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CBSE Class 2 NCERT Maths Books Free Download

NCERT is an independent organization that provides high-quality educational materials to school students. NCERT books are created by subject matter experts adhering to the latest guidelines shared by the central board of secondary education (CBSE). The content of the NCERT books is precisely designed to meet the needs of students in different classes in a way that is easy to understand. These books are considered among the best educational resources available for students in classes 1 to 12. NCERT has been creating well-researched, error-free, most updated books for almost decades and has established itself as a backbone for other educational institutions.

NCERT Books are available at local bookstores across the nation. However, students can also download the PDF versions of these NCERT books from the Extramarks website for free. These books can be downloaded on any device and can be easily accessed.

CBSE Class 2 Maths Books PDF Free Download

The curriculum for Class 2 Maths is designed to help students develop their basic mathematical skills. They are taught the concepts of counting, addition, subtraction and geometry. It is very important for students to get the right resources to help them learn mathematics and understand the real-life application of the concepts they learn.

NCERT books for the Class 2 Maths series include learning activities that are both fun and interesting. NCERT has consistently proven to be the most helpful educational resource for students of all Class levels. As you progress through the NCERT Mathematics book for Class 2, you will come across concepts that are presented interactively.

These books should be downloaded due to their clear explanations and substantial exercises. Additionally, they are up to date with the most recent syllabus provided by the CBSE; consequently, you should download the PDF version of the Class 2 Maths NCERT book to help students overcome the challenges that mathematics presents.

NCERT Class 2 Maths Book PDF Free Download | Chapter-Wise

NCERT is an independent organisation that formalises school learning and produces textbooks for students in Classes 1 through 12. Throughout India, all CBSE schools use NCERT textbooks. In addition, several state boards, including those in Karnataka, Haryana, and other states follow NCERT recommendations.

The NCERT textbooks are simple to understand. The language chosen in the NCERT books is easy enough for students to grasp complex concepts quickly. For clear understanding, the principles are presented understandably. NCERT books are free, and students can readily acquire them for their academic needs. As most students have financial constraints, these free NCERT books from Extramarks will significantly benefit them in their academic endeavours.

All NCERT e-books are available for free download on Extramarks. Students can download any NCERT book from the Extramarks website or download the mobile application to access all the educational resources.

NCERT Books Class 2 Maths 

NCERT Books Class 2 Maths PDF can now be downloaded from the Extramarks website for free. The book is presented chapter-wise, making it easier for students to download the chapter they need. The chapters can be downloaded on any device on the internet.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths | Chapterwise Solutions

Below you can find chapter wise breakdown of NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths and easily download them in a PDF file.

NCERT Books for Class 2

Extramarks offers all NCERT books for Class 2 in a PDF file format, and they are made available in a PDF version so that anyone can quickly and easily download them to devices for free.

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NCERT Books Class 2 English

NCERT Books Class 2 English – Marigold

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NCERT Books for Class 2 Maths (Maths Magic – 2)

NCERT Solutions for Class 2

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 are a great way to study for the Class 2 examinations as these solutions provide answers and detailed answers to the questions in different NCERT books.  Here you can download these solutions for different NCERT books for Class 2 for free.

NCERT Books for Class 2 Maths Solutions

The PDF versions of the NCERT Math Textbooks for Class 2 are available for free download, giving students the convenience of having the materials at their fingertips whenever they need them. The best experts in the country have compiled the material for the NCERT Maths Books for Class 2. Here is the detailed breakdown of the chapters that are discussed in Class 2 Maths book.

An Introduction to the Class 2 NCERT Maths Book

Mathematics is an important subject as maths helps students to develop their reasoning and analytical skills. Mathematics in Class 2 deals with counting, measuring values and determining the shapes of various things. These fundamental ideas are detailed in the NCERT textbooks for Class 2 mathematics.

Outline of Chapters of the NCERT Maths Books

The explanation of Mathematics for Class 2 is broken down into chapters and provided in the following paragraphs. Read all of them to find out what happens in the subsequent chapters!

Chapter 1: What is Long, What is Round?

This chapter explains various shapes of everyday things. It provides an interactive description of the properties of different objects. Through this lesson, students can learn the dimensions of various objects, including coins, postcards, pencils and circles.

Students can also learn how the shape of an object and its texture vary from one another. They can also understand the physical similarities of two or more distinct objects. For instance, students have the opportunity to learn about the structure of a pencil, how things roll and slide simultaneously, and a variety of other topics.

This lesson includes entertaining activities that keep the readers engaged, such as attempting this activity, attempting to guess the name of the object, etc.

The information presented in this chapter is a foundation for a wide variety of more advanced ideas that will be discussed in later classes. For instance, knowing different shapes such as circles, and spheres lays the foundation for understanding complex concepts like area and circumference in the higher standards.

