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Science is the most crucial subject for students preparing for medical and engineering entrance exams. Moreover, students who want to excel in their board exams should know the topics and concepts. Hence, the important questions for class 10 Science help students prepare thoroughly for board exams.

Important questions for class 10 Science are useful for those students who are currently preparing for their board exams. The questions are well-designed to enable the students to fully prepare for the board exam. 

The important questions in class 10 Science are prepared under the guidance of the NCERT textbook. The questions are compiled considering CBSE past years’ question papers of at least ten years. Students need a high level of preparedness, and hence, these questions form a perfect source for quick revision for the forthcoming board exam.

What Chapters Are Covered in Important Questions Class 10 Science?

Every chapter of Class 10 Science is covered so that the students who refer to it will have complete clarity on the important questions for class 10. These questions cover MCQs, short answer type questions, long answer type questions, assertion and reason-based questions and case study based questions. By considering these important questions for class 10 Science, students can clear their doubts and understand their preparedness level.

There are 16 chapters presented in the NCERT textbook for class 10 Science as mentioned below:

  1. Chemical Reaction and Equations
  2. Acids, Bases, and Salts
  3. Metals and Non-Metals
  4. Carbon and its Compounds
  5. Periodic classification of Elements
  6. Life processes
  7. Control and coordination
  8. How do organisms reproduce?
  9. Heredity and Evolution
  10. Light Reflection and Refraction
  11. Human Eye and the Colourful world
  12. Electricity
  13. Magnetic effects of current
  14. Sources of Energy
  15. Our environment
  16. Management of natural resources

Important Questions Class 10 Science – Weightage

The important questions for class 10 Science that you refer to are framed considering the past question papers of several years. Therefore, the marks are segmented into the following. 

Sl no                                                       First-term units Marks
1. Chemical Reactions and Equations 33
2. Acids, Bases and Salts
3. Metals and Non-Metals
4. Life Processes 21
5. Control And Coordination
6. Electricity 29
7. Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
8. Sources of Energy 7
    Total 90
                                            Second term units
1. Carbon and its Compounds 23
2. Periodic Classification of Elements
3. How do Organisms Reproduce? 30
4. Heredity and Evolution
5. Light Reflection And Refraction 29
6. Human Eye And Colourful World
7. Our Environment 8
8. Sustainable Management of Natural resources
            Total 90

In addition to these questions, students can also answer CBSE sample papers to prepare themselves for the examination. Students may click here to access the CBSE sample paper for class 10. 

Class 10 Science Important Questions with Answers

Click on the respective links given below to check the chapter-wise important questions for class 10 Science.

Chapter 1- Chemical Reactions and Equations

Chapter 2- Acids, Bases, and Salts

Chapter 3- Metals and Non-Metals

Chapter 4- Carbon and its Compounds

Chapter 5- Periodic Classification Of Elements

Chapter 6- Life Processes

Chapter 7- Control And coordination

Chapter 8- How do Organisms Reproduce?

Chapter 9- Heredity and Evolution

Chapter 10- Light Reflection And Refraction

Chapter 11- Human Eye And Colourful World

Chapter 12- Electricity

Chapter 13- Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

Chapter 14- Sources of Energy

Chapter 15- Our Environment

Chapter 16- Sustainable Management of Natural resources

For more important questions in class 10 Science or to study in-depth on various topics to prepare for the examination, students may visit Extramarks. In addition to chapter wise important questions for class 10 Science, we also provide study material, CBSE revision notes, formulae, sample paper, and important questions for all classes.

10th Science Important Questions  -Types of questions

The types of questions play a vital role in determining the marks of the students. According to CBSE guidelines, board exams are divided into two terms. Term 1 consists of objective type of questions, and term 2 consists of subjective type questions. Each term exam is out of 40 marks. Objective type questions or multiple choice questions are easy to score. The students choose one of the many answers presented to a question. On the other hand, the subjective type of questions consists of 1 mark questions, short answer type of questions, long answer type of questions, assertion and reason-based questions, and case-based questions.

What outcomes do the important question class 10 Science CBSE Board produce?

Important questions are basically those questions that are compiled referring to the NCERT books and CBSE previous year question papers. The outcomes of referring to important questions class 10 Science while learning are

  • The questions cover all the concepts that fall under the CBSE syllabus for Science
  • Time management is crucial, and chapter wise important questions class 10 Science help students save time. 
  • It helps to understand the vital points included in various chapters 
  • The important questions aid in constructing a balance between study time and revision time.
  • Students will be able to define their strengths and weaknesses and, in turn, concentrate more on improving their weaknesses.
  • The important questions will be able to highlight the shortcomings of each student.
  • It gives them time to revise during the examination, which is otherwise wasted in finding the important topics.

The important questions are compiled using past year question papers. They are a part of the chapter and reflect CBSE extra questions towards the end of the chapter. In addition, 10th Science important questions are also a huge part of the CBSE sample papers, which can be accessed here. Finally, students can click here to access important questions in class 10 Science offered by Extramarks.

Benefits of referring to important questions for class 10 Science

Some of the vital benefits of referring to important questions class 10 Science include:

  • It helps students revise the chapters and topics frequently asked in exams.
  • It helps the students understand how to answer the questions, and in turn, it helps them score well in exams.
  • Important questions are helpful for last-minute revision.
  • Important questions will give good practice to students to face the board exams.
  • It gives an idea of the difficulty level of the examination.
  • Referring to these notes helps students to recall all important points and, in turn, saves time.

In addition to these benefits, students can refer to the important questions to improve their understanding of any particular topic. They can prepare themselves to face the challenges in higher classes.

Important Questions Class 10

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Do the important questions for class 10 Science help in revising for the exam?

Yes, the important questions class 10 Science help in revising the concept and how to answer the questions in the proper format, which helps them score good marks.

2. Discuss the exam pattern for class 10 Science.

The question paper consists of 2 questions of 1 mark each, three questions of 2 marks each, ten questions of 3 marks each, six questions of 5 marks each, six questions of 5 marks each and 6 are practical skills-based questions, each question carries 2 marks which have to be answered briefly. In addition, students can refer to important questions, CBSE sample question papers, class 10 important questions Science, CBSE previous year question papers and more on Extramarks.

3. How to make an effective study plan for class 10 Science?

Always make a mind map for each chapter. Make short notes of each topic which is handy to revise just before the exams. Always practise writing important reactions and equations. Draw the diagrams and label them to remember well during exams. Make sure to take a break of 5-10 minutes every 1 hour. Students may refer to the CBSE class 10 Science important questions provided on our website.