Important Questions for CBSE Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 5 – Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Class 11 Questions and Answers for Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 5

English is a major subject taught in school. Many students aim to pursue their careers in English. Snapshots is the textbook of English provided by NCERT to Class 11 CBSE students. It contains several writings by Indian as well as international writers.

Chapter 5 of Snapshots is a play by J.B. Priestley which shows the condition of housewives in their homes. A confident woman and a worried housewife switch their bodies in the play. Therefore, the confident woman gives a good lesson to the husband and children of the housewife. Thus, the family members understand the woman’s value in their household. Though the play is funny, it highlights several serious issues. Students must practise questions from this chapter to write better answers for the exam.

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Mother’s Day Class 11 Important Questions and Answers

The experts of Extramarks believe in constant practice for scoring better marks in the exams. They have prepared the question series by taking help from different sources like the NCERT textbooks, CBSE past years’ question papers, CBSE sample papers,  and important reference books. Apart from this, they also have written the answers. So, the Important Questions Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 5 will help the students to write complete answers for exams with confidence and get excellent grades.

Few of the questions and their answers from our question bank are given below.

Question 1. Write the meanings of the following word- Aghast

Answer 1: Horrified

Question 2. Write the meanings of the following word-


Answer 2: A loud laugh

Question 3. Write the meanings of the following word-


Answer 3: Concise

Question 4. Who are the members of the Pearson family?

Answer 4: The members of the Pearson family are Mr George Pearson, his wife, Mrs Annie Pearson, their daughter Doris Pearson and their son Cyril Pearson.

Question 5. What was Mrs Pearson drinking?

Answer 5: Mrs Pearson was drinking Stout, a type of Beer.

Question 6. Where does the drama take place?

Answer 6: The drama takes place in the living room of Persons’ villa in the suburbs of London.

Question 7. What plan did Mrs Fitzgerald make to give Mrs Pearson’s family a good lesson?

Answer 7: Mrs Fitzgerald knew witchcraft. She stated that they should exchange their bodies. Thus, Mrs Fitzgerald would be confined in Mrs Pearson’s body and vice versa. In this way, she would live with Mrs Pearson’s family and give her husband and children a good lesson.

Question 8. Write down what you know about Mrs Fitzgerald.

Answer 8: Mrs Fitzgerald is the neighbour of Mrs Pearson. She is older than Mrs Pearson and has a confident personality. She has a deep voice and speaks in an Irish tone. She reveals that her husband was in the army, and she learned about witchcraft while residing in the East. She is also very much into smoking and drinking.

Question 9. How did Mrs Fitzgerald deal with Doris? 

Answer 9: Doris was the first person Mrs Fitzgerald dealt with after exchanging bodies with Mrs Pearson. Doris was a very spoiled child, and she asked her mother to iron her dress. In reply, Mrs Fitzgerald, confined in Mrs Pearson’s body, denied it. That surprised Doris. Then, Mrs Fitzgerald rudely behaved with Doris and made fun of the guy she was going out with. It made Doris cry, and her confidence was  broken.

Question 10. What was Mr Pearson called behind his back in the club? Why was he called so?

Answer 10: Mr Pearson was called Pompy-ompy Pearson in the club. People called him so because of his pompous attitude. The people in the club also made jokes about him because he used to stay in the club up late, leaving his wife alone at home.

Question 11. How did Mrs Fitzgerald and Mrs Pearson exchange bodies?

Answer 11: Mrs Fitzgerald said that she knew how to exchange bodies. She asked Mrs Pearson to hold her hands and stare at her. Holding hands, they chanted a spell. After muttering the spell, their muscles relaxed as if they were dead. Then within a few minutes, they came back to life with the other’s personality.

Question 12. How did the family spend the night?

Answer 12: At the end of the play, one finds that Mrs Pearson returned to her body but decided to act firm with her family. She smiled at her husband and children. They were finally relieved seeing her smile. She said they would play a good family game of Rummy, and then her children would prepare for the supper while she would spend some time with her husband. None of them complained and decided to obey what she said.

Question 13. Describe the contrast between the characters of Mrs Pearson and Mrs Fitzgerald.

Answer 13: Mrs Pearson is a pleasant lady in her mid-forties. Though she is beautiful, she is always worried because of the behaviour of her family members. She is caring, calm and at the same time, nervous and apologetic. She works day and night without rest and is submissive.  On the other hand, Mrs Fitzgerald is a very confident older woman. She’s bold and aggressive. She has a deep voice and cool nature and loves smoking and drinking. She also knows fortune-telling and lives life on her own terms.

Question 13. What were Doris and Cyril’s reactions after seeing her mother acting differently?

Answer 13: Doris and Cyril started to talk about their mother’s sudden change in behaviour. Doris feared their mother could hit her head and suffer a concussion, but Cyril denied it. Doris noticed differences in how she looked and talked, but Cyril didn’t understand that. They started giggling after thinking about what would be their father’s reaction after seeing their mother behaving differently.

Question 14. This play, written in the 1950s, is a humorous and satirical depiction of the status of the mother in the family. What are the issues it raises?

