NCERT Books for Class 10 English First Flight

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight

According to researchers, each student is different. They possess a variety of abilities that aid in their learning while they are in school. Exam grades and rankings used to be the only things that mattered during testing. Exams nowadays reveal the critical thinking and reasoning skills of different individuals. For all sorts of students, NCERT Solutions 10th class English First Flight is specifically designed. According to Extramarks, every student must have the opportunity to get great test scores. With this in mind, the remarks are offered in an attempt to help the next generation of students stand high and proud.

Class 10 NCERT Books for English First Flight Free PDF Download

The NCERT Book of Class 10 English First Flight is a bunch of meticulously chosen works of literature. It contains poems and short tales from renowned writers. The readers have reported feeling a strong spiritual effect from them. The learners’ understanding of reality and humanity is expanded as a result. Students may get free CBSE answers and other studying resources on the portal Extramarks.

The subjects that individuals choose to study in the 10th class also serve as the foundation for the professional path they choose. As a result, they consider all disciplines to be equally significant. Additionally, it establishes the foundation for many of the topics that are often tested in board exams.

First Flight Class 10 Chapters for NCERT 

Eleven pieces of poetry and prose were included in the English First Flight CBSE syllabus for Grade 10. This will aid in assessing and enhancing the students’ verbal communication and language abilities. Learners will be further encouraged to have a better grasp including proper knowledge of the subject by the chapter-by-chapter access for NCERT First Flight 10th class Solutions. Learners may so develop further into excellent writers, speakers or creative thinkers.

NCERT Books for Class 10

The NCERT in addition to producing textbooks is in charge of developing the academic curriculum for CBSE schools throughout the country. You must use your NCERT Books 10th class for your study if you want to sit for your CBSE examinations.  These PDF files provide you with a refresher on the most recent subjects as outlined in the CBSE Class 10 curriculum while also presenting ideas in a chapter-wise structure, in the format of questions and answers, and preparing you to take your 10th class CBSE board examinations.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10

To assist students in properly preparing for examinations, First Flight 10th class Solutions are provided. You can also obtain the NCERT answer keys for the 10th class to help you review the whole curriculum and perform better on test days.

NCERT Books for Class 10 English First Flight 

The NCERT Books Class 10 English First Flight would be very helpful to students taking their first written test. There is no registration needed to obtain the free versions of NCERT books at Extramarks. Making education and information available to everybody is our company’s philosophy. We provide all CBSE learners with high-quality reading materials that they may access at no cost. The greatest subject specialists in the nation have put together these books for you to study.

Introduction About the Chapters in English Book


Chapter 1 – A Letter to God by G.L. Fuentes

It is a sorrowful story of a farmer whose crops are ruined by a hailstorm, prompting him to compose a letter to God. The most recent textbooks for NCERT Books Class 10 English First Flight have it as the opening chapter. Students may practise the detailed assignments after the story to be ready for their examinations using the NCERT ebooks file.

Chapter 2 – Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

An extract from Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela’s autobiography describes the struggle for the opportunity for people of black colour in South Africa. As South Africa’s 1st Black president after more than 300 years of White standards, Nelson Mandela committed on May 10th, 1994. In the majority of fair elections held in South Africa’s history, his political group had won 252 of the 400 seats. Learn why he is so adored and respected all across the globe by reading this short essay. To understand this section, take the test after it.

Chapter 3 – Two Stories About Flying

The English textbook for the third chapter of class 10 is separated into two tales. These two tales teach us that overcoming fear requires confidence and inner power. Daring to face challenges helps us overcome challenging conditions in our life.

His First Flight by Liam O’ Flahert

The narrative centres on a baby seagull that is terrified of flying. It continues by describing how he overcame his worries and took his maiden flight. The young seagull that hesitated to take his initial flight because he thought his wings would carry him while flying is the subject of the tale, “His First Flight.” He tried to fly at several points, but whenever he got too close to the edge, he became nervous and went around.

One wonderful day, the whole family made a significant effort and forced the young seagull to show his frailty. The baby bird requested his mother to give him some food. Angry from hunger, he enthusiastically leaned out and grabbed the fish. Strangely, he dropped outside into the open area, and as he felt himself falling lower, a great terror gripped him. The next instant, he experienced the spread of his wings, giving him the chance to take flight valiantly. The little bird finally made his maiden flight, rose higher, flew above the water, and then dove in with his family.

