NCERT Class 10 English Foot Prints without Feet Supplementary Reader Book PDF

NCERT Class 10 English Footprints without Feet Supplementary Reader Book PDF

English language proficiency is essential for students preparing for their class 10 examinations. You might enhance your English reading abilities by using the new NCERT Books Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Supplementary Reader. To aid in their preparation for their upcoming examinations, students may now get the NCERT Answer PDF for all courses.

English in the NCERT 10th class Book is clear and uncomplicated. Concept development for 10th-class English becomes noticeably simpler while utilising NCERT textbooks for your studies. English is among the most essential subjects for individuals to comprehend since it teaches grammatical elements.

CBSE Class 10 NCERT English Footprints without Feet Supplementary Reader Books Free Download

A key technique that fosters logical thinking and outside-the-box analytical ability is using English Footprints Without Feet. You will be able to significantly improve your ability to think abstractly by learning English Footprints Without Feet. You will essentially be putting yourself in the best possible position to succeed in the 10th class examinations, at least as far as English is concerned, by reading through the NCERT Books Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Supplementary Reader PDF and doing every question.

The NCERT is the publisher of the CBSE NCERT Books Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Supplementary Reader. It is the 10th class Supplementary Reader in English. There are ten chapters in all. Every school nationwide that is associated with the CBSE uses Footprints. Both digital and printed versions of Footprints are available. Local bookstores have the book’s physical copy for purchase. We are here to present the digital copy (PDF) of the textbook.

NCERT English 10th Class Foot Print without Feet

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Footprints without Feet | Chapterwise Solutions

The Extramarks specialists who wrote the NCERT Books Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Supplementary Reader answer guides spent years refining their ability to clearly explain difficult subjects after thoroughly examining CBSE previous year question papers and exam trends. Once you comprehend the ideas condensed in these ebooks, your viewpoint will change if you ever believed English Footprints Without Feet was challenging.

The supplementary reader helps you engage in a dynamic environment by introducing you to a variety of reading materials. Reading this textbook and finishing the assignments might thus help you become more comfortable with the English language.

As English is woven throughout the CBSE syllabus, using the NCERT materials to quickly understand each chapter in its entirety is quite helpful. These publications are interesting and helpful to read since they were authored by competent instructors with decades of teaching experience.

NCERT Books for Class 10

For all schools that are associated with the CBSE, NCERT materials are regarded to be ideal. According to the curriculum, the NCERT textbooks for the 10th class cover the most recent subjects. However, relying just on just these books for the 10th class won’t be sufficient if you want to ace your preparation. You may improve your preparation by using the NCERT answers offered by Extramarks. For all of the topics in the 10th class, Extramarks offers condensed and well-produced study material.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10

The NCERT answers PDF is the result of a collaborative effort between instructors with extensive teaching expertise and the students who had an active role in creating this PDF. The full NCERT textbook answer is a comprehensive manual for anybody wishing to deepen his understanding of any idea or subject, or even if you just want to implement the learning materials as a reference.

The NCERT textbook solution concentrates on the NCERT format of questions and answers and gives the individuals all the solutions to the CBSE important question in the books. The PDF emphasizes a student’s knowledge development by offering all the study resources he would need throughout his academic stage, allowing him to concentrate on learning rather than worrying about where to get notes.

NCERT Books for Class 10 English Footprints without Feet Supplementary Reader 

This textbook is a great approach to improving your reading abilities even if it is not on the test curriculum. By introducing you to various types of writing, the supplemental reader enables you to engage in a dynamic setting. As a result, reading this book and completing its tasks may boost your confidence in your use of the English language.

Chapter 1- A Triumph of Surgery

A Triumph of Surgery is the initial chapter of the latest NCERT Books Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Supplementary Reader. In this narrative, a little dog’s illness and subsequent recovery with a veterinarian’s care are described.

You may find a lexicon with a collection of tough terms and their definitions at the end of this narrative. The assignment that follows will assist you to analyze the narrative and strengthen your reading abilities. It’s a great method to learn vocabulary while having fun.

