NCERT Books Class 2 Hindi

NCERT Class 2 Hindi Book 

Hindi does not need an introduction. It is a beautiful language used all over the country and spoken by many. What makes the language interesting is that every letter has its own distinct sound. This also makes it easy to learn as you pronounce the words exactly as you write them. Moreover, the language has remained integral to the development of the country’s culture and also shares similarities with Urdu, another ancient language.  

Students are taught Hindi in school, considering the importance of this language. Learning this language not only makes communicating easy for them but also enables them to apply for multiple jobs. Moreover, they get exposed to a variety of literary works. 

CBSE students follow books designed by NCERT in their curriculum. The board does not ask its students to refer to multiple books as the NCERT Books are enough to help them learn new concepts and pass the examination with flying colours. The NCERT Books Class 2 Hindi is called Rimjhim and contains 15 chapters. Each chapter handholds students to new ideas, morals, lessons, etc., through fables, entertaining stories and poems. Additionally, you will find impressive illustrations depicting several situations as the chapters unfold. 

CBSE Class 2 NCERT Hindi Book

It is essential to provide good education to students from their early classes, and Hindi, being the most popular language in our country, is very essential for the young generation to learn. 

NCERT has drafted the NCERT Books Class 2 Hindi considering all the factors to introduce students to this language in the best possible way. Besides, you can access the book’s PDFs chapter-wise for free. NCERT Class 2 Hindi Book PDF Free Download enables students to access the chapters with a single click anytime and anywhere. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi | Chapterwise Solutions

Now that you have access to the chapters of NCERT Books Class 2 Hindi, you need to study them and solve the exercise questions correctly to ace the examinations. So, in order to help you, Extramarks has prepared the NCERT solutions for all the chapters. Download them individually and solve your queries, as they not only offer the answers to the exercise questions but also explain the chapters in gist to help students understand them better. 

For example, the first chapter is a poem explaining how a camel walks on the sand while carrying loads. The poet introduces the students to a camel’s physical features and behaviour while encouraging them to imagine its journey as they read them. The illustrations offer them the necessary support. The sixth chapter describes the innocent minds of children as they request the clouds to stop raining so they can go outside and play. They are getting bored being locked inside their houses; the places outside have become waterlogged and muddy. 

NCERT Books for Class 2 

Class 2 CBSE students have NCERT books in their curriculum. CBSE trusts this autonomous body, established in 1961 to promote and universalise school education, to publish textbooks for its students. Accordingly, NCERT designs every subject’s chapters, topics, sub-topics, etc., per the CBSE Syllabus. It appoints subject experts to explain several concepts in simple language and an interactive tone. Besides, the books are error-free, authentic and a source of vast knowledge. 

In Class 2, students have three more NCERT Books – Mathematics, English – Marigold and English – Raindrops, apart from the Hindi book. In Mathematics, there are 15 simple chapters. Each has been written playfully with multiple exciting examples, stories, activities, etc., to make the children fall in love with mathematics. Additionally, the chapters have been appropriately displayed with colourful pictures and illustrations. The chapters introduce students to simple patterns, counting, shapes, lines, etc. 

In English, there are two books. Coming to Marigold, there are ten units in the book, with each unit having two short and exciting tales either in the form of poems or prose. Each lesson has several fun activities and a set of new words. Moreover, students get to practice English letters. A few poems and stories are ‘The Wind and the Sun’, ‘First Day at School’, ‘Funny Bunny’, ‘The Grasshopper and the Ant’, ‘Mr. Nobody’, etc. 

The English – Raindrops book has 15 chapters. You find both stories and rhymes here. The lessons intend to introduce students to different places, objects, events, etc. Some chapters are ‘My Village’, ‘Rain In Summer’, ‘My Family’, etc. 

Both English Books contain multiple pictures to help students learn verbs, nouns, etc. The exercises are also quite fun as they include the guessing game  – students get to guess an activity by looking at the picture. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 

The students get the NCERT solutions of the chapters of all the subjects readied by subject teachers of Extramarks here. Be it Mathematics, English – Marigold, or English – Raindrops, the solutions have been made to help students prepare better for the examinations. Apart, the solutions also help the students understand the concepts better as they have been written in the most straightforward language possible. 

In Class 2, students get introduced to several new concepts that form the base of more advanced topics in future classes. So, it is necessary that they understand them and also like them. 

While the books are designed in the most entertaining way possible, the subject experts also prepare the solutions in lucid language to ensure students enjoy learning new things instead of considering them a burden. 

Besides, the solutions help them identify the pattern in which answers need to be written. CBSE always encourages simple and to-the-point answers without any drag. The solutions help students accept that approach toward solving exercises from a tender age. 

Where can you download the NCERT Hindi Class 2? 

Students can download the NCERT Books Class 2 Hindi from the website or mobile app of Extramarks. All they have to do is create an account, log in and select the class, subject and book title. They will land on a page containing the link to the book. Extramarks also offers chapter-wise PDFs of every subject to make things easier for students. As the Hindi book – Rimjhim – contains 15 chapters, they will get 15 individual links that will allow them to NCERT Class 2 Hindi Book PDF Free Download. Extramarks do not charge anything to provide students with PDFs and NCERT solutions. 

The book has been designed in an interactive manner so that students find it easy to grasp the ideas and later implement them while answering the exercise questions. The interesting fables and eye-catching illustrations make Hindi a fun subject to explore. So, start downloading and reading the fantastic stories that the book has in store.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why should I study from the PDF of the NCERT Books Class 2 Hindi?

To score well in the examinations and learn the concepts properly, it is necessary to follow books that are not fake and contain relevant information in simple language. This is the reason CBSE prescribes NCERT Books. You can trust the NCERT Books Class 2 Hindi to help you learn new things and score well in the examination.

2. How can Extramarks help me to score excellently in the examination?

Extramarks has been a leading platform in helping students transition to digital education. Not only does it offer the  NCERT books but also its solutions for free. Apart from this, you get multiple study materials on this website. To help you revise better, you have the CBSE Revision Notes; then there are the CBSE Extra Questions and CBSE Important Questions. Extramarks also offers the CBSE Sample Papers and CBSE Previous Year Question Papers in case students want to give mock tests or get an idea of the pattern of questions asked in the examination.