Chapter 2: Counting in Groups

The NCERT books for Class 2 Maths provide an engaging lesson that keeps young minds active while learning about counting numbers. It teaches them how to arrange things in a specific sequence, which is an important life skill. Students can use the method of arranging the components in the correct order.

For instance, a student’s ability to think creatively can be improved through participation in interactive activities such as putting together a puzzle, connecting the dots, or guessing the number. You can also enjoy learning at the convenience of your place by downloading the NCERT materials in PDF format.

Because students will be expected to know basic counting skills as well as the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division when they move on to Class 3, it is important for them to have a solid foundational understanding of this chapter and to do so in as much depth as is humanly possible.

Chapter 3: How Much Can You Carry?

The NCERT textbook for Class 2 Mathematics moves on to the following chapter about interactive facts regarding the measurement of objects. After completing this chapter, students will learn about weights and how to compare the weights of different objects.

It uses pictures and interesting stories to explain the facts and keep readers engaged. The lesson includes activities that allow the students to compare the weights of various things. The lesson contains activities that give the students opportunities to compare the weights of a variety of objects that they can hold in their hands while participating in the lesson.

Weighing the heavier and lighter objects and comparing their respective weights will be the primary takeaways from this lesson. The NCERT publishes mathematics textbooks for Class 2 students that contain interactive content to help students in rapidly acquire complex concepts.

The NCERT textbook for Class 2 simplifies difficult concepts and makes them easy for students to understand. It also provides thoughtful practice exercises that help students brush up on their skills. This is the most significant benefit of using NCERT textbooks.

Chapter 4: Counting in Tens

Students learn to count numbers in the format of tens as part of the fourth lesson of the NCERT Maths Class 2 book. This explains the tactic of counting various objects in a group of ten, such as books, pens, pencils, and other items.

Students have the opportunity to improve their thinking and analytical skills through the use of this lesson. It does this by explaining the counting strategy in the form of ten through engaging stories and activities.

Through this chapter, educators have the opportunity to guide students in the process of learning to count per the division of objects into groups of ten. As a result, it makes learning more accessible and manageable for younger minds.

To further facilitate your reading experience, this chapter is also available in the NCERT PDF format. Simply click on the pertinent links, and then download the file to teach students something new.

This chapter will take students one step further ahead in the counting process. Moving on from counting single digits to counting numbers that have two digits. They will be better prepared to count more significant numbers after doing this.

Chapter 5: Patterns

The patterns or arrangements of various substances according to a particular order are broken down and explained in the fifth chapter of the NCERT Maths book for Class 2. Throughout the lesson, it assists in developing students’ powers of observation, which is a huge benefit. It enables students to investigate and recognise the various patterns that each object adheres to.

Studying the patterns found on tiling, window grills, clothing, and other items is the focus of the exercises and activities included in this unit. students can improve their intuitive and critical thinking skills by working through the leafy patterns and filling in the boxes.

The students will be able to improve their learning abilities by using the number patterns included in this chapter. Through the use of this lesson, both parents and teachers will be able to encourage students to find solutions to problems as quickly as possible.

Chapter 6: Footprints

The chapter helps student develop their skills of determining the dimensions and contours of objects based on their imprints and is dissected in greater detail in the subsequent lesson of Maths Magic Book Class 2, which can be found here. It includes enlightening facts and figures that make it easier for young minds to understand and evaluate the differences between the various substances.

Students will be able to practise drawing objects from various mental perspectives after reading this chapter. Their enhanced capacity to visualise things enables them to draw different forms of substances.

The lesson consists of various engaging activities, such as tracing objects, determining the shapes of the objects that were traced, writing down the names of shapes and other similar activities. Participating in this lesson can teach various shapes and how the objects discussed here vary in shape and size.

Chapter 7: Jugs and Mugs

The volume of various drinking vessels is covered in the seventh chapter of the NCERT Mathematics textbook for Class 2. It demonstrates how the size of one of these vessels can be substituted for another when it comes to drinking purposes.

The teachers will be able to educate their students about the volumes of various vessels, such as jugs, glasses, mugs, and buckets, amongst others, after completing this lesson. This chapter discusses that each vessel has a unique maximum capacity for holding a certain type of liquid.

Students can acquire knowledge by contrasting the capacities of various containers through interactive questions, answers and enjoyable educational activities that involve filling containers. The ability of students to sharpen their powers of observation and differentiate between various objects is the primary focus of this activity.

Students are introduced to the concept of volumes in this chapter. Despite its simplicity, this concept is extremely important in more advanced academics.

