Syllabus and Exam Weightage for Class 8 Computer Science

Below written is a brief description of the Syllabus for Class 8 Computer Application. CBSE 8th Computer Application Syllabus could be a bit difficult for students and they can find quality content on Extramarks for CBSE Class 8 Computer Science Syllabus. Extramarks provides the very best study materials and reading guidelines for CBSE 8 Computer Application Syllabus. This promotes the understanding of the subject and also provides a firm foundation for CBSE 8 Computer Application Syllabus. Here's a short summary of the Pattern for Class 8 Computer Science.

An application or application program that runs on your computer is a software program. All technologies are web browsers, email programs, word processors, games, and utilities. The word "application" is used since each program has a specific user application. A word processor, for example, may help a student construct a research paper, while a video game may prevent the student from having the paper finished.

In comparison, system software consists of programs running in the background, allowing for running applications. These programs include assemblers, compilers, tools for file management, and the operating system. Applications are said to run on top of the system software, as the system software consists of programs "low-level." While the operating system automatically installs system software, you can choose which programs to install and run on your computer.

Macintosh programs are typically referred to as applications, whereas Windows programs are often called executable files. This is why the.APP file extension is used by Mac applications, while the. EXE extension is used by Windows programs. Although they have different file extensions, Macintosh and Windows programs serve the same purpose, and applications can both be called.
The word Program refers to Software that is a set of instructions or codes written in a computer program to perform a task or process. In a computer, applications play a vital role as it is an end-user program that allows users to do many things in a system. The application programs are designed and developed to run in an Operating System Software. An Operating System is system software that allows different tasks to be run and performed in a computer system by the application programs. In a computer, the GUI-based programs perform various tasks such as creating documents, playing games, browsing and many more.
Application softwares are the end-user applications designed to increase productivity in various areas of work. The programs are used to build papers, spreadsheets, files, and journals, do research online, send email, design graphics, run businesses, and also play games. Application software is designed to perform a specific function and can be as basic as an application for a calculator or as complicated as an application for word processing.

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