Square Footage Formula

Square Footage Formula

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A square is a quadrilateral with four equal sides. There are many square-shaped objects in our world. Equal sides and interior angles of 90° characterise each square shape.

To know the measurement of a structure for a construction project, a room, tiles, or a carpet—practically anything square, students use the unit: measurement in square feet. The area, particularly for a room and building, is commonly referred to as “square footage.”

The formula is given as follows:

The Square Footage Formula=Length×Breadth

To find out the Square Footage Formula for a triangular area, 

The Square Footage Formula = Length×Breadth2

Formula to Calculate Square Footage

The area or square footage of basic geometric forms such as squares, circles, rectangles, and triangles may be calculated using a few easy formulae, which are shown below.

Calculation Procedure for Square Foot or Square Foot

Determine the space’s or area’s shape (whether it is a square, rectangle, circle, parallelogram, or triangle). Take measurements of its length and width.

The dimensions should be in feet. Convert the measurements from metres, yards, or inches to feet.

Calculate the square feet using one of the above-mentioned formulas for the shape.

To calculate the material cost, multiply the total square feet by the price per square foot.

If the space has a complex form, divide it into easy, manageable sections, calculate the area of each section individually, and then combine the findings.

To measure the floor of a home, for example, calculate the square footage of each room, then sum the acquired area measurements to get the total square feet.

Solved Examples Using Square Footage Formula

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