathematics. Our academic team gathered this information by examining past question papers.

SL. No Unit Total Weightage
Section A: 65 Marks
1. Sets and Functions 20 Marks
2. Algebra 24 Marks
3. Coordinate Geometry 08 Marks
4. Calculus 06 Marks
5. Statistics & Probability 07 Marks
Section B: 15 Marks
6. Conic Section 07 Marks
7. Introduction to three-dimensional Geometry 05 Marks
8. Mathematical Reasoning 05 Marks
Section C: 15 Marks
9. Statistics 05 Marks
10. Correlation Analysis 04 Marks
11. Index Numbers and Moving Averages 06 Marks
Total 80 Marks
Internal Marks 20 Marks

Tips to Solve the ISC Class 11 Mathematics Important Questions

  • The questions have been arranged by chapter to make it simple for students to locate the individual files from the list. They can download and involve ICSE question papers in their practise to obtain improved results.
  • The questions are accompanied by precise solutions designed by professionals in stepwise methods. It will help you focus on applying the concepts taught in specific chapters. As a result, practising these questions will assist you in expanding your knowledge and solidifying your conceptual foundation for the important questions for Class 11 Mathematics ISC.
  • Resolve your doubts about these questions faster by using the ICSE sample question paper, and you’ll be one step closer to scoring very well in your exams. Students must practise a lot so that they can reduce their practise exam time and thus complete their exam well in time.

Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics—Chapter-Wise Questions 

In Class 11 Mathematics, there is a lot of information to cover, so preparation and practise are essential. The only way to keep in mind the various issues that need to be addressed is to practise constantly. If you don’t want to make any mistakes on the actual tests, it might be best if you always practise ISC Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics.

Extramarks gives you access to all required content chapter-by-chapter in the ISC Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics along with Mathematics problems and their solutions, so you can practise well after registering on our website. This will help you understand concepts very well, practice tests adequately and finally get a great score.

Click on the chapter-by-chapter questions and answers below to read the ISC Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics.

  • Important Questions Chapter 1: Sets and Functions
  • Important Questions Chapter 2: Algebra
  • Important Questions Chapter 3: Coordinate Geometry
  • Important Questions Chapter 4:Calculus
  • Important Questions Chapter 5: Statistics & Probability
  • Important Questions Chapter 6: Conic Section
  • Important Questions Chapter 7: Introduction to three-dimensional Geometry
  • Important Questions Chapter 8:Mathematical Reasoning
  • Important Questions Chapter 9: Statistics
  • Important Questions Chapter 10: Correlation Analysis
  • Important Questions Chapter 11: Index Numbers and Moving Averages

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Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics—Types of Questions

The current Class 11 Mathematics exam paper format has been approved by ISC and the most recent guidelines are as follows

  • There are three sections A, B, and C.
  • Students are required to respond to all the questions in Section A, except for two questions that each award six points and three questions that each award four points.
  • Students are required to complete either section C or section B. Two of the four-point questions in section B and two of the four-point questions in section C offer students the option of using internal choice.
  • The exam awards 100 points.
  • Each of the 10 questions in Section A receives two points, while the other nine receive four and the other four receive six.
  • There are twenty points in Section B. There are two questions that each carry a total of six marks and two questions that carry only four marks.
  • In Section C, there are two questions worth four points each and two questions worth six points each.

Benefits of Solving Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics

Students typically search a chapter for key questions after reading and comprehending it. The essential questions serve as the foundation for the chapter’s primary and crucial sections.

This chapter, which includes the most important questions for each topic, is very helpful to the students. By using the relevant questions for advanced eleventh Mathematics as a guideline, a student can focus on the most important parts of the chapter and answer the ISC Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics.

The ISC Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics are carefully selected from each chapter. When you get the ISC Class 11 Mathematics plan, you should use this section to help you improve your capacity for problem-solving.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to get high marks in Class 11 Mathematics?

Beginning preparation as soon as the school year begins is the first and most crucial step in achieving high grades in Class 11 Mathematics. This will make it possible to finish all the chapters adequate and timely. In the future, you should attend all of your Mathematics classes and ask your teachers any questions. Asking questions to clarify the concepts. Students should complete all chapters from their test books as well as use the content we have kept on our Extramarks website. Last but not least, practice, practice, practice.

2. How can Mathematics Important question Class 11 help you study?

Students should first study their textbooks. After one is done with the testbook, she can go through all the content on our Extramarks website for Class 11 ISC Mathematics. Students should work through the important questions for the 11th-grade Mathematics problems and compare your responses to the solution for ISC Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics. With practice, you’ll noticeably get better. You’ll be able to quickly and effectively answer questions. Your grade will go up if you use the strategies in the solutions.

3. Is Class 11 Mathematics easy?

The 11th-grade Mathematics curriculum is extensive. However, it is thought to be simple for students who fully comprehend the concepts. Mathematics concepts may be simple to grasp in Class 11 if you have a solid grasp of the material from 11th grade and the ISC Important Questions for Class 11 Mathematics. However, if you don’t fully comprehend the concepts taught in Class 11, learning Mathematics in Class 11 may be difficult. However, you can avoid this issue if you begin your preparations early. If you do this, you will have more time to read your Class 11 chapters and the previous year’s concepts.