Chapter 8: Tens and Ones

In the eighth lesson of the NCERT textbooks for Class 2 Mathematics, the emphasis is placed on explaining the values of tens and ones. Additionally, it helps enhance a student’s ability to count the values faster mentally, which is a significant benefit. They can determine the monetary value of specific items thanks to this ability.

Students will be able to understand the content thanks to the lesson’s inclusion of interactive examples. They can acquire counting strategies in a short amount of time if they participate in various activities and exercises. Educators can encourage students to create token cards for counting values, which can also be used for various other activities.

Students are allowed to develop their capacity for problem-solving and an understanding of the value of money through the NCERT chapter. You can also review this lesson using the PDFs provided by clicking on the links to download.

Chapter 9: My Funday

The NCERT books for Class 2 Maths move on to the next lesson, which explains the days of the week and the month. In other words, it teaches students about the days that make up a year based on the calendar. While studying this chapter, having a calendar in front of them will make it easier to calculate the total number of days in a month.

Students will be able to learn about the months in a calendar year that are short and long if they pay attention to this segment. It consists of entertaining question-and-answer sessions that make learning more interesting for the students.

This chapter builds a fundamental understanding of calendars, which will be necessary for passing advanced aptitude tests for various entrance exams.

Chapter 10: Add Our Points

The technique of counting values by adding the points is discussed in the subsequent chapter of the mathematics textbooks used by NCERT Class 2 students. Students will be able to add values and perform addition after completing this lesson quickly. The ability to add is a fundamental component of numeracy. It is necessary to progress to higher levels of the syllabus, which focuses on multiplication.

The student’s problem-solving and deductive reasoning skills are strengthened due to studying this subject. It provides an explanation of these ideas by way of engaging stories and examples, which helps to keep the readers interested.

The game of numbers can be made more understandable to students by their teachers with the help of this lesson, which explains a hundred charts. You can also read the mathematics textbooks provided by the NCERT for Class 2 to excel in your studies. PDF files can also be easily downloaded from the internet for use as a ready reference these days.

Chapter 11: Lines and Lines

The fundamentals of geometry are introduced in the following section of the NCERT Maths book for the second class. It further explains the various types of lines and the method for drawing them. The lesson demonstrates to the students how they can create patterns by drawing lines.

The teachers can use this section as a jumping-off point to encourage the students to draw lines by connecting the dots. By connecting the dots in the same way, they can make the shapes of various objects, such as circles, squares, rectangles, etc.

When students advance to higher classes and are exposed to higher-level geometry, the idea of lines is a useful tool at their disposal. Therefore, having a firm grasp of this chapter is essential preparation for subsequent geometric concepts.

This lesson uses engaging examples to explain the methods for drawing curved, straight, and slanted lines. The best way to improve students’ mathematical knowledge is to arm them with the NCERT textbooks for Class 2 Mathematics. You can also get the PDF to use as a ready reference for teaching students at any time of the day or night.

Chapter 12: Give and Take

Students will learn more than just measuring strategies and geometric patterns from the NCERT Maths books. These books contain a lot more information than just that. Their straightforward and interesting expansions are what keep the readers turning the pages of the chapters.

The mathematics textbook provided by the NCERT for Class 2 includes this lesson, which explains the concepts of value subtraction and addition. These ideas are explained more understandably with illustrative examples and diagrammatic representations.

Making bundles of ten of each material, such as beads, sticks, and pencils is another thing teachers can do to encourage student participation in interactive learning activities. It allows them to gain practical experience, increasing their capacity to understand things.

Students can also be encouraged to solve arithmetic problems involving addition and subtraction by using this lesson as a vehicle. It includes questions that students can use to test their understanding of the concepts more efficiently.

Chapter 13: The Longest Step

The ideas behind adding and subtracting in arithmetic problems were explained in greater detail in the prior lesson. The technique of measuring the distance between two substances consisting of different units is the topic of the following chapter in the mathematics textbooks used by NCERT for Class 2. These techniques are demonstrated with the book’s help of fingers, sticks, and handspans.

This chapter’s primary objective is to ensure that students grasp the ideas of length and distance.

The first part begins with an illustrative example that explains these ideas well. Students can learn from their teachers the proper way to measure the distance between objects by participating in this lesson. The instructors can also encourage students to use reference objects to calculate distances accurately.

Chapter 14: Birds Come, Birds Go

This chapter allows teachers to engage students in a discussion regarding the migration of birds. It discusses the route the birds take as they travel from one location to another and the order in which they take those steps.

Students will be able to determine the total number of birds that inhabit a specific location by following the steps in this lesson. Instructors can encourage students to remember and understand the various bird species’ flight patterns.

You can also determine the number of birds moving from one location to another by counting them as they move through the cards provided in this lesson. One card, for instance, might be used to represent a flock of birds flying together as a unit.

