Absolute Pressure Formula

Absolute Pressure Formula

The concept of Absolute Pressure Formula is always referred to as a perfect vacuum. Often, absolute pressure ranges are labelled with an ‘abs’. When someone is walking outside on a windy day and can feel the force of the wind. Air molecules bounce off of the person, causing this feeling. Atmospheric pressure can be defined as the force exerted by the air molecules per unit area. In most cases, this pressure is measured in pounds per square inch (psi). 

Absolute Pressure Formula

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What is Absolute Pressure?

Space has no pressure. The reason for this is that there is no atmosphere in space. Space has no air molecules, so there is no pressure in it. As a result, there is no pressure in space, i.e. a vacuum. Pressure can be measured in two ways. These are:

  • Absolute pressure
  • Gauge pressure

In space, for example, absolute zero pressure can be used to measure pressure. Other pressures will be measured against this value.

Absolute pressure is the pressure measured relative to this absolute zero pressure in a vacuum. Negative pressure or vacuum pressure refers to pressure below atmospheric pressure. Therefore, one might be surprised at how measurements can be made based on the vacuum on our planet. An absolute pressure sensor is used. Scientists discovered such a vacuum behind a diaphragm in a sensor. In order to prevent direct contact with the outside, the air is removed and then sealed. As a result, absolute pressure is also called sealed pressure. Even if the outside ambient pressure changes, one can still measure the pressure accurately.

The Formula for Absolute Pressure:

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Solved Examples

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