Black Aeroplane by Frederick Forsyth

The narrator in Fredrik Forsyth’s intriguing story Black Airplane is a pilot. A pilot who was required to travel from France to England to visit his family and have a filling breakfast with them serves as the story’s protagonist. Across any situation, he flew into the mists and soon saw that his surroundings had become pitch-black all around him. He could not keep the aircraft under control and had no outside visibility.

Then, he noticed that there was another aeroplane, but this one didn’t have any sidelights. The operator of that aircraft waved his hands to indicate for him to follow. He quickly drove through the darkness and successfully reached the airport with the guidance of the other pilot. He wanted to thank the other pilot for saving him by asking the group for details about who he was after landing. The control group, meanwhile, informed him that only his plane could have been detected in the night sky.

Chapter 4 – From the Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank

It is a passage from the well-known Anne Frank diary. This piece, which depicts one of the most devastating disasters in human history, is heartbreaking. It is an engaging and significant section in the CBSE First Flight textbook for the 10th class.

Chapter 5 – The Hundred Dresses –  by I El Bsor Ester

It tells the tale of a Polish girl who lives in America and experiences prejudice from other children due to her nationality. She was often observed sitting to the side of the study hall and seemed calm. When she submitted her one hundred paintings for a drawing competition, the truth about the hundred garments was revealed. They reminded her of the one hundred clothes she used to talk about. They were all abominably outstanding in every way.

Chapter 6 – The Hundred Dresses – II by El Bsor Ester

Wanda is regarded as the top fashion designer since she has created 100 lovely and distinctive gowns. However, she is unable to attend school to accept the honour. Peggy and Maddie, two mischievous young girls, are annoyed with themselves for constantly questioning Wanda about her weird name and her hundred clothes. The two of them decided to write a letter to Wanda, to which Wanda responded by writing a kind note to Miss Mason and asking her to give Peggy and Maddie the wonderful clothes. The two of them got enthused after viewing the gorgeous pictures. Finally, they begin to see Wanda differently and regretted pushing her.

Chapter 7 – Glimpses of India

This section is further broken into the following three sections. There is a different narrative about India within each of these parts.

A Baker from Goa by Lucio Rodrigues

The Portuguese chef who resides in a little village is the subject of this narrative, as the title indicates. It reveals the high esteem that bakers have in Portuguese society.

Coorg by Lokesh Abrol

The Karnataka state’s rural Coorg area is renowned for its coffee farming and stunning natural beauty. To learn more about Coorg and be ready for the board examinations, read this passage in the book and respond to the questions.

From Assam by Arup Kumar Datta

It is a tale that lists details about the Assam state by narrating the tale of two friends, one of whom welcomes the other to his tea farm to commence the story.

Chapter 8 – Mijbil the Otter by Gavin Maxwell

The focus of pet-related prose is on the writer’s transition after the death of his beloved dog, Jonnie. To enhance your knowledge of the narrative and language, do the exercises provided at the end.

Chapter 9 – Madam Rides the Bus by Vallikkannan

This is the first moment in her life an 8-year-old girl travels to the city by bus. To do well on your examination, read and complete all of the assignments in the NCERT Book of Class 10 English First Flight.

Chapter 10 – The Sermon at Benares

Considering that it tells the tale of Gautama Buddha, it may be categorised as historical literature. His transition from a royal life to a holy one has been shown in the narrative.

Chapter 11 – The Proposal by Anton Chekov

In this narrative, Anton Chekhov offers a critique of the marriage structure. To improve your grammar, answer the questions in this section of the English textbooks.


Chapter 1 – Dust of Snow by Robert Frost

This sonnet illustrates the enormous importance of even the shortest periods. The author mentions crows and hemlock trees in this poem. The crow represents his heaviness and sadness, while the hemlock tree is deadly.

The artist states that at one time while laying under a hemlock branch, he was feeling depressed and burdened. The surface-level snow residue or the tiny snow grains that are left behind after a snowfall were brushed off by a crow resting on a nearby tree. His anxiousness was calmed by the brief snowfall. After his soul was restored, he intended to use the remaining part of the day doing something productive.

Chapter 2 – Fire and Ice by Robert Frost

The important idea that the world will end in one of 2 ways by ice or fire—is conveyed in Robert Frost’s poem Fire and Ice. Human emotions like hatred and want are opposed in both portions. The sonnet expertly supports the idea that we allow our emotions to govern us and that If we do not keep them under control, they will destroy the world around us. Additionally, he believes that fire and ice are equally capable of bringing the planet to an awful end.

