Important Questions for CBSE Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 6 – The Ghat of the Only World

Important Questions Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 6 – The Ghat of the Only World

Snapshots, the English textbook, is for CBSE Class 11 students, and it contains several pieces by Indian as well as international writers.

Chapter 6 of Class 11 English is a short narrative in remembrance of renowned poet Agha Shahid Ali by Amitav Ghosh. The writing describes the brief but deep friendship between the author and Shahid Ali, his ideas as a poet, and his very last days when he was trying to cope with cancer. Students must practise questions from this chapter to generate suitable answers.

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The Ghat of the Only World Extra Question Answer

The experts at Extramarks believe that students must practise questions to boost their preparation for exams. For this purpose, they have made this question series. They have included all the possible questions from several sources like the textbook, CBSE sample papers, CBSE past years’ question papers, and vital reference books. Apart from that, they have also written the answers following the CBSE exam pattern. Students may follow these answers to increase their marks in exams. The questions of the Important Questions Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 6 are-

Question 1. When was the phone call that informed the author about Shahid’s approaching death?

Answer 1: The phone call was on 25th April 2001 that informed the author about Shahid’s approaching death.

Question 2. What was Shahid Ali suffering from?

Answer 2: Shahid Ali was suffering from a malignant brain tumour.

Question 3. When was “The Country without a Post Office” published?

Answer 3: ‘The Country without a Post Office’ was published in 1997.

Question 4. When did Shahid Ali die?

Answer 4: Shahid Ali died on 8th December 2001.

Question 5. What do you mean by diaspora?

Answer 5: Diaspora means the dispersion of members of an ethnic or religious group from the place of origin to different locations worldwide.

Question 6. Why did Shahid want to learn Spanish?

Answer 6: Shahid wanted to learn Spanish to study the writings of Garcia Lorca.

Question 7. Describe how the author’s friendship with Shahid started.

Answer 7: The author knew Shahid before he met him through his poems. In 1998, their conversation started with a mutual friend. In 1998 and 1999, they had several phone calls and a couple of brief meetings. But their friendship started in 2000 when Shahid moved to Brooklyn and started to live in the author’s neighbourhood.

Question 8. Why do you think Shahid Ali asked the author to write about him?

Answer 8: Shahid informed the author that he was in the terminal stage of his disease. He knew his death was near and asked the author to write something about him after his death. Though he had many friends, he asked the author to do so because they had great similarities in thoughts and choices and were from the same country. He perhaps thought the author could portray him from a different angle that many people were unaware of.

Question 9. Why did Shahid want to return to Kashmir?

Answer 9: Shahid wanted to return to Kashmir in his last days of cancer. It was because he was from Kashmir and spent his childhood and adolescence there. He wanted to breathe his last in his homeland, amidst nature. He wanted to die in a place where his mother breathed her last.

Question 10. How did Kashmir influence him as a poet?

Answer 10: Kashmir had a great influence on him as he was from this place. The violence that took place in Kashmir had a great effect. The violence comes back in his writing many times. The vanishing of Kashmiri pandits haunted him and took place in his writings. His poems for Kashmir, according to the author, were his best works.But he was not inclined to political writing at all. Rather, he loved humanity above everything else.

Question 11. Describe Shahid’s love for food.

Answer 11: Shahid Ali had a great fondness for food. One of his favourite dishes was Rogan Josh, a traditional Kashmiri dish. He could tell at what stage the cooking was by its smell. He loved exploring different foods from different places and had a love for Bengali food. Apart from this, he loved to cook too.

Question 12. How did Ali embrace death?

Answer 12: Ali had great energy in life. Though he knew his death was near, he accepted it with great strength. Instead of being sad, he engaged himself with people, poetry, and food to be happy. He tried to enjoy his last days with laughter and smiles. He knew death was inevitable, so he took reality as a simple truth. He shared his farewell speech with his friends and died peacefully on December 8th, 2001.

Question 13. What do you know about Shahid Ali’s career?

Answer 13: Shahid Ali was born in Kashmir. After his education at the University of Delhi, he moved to the United States for higher education. He lived in Pennsylvania and later moved to Arizona to study creative writing. After that, he did several jobs as a teacher. He taught at Hamilton College, the University of Massachusetts, the University of Utah and New York University. Besides teaching, he grew as a poet and especially became a voice for Kashmir.

Question 14. What impressions of Shahid do you gather from the piece?