Answer 14: The play, written by J.B. Priestley, highlights several serious issues prevalent in the society.  One of the major problems it highlights is how homemakers are treated poorly by their own family members. . Even though they give their every hour for the sake of their families, they do not get the respect they deserve. . Even their children take them for granted. So, the homemaker running the household turns into a machine fulfilling   demands of all the family members. The second major issue is family members do not have enough time for each other. They want to socialise outside rather than giving their time and company to their own family members. In the play, we can see how Mrs Pearson wants her family to stay late at night and play Rummy together. It portrays how distant the people are mentally from each other. Another big issue it highlights is how people can’t appreciate confident women. Mrs Fitzgerald is a very independent and strong woman. But Mrs Pearson’s family don’t like her. Even her son calls the elderly neighbour a silly old bag. Thus, the play highlights several issues which are prevalent in contemporary society.

Question 15. Do you think it caricatures these issues, or do you think the problems it raises are genuine?

Answer 15: The play raises problems that are genuine. Though the play was written in the context of the 1950s, it is equally important and relevant today. Women were never given respect for doing household chores. . Even nowadays, we take our mothers for granted. The amount of effort and energy they invest for us goes completely unnoticed. We rarely acknowledge them for what they do. But they are the most hardworking people in the world. Every working person gets a holiday in a week. But housewives never get holidays. They do not get paid, do not get any help and even sometimes do not get the dignity and respect they deserve. It is a serious issue. We should thank and appreciate them for their exemplary work and give them love and support. They long for our company and time. We must remember it. We should ensure they do not feel lonely after doing their best for us. But in most cases, we forget this and completely ignore what they want. So, we must behave well and support them in doing their household chores and errands.

Question 16. How does the play resolve the issues? Do you agree with the resolution?

Answer 16: The play suggests that housewives should stand for their rights. We see that Mrs Fitzgerald advises Mrs Pearson to behave firmly with her family members. Only this way can they understand her value and respect her. When Mrs Pearson was unable to do so, Mrs Fitzgerald shared her plan to   change each other’s personalities. Thus, she enters Mrs Pearson’s body and starts behaving boldly and coldly with the family. The members get a good lesson, and they begin to obey Mrs Pearson.

I completely agree with the resolution presented by the drama. Indeed, a homemaker rarely protests. She tries to act according to the demands of the family members. It sends the wrong message in return. . They take the housewife for granted. They don’t realise that she has opinions, longing and, most importantly, independence and freedom. They ignore the fact that she wants to rest awhile too. Hence, it is important to make them realise her value. In doing so, the members of the family become aware of the fact how a mother sacrifices her entire life to keep them happy and comfortable and she should be treated with utmost regard and recognition.

Question 17. How did Mrs Fitzgerald help Mrs Pearson to realise her value in the family?

Answer 17: Mrs Fitzgerald was an older woman who was strong, bold, aggressive and independent. She knew fortune telling and witchcraft too. One day she was called by her neighbour Mrs Pearson to see her fortune. She told Mrs Pearson that her fortune was neither good nor bad but would depend on her. Mrs Pearson was a beautiful woman in her mid-forties who was constantly worried about  her family. She knew her husband and children did not care for her much but couldn’t say anything. Mrs Fitzgerald understood this and stated that she could help by switching bodies with her. After doing so, Mrs Fitzgerald, confined in the body of Mrs Pearson, started to behave rudely with the family members. She refused to obey them but  made them realise how dependent they were on her. . Her sudden change in behaviour surprised her  family, and  slowly they got used to her aggressive behaviour.. Then she again switched her body with Mrs Pearson and entered her own body. She advised Mrs Pearson to behave firmly with her family; otherwise, they would disrespect her again. Mrs Pearson obeyed this, and her family members also realised this and gave  her the respect and dignity she deserved.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can the Important Questions Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 5 help students?

Practice is very important to improve your score. The experts of Extramarks believe in practice, and they have collected all the important questions from this chapter and included them in this question series. They have collected the questions from sources like the NCERT textbook, CBSE sample papers, CBSE past years’ question papers and important reference books. Apart from the questions, they have also written the answers following the CBSE guidelines. Experienced professionals further check these answers. Thus, the experts have ensured the best content for students. So, the Important Questions Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 5 will save time, improve grammar and vocabulary, and take preparation to the next level.

2. What is the main theme of the play 'Mother's Day?

‘Mother’s Day is a play by J.B. Priestley highlighting the main issues with housewives. Though the homemakers devote their life for the betterment of their families, they get nothing in return. Even family members sometimes forget that homemakers are human beings and need rest. Mrs Pearson, a housewife, remains worried all the time because of the behaviour of her husband and children. She calls a fortune teller Mrs Fitzgerald who changes their bodies with each other. Thus, the calm and submissive personality of Mrs Pearson becomes bold and strong because Mrs Fitzgerald enters her body. She teaches her family members a good lesson, and they understand her value in their lives. If you want to read other questions from this play, go through the Important Questions Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 5 and check out other study materials for further practice.