Token cards, introduced in chapter 8, are used in various engaging activities and exercises throughout the remainder of this chapter’s lesson. Educators can take the same approach to get students to count the number of swans and cranes.

Chapter 15: How Many Ponytails

Students can learn the counting strategy for various objects in the final chapter of the NCERT book for class 2 mathematics that is available in a PDF format. The instructors have the opportunity to encourage the students to record the number of items that are located in their immediate surroundings through this lesson.

One’s capacity to observe and recognise things in their environment more quickly can be improved by participating in this lesson. For students to practise, there are activities such as finding letters in the names, counting numbers and writing them down, guessing the number of shoes, and many other similar games.

For instance, one of the activities may consist of something as straightforward as determining how many glasses of water each of your classmates consumes daily. Participation in these activities will increase the readers’ knowledge of the topic as well as keep the readers interested in the material.

You can save these lessons in a PDF format to ensure that students are constantly updated regarding these ideas.

Why are NCERT Books for Class 2 Mathematics Mandatory?

To help students succeed in their careers, NCERT produces books and educational materials. In CBSE schools, most lecturers use these textbooks and study materials to convey various ideas to students. Additionally, these books are accessible in many areas to support learning, including Biology, Economics, Hindi and Sanskrit.

These textbooks can be ordered from any website, or you can download PDF versions anytime. For many reasons, NCERT textbooks are essential for students.

Read the below Pointers to Know Why NCERT Books are a Mandatory Purchase for All Students.

  • According to CBSE guidelines, NCERT is responsible for producing academic papers, books and other resources. Their texts are created per the CBSE syllabus. As a result, you have portable study resources that are up to date in your hands.
  • The lucid language used in NCERT textbooks makes the content comprehensive for all students. They steer clear of jargon and complicated examples in their lectures to make learning simple and hassle-free. This makes it so that even students in Class 2 can learn mathematics quickly. Students can learn the material on a digital platform quickly, thanks to the availability of NCERT PDFs.
  • There is no place for misunderstanding because NCERT books provide readers with precise explanations. For this reason, even CBSE suggests using it in classroom instruction.
  • The NCERT books for Class 2 Maths have engaging exercises and questions that keep the readers interested.
  • These NCERT textbooks provide excellent conceptual clarification through visual illustrations. These appealing depictions immediately pique the interest of students in the instruction.
  • For students eager to master a variety of ideas, NCERT textbooks are a one-stop resource. Students can concentrate on other activities and save time by finding exercises, activities and simplified points in one location.
  • The intriguing style of expression is why NCERT books are in high demand. They present information in a way that Class 1 and 2 students can understand.
  • The NCERT maths textbooks for class two include accurate information and detailed explanations of difficult concepts. As a result, reading these facts to students improves their skills and raises their test scores.

Why is Extramarks Your Best Educational Guide for Career Growth?

Over the years, Extramarks has provided knowledgeable advice to students. It is one of the finest online learning platforms for students with a staff of highly qualified professionals and subject matter experts.

Extramarks makes it easier to understand challenging subjects and clear any confusion from the convenience of your home. You can attend their live classroom to learn about interesting subjects in Mathematics, History and English. You may also get the NCERT Maths book Class 2 PDF to excel your studies in addition to study materials.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can students achieve high scores in the Class 2 Mathematics exam?

You can improve your academic grades in mathematics through a lot of practice and hard work. Young minds can better understand the topics when they are given a thorough explanation. You can also do all the activities and questions to improve your grades in the Class 2 Mathematics exams. You can refer to the Extramarks NCERT Revision Notes to ensure you stay on track with your preparation schedule and can easily glance over the revision notes before exams. To save chapters in PDF formats, click on the download links for the NCERT books for Class 2 Maths.

2. How can I get a free PDF copy of the NCERT Mathematics book for Class 2?

The mobile app and the Extramarks website offer free PDF downloads of the NCERT Class 2 Maths book.

3. How many chapters are there in the class 2 math books?

The NCERT math textbooks for class 2 adhere to CBSE requirements. According to the syllabus, a math book for Class 2 has 15 chapters. The chapters are written so that Class 2 students can easily understand them. Relevant examples and images are used to clarify each subject. Numerous exercises are given in the book to keep it engaging and interactive for readers.

4. Which books should you use when studying Class 2 Math?

For mathematics in Class 2, there are a lot of books on the market. NCERT textbooks are approved and advised for usage in schools for instructional reasons by CBSE. Additionally, NCERT provides textbooks and instructional kits to students to enhance their learning. Additionally, Extramarks offers free PDF downloads of NCERT texts, enhancing the effectiveness of e-learning. You can always learn new topics by downloading the PDF of your NCERT Class 2 Maths book. This guarantees that the learning process is not hampered even during the pandemic.