Chapter 3 – A Tiger in the Zoo by Leslie Norris

The first line of the sonnet tells the story of a very stunning tiger prowling about his little prison. However, the tiger is upset and quite angry at being confined to the cage. The author claims that the tiger might have been hunting its prey, the deer, in the dense grass adjacent to a source of water if it weren’t confined to the zoo. The artist wants to show that the species, which is renowned for its audacity and strength is restrained and sad because visitors to the zoo want to enjoy viewing him.

Chapter 4 – How to Tell Wild Animals by Carolyn Wells

The many different wild creatures are shown by the artist in a very unique and unusual way. Although the poetess is painting each of these creatures in a very intriguing manner, they are all pretty dangerous. She starts by giving us important information about the Asian lion. The Bengal tiger, she added, is a fantastic creature that can attack and kill a man twice. She argues in an entertaining way that we have undoubtedly seen a Bengal tiger if this wonderful dark-striped animal murders and consumes us. She then asserts that if we see a creature with black spots on its skin and it comes at us right away, that animal is most likely a panther. She puts the chameleon as the last creature on her list. She asserts that while looking like a reptile, it lacks wings and ears.

Chapter 5 – The Ball Poem by John Berryman

A little child who misplaces his ball is the subject of this poem. In the poem The Ball, a child loses a ball. He feels quite irritated. Since the first ball wasn’t expensive, he may buy another one. However, that’s not what happens. He doesn’t buy any more balls, which makes him really sad.  The author of the sonnet attempts to express what the kid has suffered and the lesson they have learned as a result of losing a ball.

Chapter 6 – Amanda! by Robin Klein

The poem is about a little girl called Amanda who receives constant criticism from her mother for committing mistakes. The young girl who is being oppressed and lectured by her mother about irrelevant issues is brilliantly captured in the poem by Robin Klein. The sonnet makes the crucial point that no kid should ever be excluded from opportunities. They shouldn’t experience constant parental interrogation regarding their actions. Parents should raise their kids to appreciate their point of view rather than be frustrated by it. The idea that the homeless have more chances than they do should not be taught to children.

Chapter 7 – Animals by Walt Whitman

The author conveys in the poetry Animals his wish to change into an animal since he thinks animals are far superior to people. People are jealous of one another and seek revenge. Animals are calm and independent no matter what. The animals are content with their present circumstances. Even when bad things occur, they never moan. Additionally, people criticise their bad luck. They give rich and powerful individuals more weight, care about their bad habits and rush after the expensive things of this life. Even yet, animals tell the truth about their encounters and do not assign value to any one type.

Chapter 8 – The Trees by Adrienne Rich

As the title suggests, the poem revolves around trees. It is an illustration of how people harmed the wilderness and cut down trees to achieve their objectives. The poetess believes that because trees belong outdoors, having them inside the residence is wrong. This is because everyone needs the right environment to grow. The sonnet suggests, everyone longs for the sun, water and air, which are compared to opportunities, love and care. Only when a person or a tree gets the right environment we grow.

Chapter 9 – Fog by Carl Sandburg

According to the artist, fog, which is often visible during the colder months of the year is moving toward the city and the port like a cat. He has compared its look to a cat since cats often approach a space silently. Then, he claims that the whole city and port have been blanketed by the fog and that it may be seated by curling its legs and gazing about as a cat does when it rests on its hind limbs and does the same. He illustrates the departure of the mist towards the end, which again disappears gently and oddly, much like a cat taking off.

Chapter 10 – The Tale of Custard the Dragon by Ogden Nash

It is a humorous poem about Custard, a fragile winged snake. Belinda is a young woman who stays in a little white home with her pets. She had a black cat called Ink, a dull mouse named Flicker, a dog named Mustard, which was yellow, and a snake, which had wings, but was sluggish. While other animals like bears, tigers, and lions were shown as brave and aggressive, the mythological snake is rather timid. They are shocked, nevertheless, when a privateer enters the residence one night. Each of them becomes frightened and starts to hide away to a huge extent. To everyone’s surprise, however, the winged snake not only handles him but also tries to destroy him. They express gratitude to him as the custard saves each one of them. The author is trying to convey that even under the most challenging situations, a humble person may become a true saint.

