Gregory Newton Formula

Gregory Newton Formula

The Gregory Newton Formula is used to determine the identity of a finite difference. The Gregory Newton Formula provides an interpolated value between the tabulated points for the first value f0 and the power of the forward difference. fp represents the interpolated value. The Gregory Newton Formula streamlines the calculations required for the polynomial approximation of functions known as spaced data points by using the forward difference operator and forward difference table. 

According to the Formula, a [0,1]

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A technique for guessing the value of a function between any two known values is interpolation. There are certain connections, and trials on a variety of values can assist predict other values. The function of the untabulated points can be estimated with the aid of interpolation. Any desired value can be estimated via interpolation at a given, known coordinate point. It is a technique for fitting curves that involves plotting new data points that fall within the range of a discrete collection of previously known data points using linear polynomials.

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