Work Formula

Work Formula

In physics, work refers to the transfer of energy between an object and its surroundings through the application of forces and displacements. Force and displacement are the components of the work formula. There are two types of work: positive and negative. Positive work occurs when displacement and force are both in the same direction. Whenever displacement and force are in the opposite direction, it is said to be negative work. As a scalar quantity, work has only magnitude and no direction. In SI, work is measured in Joules. An explanation of the Work Formula will cover the concepts of work done by an object, as well as the formula for work done.

Work Formula Physics

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What is Work in Physics?

Physics describes work as the transfer of energy when an object is moved over a distance by an external force at least partially, in the direction of displacement. When the applied force is constant, work can be calculated by multiplying the length of the path by the component of force acting along the path. According to the work formula, the work (W) equals the force (f) times the distance.

Work Examples

Everyday life is full of examples of work. Here are a few examples: a boy pulling a grocery cart in a grocery store, a horse pulling a plough through a field, a student lifting a bag full of books. Work occurs when a force exerts itself on an object, causing it to move. Pushing against a wall is not considered work since the wall does not move. As long as the toy is displaced downward when it falls from a table and hits the ground, it is considered work.

Work Equations

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Work Done

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Work Formula Examples with Solutions:

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Work Formula

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