NCERT Books Class 1 Urdu

NCERT Class 1 Urdu Book

If you are a Class 1 student and do not have your printed Urdu textbook with you, you shouldn’t worry. You can now get the NCERT Books Class 1 Urdu PDF online. Anybody who needs the NCERT Books Class 1 Urdu may access the soft copy as a suitable substitute. These NCERT textbooks follow  CBSE guidelines and the prescribed syllabus.

These textbooks were created by experienced professors and faculty experts after a lot of  research and the pedagogic approaches required in each subject. . These textbooks are written in a very readable and understandable style, making it simple and interesting for students to read and learn on their own.  The books are made more engaging and promising for the learners through colourful illustrations, in-text exercises and diagrams that are embedded in them to learn with passion and develop it further in higher classes.

 CBSE Class 1 NCERT Urdu Books 

The fundamental objective of CBSE, or any other educational organisation is to assist students in learning and acquiring valuable knowledge in an interesting and engaging manner.  The NCERT textbooks are well-known for their simple language, lucid presentation and well-researched content. They also make sure to keep the complexity of the topics in tune with the age and understanding level of the students.

The NCERT Urdu book for Class 1 is also designed in a way that makes learning fun and engaging for young students through various activities and exercises. Urdu is a unique  language just like other languages and having knowledge of Urdu helps students develop their cognitive functions as well as their communicative competencies by reading, writing, listening and speaking. In addition to that, they develop their linguistic skills in the social and academic context. Language acquisition can better their job prospects in the international market later. After the seed is sown, one can harvest the rich benefits later. The sooner you start the better for you. 

NCERT Books Class 1 Urdu includes the Ibtedai Urdu textbook as per the syllabus. The textbook aims to provide students with a thorough understanding of the Urdu language and literature. The NCERT Books Class 1 Urdu PDF is available to learners on Extramarks website. The list of chapters is given below: 

  • Chapter 1- اآ
  • Chapter 2- ب پ ت ٹ ث
  • Chapter 3- ن ی ے
  • Chapter 4- ج چ ح خ
  • Chapter 5- د ڈ ذ و
  • Chapter 6- ر ڑ ز ژ
  • Chapter 7- زبر زیر پیش
  • Chapter 8- س ش
  • Chapter 9- جزم
  • Chapter 10- ص ض
  •  Chapter 11- ط ظ
  •  Chapter 12- ع غ
  •  Chapter 13- ف ق
  •  Chapter 14- تشدید
  • Chapter 15- ک گ
  •  Chapter 16- ل م
  •  Chapter 17- ه
  •  Chapter 18- بھ پھ تھ ٹھ
  •  Chapter 19- جھ چھ
  •  Chapter 20- دھ ڈھ ڑھ
  •  Chapter 21- کھ گھ
  •  Chapter 22- نون گنّہ
  •  Chapter 23- ہمزه
  •  Chapter 24- حروفِ تہجّی
  •  Chapter 25- حمد
  •  Chapter 26- یے میرا گهر ہے میرا گهر
  •  Chapter 27- گِنتی

NCERT Books for Class 1

These NCERT textbooks are regarded as the best study materials that help students develop a strong foundation of literacy. In addition to that, the creative features embedded in these books—tables, discussion areas, examples, illustrations, etc.—help readers recall the concepts and principles for better learning. 

NCERT is known  for simplifying challenging  subjects so that students may be encouraged to learn and continue this process of learning to achieve academic success in every area of their life. Class 1 is the beginning of school life, and these NCERT Textbooks must be properly considered from the onset of a student’s life in such a way that they continue their learning beyond the classroom. Therefore, the students must right away obtain the Class 1 NCERT Textbook PDFs without any further delay.In case students require any assistance to boost their  preparation with additional study materials, students may visit Extramarks website to get all the support and guidance they need to prepare for their exams.

NCERT Solutions for Class 1

The NCERT solutions for Class 1 are crucial learning resources that enable the learners to understand the lessons in a better way. It helps them develop their understanding of different questions and hone their answer writing skills gradually and steadily. 