Answer 14: “The Ghat of the Only World” was written by Amitabh Ghosh in remembrance of his friend Agha Shahid Ali. The writing captured the last days of Shahid when he was fighting against brain cancer. Thus, the author introduces us to his friend from a different perspective. We see that, even in the darkest days, Shahid remained energetic. He tried to enjoy daily life by surrounding himself with what he loved – people, poetry, and food. He could accept death with open arms because of his larger-than-life views. As a poet, he was deeply touched by the violence in his homeland, Kashmir. That violence haunted him and came back in his writing. According to the author, he was a genuine poet, not interested in fame or political views but in having a real voice. He was deeply in love with poetry and writing. Apart from this, he was a great teacher who loved to be among the students. He loved food, especially Rogan Josh, cricket, songs of Begum Akhtar and nature. Thus, Shahid Ali has been portrayed as a great personality who loved all the beautiful aspects of the world.

Question 15. What is the influence of Shahid’s poetry on the author?

Answer 15:  Shahid Ali’s poetry has always strongly influenced the author. He states that, before knowing Shahid personally, he knew him through his poems. He remembers Shahid’s collection of poems in 1997, titled “The Country without a Post Office’ and how it deeply moved him. In 1998, he recognised the true voice of a poet, and he quoted a line from a poem in one of his writings. Throughout the writing, the author has brought the poetic sides of Shahid to life. He also described how the violence of Kashmir haunted him and his poetry. He also shared Shahid’s non-political views and larger-than-life ideas. Throughout the story, he quotes several lines from Shahid’s poems. It clearly shows how much he remembers his friend as a poet, and how the poetic thoughts of Shahid Ali genuinely influence him.

Question 16. How do Shahid and the writer react to the knowledge that Shahid is going to die?

Answer 16: Shahid had great optimism in life. He loved people, food, poetry, and music. In 2000, he suddenly had a blackout, and the consequent diagnosis stated that he had a malignant brain tumour. Though it was almost a death sentence, Shahid prepared him mentally to face the truth. He decided to enjoy each day and embraced death. So, when he reported to the author about his severe condition, he laughed at the context of death.

On the other hand, the author was not prepared for the news. He was shocked and tried to console Shahid. He further broke down when Shahid asked him to write about him after his death. Though the truth shook his core, he gave himself a moment to accept the reality after the phone call. After this, he decided to pen down his experiences with his friend.

Question 17. Describe Shahid’s apartment. What were the small meetings that used to take place in his place?

Answer 17: Shahid’s apartment was on the seventh floor of a newly renovated building in Brooklyn. The author described the flat as an airy and spacious one. It had a study room and a terrace on the top floor. From the terrace, one could see the flow of the East River like from a ghat. According to the author, Shahid loved this scenario very much. He loved people, and in his last days, he would frequently organise small meetings in his apartment. There would be half a dozen or more people in those meetings. Many students, poets, teachers, and his relatives used to visit him. At the same time, someone would always be in the kitchen making tea or cooking Rogan Josh. Thus, he used to turn his apartment into an endless mela of food, talks, and poetry.

Chapter 6 of Class 11 English Snapshots

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is ‘The Ghat of the only World’ about?

‘The Ghat of the Only World’ is written in memory of Agha Shahid Ali by Amitabh Ghosh. The narrative started with a phone call in 2000 when the author knew that Ali was at the terminal stage of cancer. He asked the author to write about him after his death. The author has penned down all the glimpses of the memory of his dear friend. He stated that he had great optimism and embraced death in his last days. He also described his and Shahid’s friendship, his ideas and thoughts about poetry and how Kashmir had played a significant role in his poetic life. Thus, from the narrative, we can learn many unknown facts about him and his personality. Thus, the author has done a great job of encountering the world with Shahid from a different perspective. If you want to study the important questions from this chapter, you can go through the Important Questions Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 6 prepared by the experts of Extramarks.

2. How can the Important Questions Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 6 help students?

Students must practise questions to get better grades. The textbook exercise is not enough for this purpose. Students must take help from other references. The experts of Extramarks have collected vital questions from the textbook, CBSE sample papers, CBSE past year’s question papers, and important reference books. They have also written the answers following the CBSE guidelines. Thus, the Important Questions from Class 11 English Snapshots Chapter 6 provides important questions and their answers from this chapter. The question series will help boost the student’s confidence and improve their preparation.