Simple Harmonic Motion Formula

Simple Harmonic Motion Formula

A clock’s hands, a car’s wheels, etc. are examples of such motions. These types of motions keep repeating themselves easily. Periodic motions are such motions. An example of a periodic motion is simple harmonic motion, or SHM. 

Simple Harmonic Motion Formula

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What is Simple Harmonic Motion?

Whenever a motion repeats itself in equal intervals of time, it is considered periodic. Simple harmonic motion can be understood by understanding periodic motion. A periodic motion occurs when an object repeats its path at regular intervals. Our everyday lives are full of examples of periodic motion. Periodic motion can be seen in the movement of a clock’s hands. A cradle rocking, swinging, leaves of a tree moving to and fro due to wind breeze, etc. are examples of periodic motion. As the particle moves in a periodic motion, the same set of movements are repeated. Oscillations are one such set of movements.  Simple Harmonic Motion is an example of such an oscillatory motion. Simple harmonic motion occurs when an object moves along a line. Simple harmonic motions include oscillations of a pendulum.

The formula for SHM

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Solved Examples

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