The NCERT Solutions for Class 1 students are created by highly qualified subject experts. Hindi, Mathematics, English, General awareness and Urdu are some of the subjects that students learn in Class 1. Students, teachers and parents can easily get access to  Class 1 NCERT solutions PDF for free on Extramarks website at their own convenience. 

Extramarks Class 1 NCERT Urdu Books

Class 1 is a very important year in a student’s life as they move from preschool to primary school. . In class 1 students are introduced to the patterns of questions and answers by their respective subject teachers. They develop their skills to read and write complete sentences, understand the questions and frame answers, also, learn the basics of mathematics which is the basis of foundational numeracy and literacy. So, it is very important to keep in mind that their transition should be smooth and easy. They should be introduced to this higher level of learning in a fun and interactive way. 

The NCERT Class 1 Urdu books just adhere to it. . The book contains many colourful pictures that stirs the student’s inquisitive ideas and interest in the subject and make the topics more interesting and memorable. Also, the language is introduced to them in a friendly way.

There are a  total of twenty-seven chapters in the NCERT Books Class 1 Urdu. For students  of all classes, including those in Class 1, Extramarks offers PDF copies of all NCERT textbooks, along with the NCERT Urdu books. These PDF files are extremely helpful for  students to study on any of the  devices whichever is feasible and, even take a print out , use them to study within the comforts of their homes and enjoy every moment of learning. Extramarks believes in incorporating joyful learning experiences through its own repository of resources.To enjoy the maximum benefit of these resources, students just need to register themselves at Extramarks official website and stay ahead of the competition.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can learners in Class 1 enhance their knowledge of Urdu and get 100% grades?

In class 1 students need proper guidance from their teachers and parents to develop their learning skills. Teachers must explain the lessons to them in a very simple and interactive manner. Do not rush through things.Take one step at a time and learn well before moving on to the next topic. And parents must make sure to sit with their children and make them practice the lessons regularly. They can read the NCERT book together and practice writing and even sharings their daily experiences on a regular basis. This helps students develop the habit of self-study and learning from a very young age.

2. Why do parents consider NCERT Books Class 1 Urdu for their children?

The NCERT Books Class 1 Urdu is developed by experts who present the subject in an easily understandable language. NCERT textbooks ensure that learners easily comprehend the chapter’s key concept. The gradual increase in complexity guarantees that even the challenging chapters and ideas go by without any hassle.. The NCERT textbooks must be acknowledged by parents as the greatest resource since they are recognised to satisfy the quality standards established by boards like the CBSE. To go through the curriculum and prescribed books, parents may access the PDF versions of all the textbooks for Class 1 from the Extramarks website.

3. Why are students in Class 1 required to read Urdu textbooks?

Listening comes first when it comes to developing learning abilities among children, followed by speaking, reading and writing. These abilities collectively foster children’s ability to speak and understand to be able to express themselves freely and naturally. As kids learn to read, their understanding of the world grows along with their capacity for speaking and listening. Reading is crucial for improving one’s quality of life as well as one’s academic performance. Their scholastic experience is enhanced and facilitated by strong skills in reading and writing. Be patient with kids; everyone learns things at their own  pace and do not rush through things, be mindful of teaching with loads of interest and  patience.

4. How is it possible for Class 1 students to form the habit of learning Urdu at such an early age?

Nothing facilitates preparation and study more than a daily schedule, regardless of age or class. As soon as kids get their Urdu curriculum, parents should sit down with them to create a schedule. Kids find it easier  to approach their studies when they are aware that they must set aside a specified amount of time for them just like their leisure activities. This is how one may build healthy habits which balances their time to play and study to excel in life later on.

5. How can first-grade students learn Urdu?

Kids by nature are very curious,and  by navigating their curiosity in the right direction, students in the first grade can learn Urdu easily. Teachers must explain the subject to the students in the class and introduce them to the sounds and writing  letters, words, sentences followed by paragraphs subsequently . While parents can help students practice the things taught in the class and also introduce them to different basic Urdu lessons available online on e-learning portals like Extramarks website and even seek help and advice required from in-house experts