Chapter 11- For Anne Gregory by William Butler Yeats

The body of the sonnet is a dialogue between Yeats, the poet, and Anne Gregory, a young kid. She is informed by the artist that not every young guy she meets who suffers as a consequence of her rejection is a real sweetheart. This implies that the youngster can be drawn to her due to her attractiveness. He claims that a real lover would value her more for her inner traits than for her physical beauty. Anne says that she will lose some of her appeals and that she could eventually discover true love for herself. He then explains to her that God appreciates us more for our greatness on the inside than for our outward beauty.

Importance of NCERT Solutions in Class 10 English Book

In these days of everything being digitised, NCERT solution manuals not only provide answers to questions, and so make sure you are familiar with your 10th class English NCERT answer books. These textbooks are essential for several reasons, including study material, test papers, and interpretation of logical exercises. The Extramarks website can help you when you run into problems.

The greatest study guide for Grade 10 students is NCERT Answer for 10th class English First Flight since the solutions are given following the textbooks’ course outlines. The PDFs provide the answers to several questions in a variety of forms. For students to comprehend the chapter’s main idea, they also provide a synopsis. The main part of the revision study is practising these questions, which helps students improve their test performance. Students do not need to go to other sites to get knowledge after they have answered all of the questions in the course material. Students will feel secure enough to approach their examinations in the best manner after they have finished the problem and the CBSE revision notes. So, without spending any more time, obtain the free Ebooks and begin studying for the test right now if you want to get excellent marks.

Pointers to Achieve Outstanding Marks in Class 10 English:

  • One of the major reasons why students struggle to get good marks in English in 10th class is that they don’t clearly understand the content. You must completely study and evaluate the chapter if you wish to achieve excellent scores.
  • You must read every chapter in your textbook, and you must also choose a text that has all the answers to the class 10 English answered examination questions.
  • You must make sure that all of the aspects addressed in your questions are also included.
  • Don’t simply skim the chapter; take the time to read it thoroughly and learn every point. You may ask your instructor for explanations or read the chapter again if you don’t follow anything.
  • Make sure to attempt to evaluate yourself on all of the subjects presented in your textbook by answering at least 150–200 English class 10 exam questions that cover every chapter that has been studied.

Bonus Tip:

  • Consider signing up for the sample courses if you wish to do well on the 10th class English exam.
  • For the English 10th class, choose a fresh book, and share your recommendations.
  • Avoid skipping any topics or subject headers and be sure you study everything.
  • Attempt to complete as many CBSE sample papers as you can.
  • Before the test, make sure to take good care of your wellness by getting a minimum of 8 hours of sleep each night.
  • Don’t rush, and try to provide thoughtful answers to all of the questions.
  • Remembering these ideas can help you prepare more efficiently. We believe that these ideas will enable you to get good marks in English in the 10th class.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why are English answer keys important?

You may use the NCERT answers for class 10 English to help you discover simple, accurate answers to each assignment question. You may be able to get the NCERT answers for English textbooks for Standard 10. The CBSE stamping strategy has set up answers to all questions. The topic experts at Extramarks create each NCERT answer. You may refer to these sample answers to become more proficient at choosing the best approach for creating relevant answers for your English exam.

2. Why should one use the NCERT Book of Class 10 English First Flight?

Learners should get into the routine of reading from digital textbooks as they are a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option. Students are gradually adopting online ebooks as a trend. The main justification for this is because PDF ebooks are widely available and portable. E-textbooks for 10th class English First Flight are freely available on Extramarks. On smartphones or other media like laptops or PCs, learners may obtain NCERT Class 10 English First Flight Book PDF Download and utilise them effortlessly.

3. Which website provides the PDF Version of the NCERT texts for 10th class English First Flight?

English First Flight of 10th class free PDF versions of NCERT textbooks are widely accessible on e-learning sites. Extramarks, one of the most reliable platforms among students, is one such outstanding platform. Here, all of the main NCERT textbooks for the CBSE 10th class are available as free PDF versions. On Extramarks, you may get high-quality ebooks for 10th-class English First Flight. Without having to carry books along, this may be utilised to learn whenever and wherever you choose. Prepare for exams using these resources. They are extremely beneficial for all students.

4. Is the English First Flight Answer Key for the 10th class accessible online?

The Answer Key for 10th class English First Flight is available on a lot of resources online. Extramarks is a well-liked option among these sites for Answer Key for Math, English, Science and other topics. Extramarks offers class 10 English First Flight chapter-by-chapter NCERT answers. These are created using topic experts to address the need for study resources during examinations. It may be downloaded at no cost as a PDF file format. The online PDFs of NCERT Books Class 10 English First Flight Answer Key include the answers to the practice problems for students.