CBSE Important Questions Class 10

CBSE board exams serve as the pathway to India’s top schools. The CBSE important questions for Class 10 answers are available on Extramarks. Students can get access to chapter-wise answers for Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) and Mathematics topics.

Important Questions for CBSE Class 10 Mathematics & Science with Answers

Class 10th important questions (and solutions) will help students prepare thoroughly for their forthcoming Class 10 CBSE board examinations. Preparing well for Mathematics and Science ensures that students perform well in their entrance exams too. 

Extramarks provides vital NCERT Class 10 questions and answers for students appearing for their board examinations. Students can solve the questions available online and ace their preparation. Important Class 10 questions serve as a guidebook for students to look to when studying important chapters in Mathematics and Science. 

CBSE Class 10 Mathematics & Science Chapterwise Important Questions 

Students may simply locate relevant problems for Mathematics and Science on the Extramarks website and practise questions from all chapters. The questions are all developed in accordance with the most recent CBSE board syllabus and are updated each academic year. After finishing each chapter, students need to practise-relevant questions to get an idea about the type of questions that will be asked in the exam. As a result, it is advised that practising past question papers is the most crucial vital factor in preparing for the board test. Before attempting to solve the class 10 previous year question papers, students must review the entire curriculum. This would not only increase students’ ability to solve the toughest questions but will also improve their preparation.

Important Questions for Class 10

Extramarks offers the relevant study materials to assist students in acing their exams. Further, the questions are prepared by experienced teachers following the latest academic curriculum. Students can separate significant questions from the rest of the questions to make their preparations easy. The question set is divided into chapters and is available to access important questions in Class 10. The relevant questions are highlighted so that students may concentrate more on them. Important Class 10 questions and answers are provided for topics in the main scientific disciplines.

The important questions for class 10 as per the subject are as follows –


  1. When quick lime is introduced to water, what occurs chemically?
  2. Why are food particles packaged in aluminium foil?
  3. What exactly is a neutralisation reaction? What is the significance of their names? Can you give an example?
  4. Compound A’ solution was coloured pink when phenolphthalein indicator was added. How can this be explained?
  5. Why is there such a high concentration of organic compounds?
  6. Which of the ketonic and aldehydic functional groups is the terminal functional group?
  7. With ethanol and concentrated sulfuric acid, what do we get when ethanoic acid interacts with ethanol?
  8. Reveal the identity of the second alkali metal as well as its electrical configuration.
  9. Write the electrical configuration of the atom in the periodic table’s third period and seventeenth group.
  10. Which pancreatic enzyme is most effective in protein digestion?

Social Science 

    1. Why did the Khilafat movement begin?
    2. What was the primary cause for the Non-cooperation Movement’s withdrawal?
    3. Fill in the blanks with the fundamental inputs of the iron and steel industry.
    4. What exactly is an agglomeration economy?
    5. What is the distinction between personal and mass communication?
    6. What are the issues that Indian Railways are dealing with?

Important Questions for Class 10 Mathematics and Science CBSE Board

Students can visit the Extramarks and refer to the Important Questions for Class 10 Mathematics and Science. The entire list of questions will assist students in learning the essential subjects and topics of each chapter. Science is a combination of three subjects: physics, chemistry, and biology, and it necessitates extensive preparation before taking tests. Mathematics as a subject needs ongoing practice. Certain topics carry more weightage. The questions and answers will assist students in strengthening their conceptual understanding and in increasing their confidence in clearing the tests. 

Why Extramarks?

Extramarks is an appropriate platform for students preparing for Class 10 examination. Students can access important questions and prepare them for examination. In addition to this, the solutions are also available to refer. Students can also check the revision notes subject-wise and brush up the concepts. Moreover, the study material provided on Extramarks is organised and invokes clarity for students. It is a one-stop platform to avail the best study material for Class 10 students. 

Extramarks has made it easy for students to prepare for their exams. The important questions available on Extramarks are extremely useful for students in Class 10. Personalised tuition can be costly, but Extramarks bridges the gap by giving children a teacher to whom they can turn anytime they have a question for a reasonable charge.

Marks Weightage for the Class 10 Science Important Questions 

You must be aware of the weightage of the marks when preparing crucial questions from important themes and chapters. This will assist you in approaching the crucial questions for Class 10 Science. To know and prepare for the crucial questions for Class 10, you must be quite familiar with all of the units and chapters. You should also concentrate more on themes and questions with higher weightage, as this will aid your preparations and increase your own confidence.

Class 10 students can understand the marks weightage for Science Subject below:

There are five divisions in Class 10 Science. 

The very first unit is a chemical substance, which has both nature and behaviour. There are five chapters in this lesson, and you must study and practice all of the exercise problems. This unit is worth 25 points. The second unit is the living world. There are three chapters in this unit, each worth 23 points. To get excellent grades, you must cover all of the topics and answer all of the practice questions thoroughly. Natural phenomena are the third unit.

There are three chapters in this unit. The third unit is worth 12 points. The fourth unit is current impacts, which is highly essential and worth 13 points. There are only two chapters, but they must be adequately prepared.  This unit is worth seven points. Natural resources are the final unit, which has two chapters. You may also complete the Class 10 Science question bank for the preceding chapters.

Benefits Of Important Questions

Solving these critical problems might be beneficial to kids. Several of the benefits of practising these questions are listed below:

  • While answering these questions, students learn how to manage their time most efficiently.
  • By practising these questions, students will get an understanding of the course format.
  • These are commonly requested questions from test papers.
  • Solving these various sorts of problems in each chapter will assist students in completely reviewing the material.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the most significant topic in Class 10?

All of the courses are essential for the Class 10 board exams. Science, Mathematics and Social Studies, on the other hand, need more attention and time from kids. Students should take their own notes in Science and Social Studies, noting any relevant topics and keywords. Memorising these questions will assist students in remembering all of these crucial concepts. In Mathematics, students must routinely practice all of the exercises and be familiar with all of the theorems and equations.

2. Is it impossible to achieve a score of more than 90 on the Class 10 board exams?

No, this is not impossible for you to achieve a score of more than 90% in your board examinations. However, even if you’re not familiar with the principles, answering tricky questions might be challenging. To learn the topics on the curriculum, you need first establish a pattern in which you devote adequate effort to each subject. You should go over all of the chapters, note all of the major topics, and go over them again and again.

3. Will the crucial questions for CBSE Class 10 Mathematics and Science with answers help me in achieving a score of 90+ in the board exam?

Yes, the important questions for CBSE Class 10 Mathematics and Science with answers will undoubtedly assist you in achieving a score of 90+ in the board examination. Extramarks’ subject matter specialists curate and produce these questions, which are based on last year’s exam papers, NCERT textbooks, and numerous reference materials for Science and Mathematics. Following these solutions will allow you to discover the most successful problem-solving approach for Mathematics, as well as produce more exact and acceptable responses on your own. By reading over these questions and answers, you will be able to thoroughly review all of the topics included in your curriculum for the 10th board test.