Chapter 2- The Thief’s Story

A thief who befriends a young guy called Anil tells his story in Chapter two. Anil hires our storyteller, and from that point on, a tale of penitence and forgiveness is presented. The protagonist of the tale is a 15-year-old cheater who, to avoid exposure to the police and his former supervisors, changes his identity every month. The next character in the plot is Anil, a 25-year-old writer. When the criminal first meets Anil, he asks if he may work for him. The plot develops when the hoodlum tricks Anil by reporting a robbery and then backing out afterwards.

You’ll find yourself reflecting on each character’s behaviour during this novel. The “Think About It” part of the exercise that follows each of these tales instigates your thoughts on a variety of the story’s elements. As a result, the updated NCERT texts 10th class English Supplementary Reader encourages reflection and the development of perspectives on the story’s numerous characters.

Chapter 3- The Midnight Visitor

The third narrative is a thriller in which one undercover agent attempts to trick another to give him a tip. You may examine and evaluate some fantastic characters in the narrative. Additionally, the activity after this narrative allows you to think and discuss it, which may help you improve both your English and your critical thinking abilities.

Although the tales in these NCERT books available on the internet are not on the curriculum for your 10th class test, going through them and answering the questions will ultimately help you improve your preparation.

Chapter 4- A Question of Trust

There is a narrative in the fourth chapter of the brand-new supplementary reader that asks the question of whether thieves have any respect or privilege. It describes an instance in which two thieves get involved with one another.

You’ll find yourself wondering about these characters’ underlying motives in the summary of this tale. In time, you’ll start to like answering the exercise’s problems even more. You can learn new terms from the story using the NCERT answers.

Chapter 5- Footprints without Feet

The protagonist of this story of Supplementary Reader learns how to become invisible. The story ultimately reveals whether the guy makes good use of his power of invisibility or abuses it. There are several questions and reading ideas in the exercise part at the end of this section. To ensure that you are adequately ready for your board examinations, stick to them.

Chapter 6- The Making of a Scientist

The story in sixth chapter explores the question of whether having simply academic knowledge is sufficient to do great things. The protagonist of this narrative is an inquisitive youngster who wants to be a scientist. The mother of the young person supports his passion for the subject. You should do the tasks provided in the summary in the NCERT ebooks after studying this interesting narrative to better comprehend it.

Chapter 7- The Necklace

The Necklace is the tale of Matilda and then how her compulsive desire for worldly goods drastically altered her life. This narrative takes place in France several years ago, and the author hopes to make a point about being happy with what one receives. The story is focused on a necklace which was borrowed and got lost. You may read the narrative in the updated version and make your judgments on Matilda’s personality. You may ascertain the lesson of this tale and pick up new vocabulary by completing the activity at the end of the section. The chapter also includes a collection of exercises and other assignments on grammar.

Chapter 8- The Hack Driver

In the mystery-themed eighth chapter, a young attorney embarks on a hunt for a guy by the name of Oliver Lutkins. The narrative will ultimately reveal who Lutkins is and whether or not our narrator is successful in finding him. You’ll notice that you can develop your solutions far more swiftly than previously for the assignment in the CBSE textbooks.

Chapter 9- Bholi

The ninth section of this English textbook for the 10th class revolves around a young woman by the name of Bholi. The tale of Bholi, a little girl who stood up to one of our society’s most toxic customs. As she got older, a potential husband of hers requested dowry. Bholi declined and did not consent to wed a greedy person. Instead, she decided to remain at home and support her ageing parents. After studying this narrative, if you answer the questions, you’ll discover that you’re picking up a lot of new terms that may broaden your vocabulary.

Chapter 10- The Book that Saved the Earth

The last chapter of this book is a drama with a futuristic setting, titled “The Book that Saved the Earth.” The play recounts the tale of how a collection of children’s rhymes helps in the defence of Earth against a Martian invasion. The story is set in a fictional universe where Martians invade the planet and reach a library where they discover the rhymes in the textbooks and decide it is hazardous, and they then escape to defend the planet from an attack. You may study it with a pdf Format file and be sure that you are well-prepared for your test.

Importance of NCERT Class 10 English Book:

It assists in board examination study: Individuals who are studying for competitive tests must be able to think independently. You have the power to achieve this thanks to the NCERT English Textbook. The text was created by educators and experts from the NCERT, so it is full of information and facts. Learners will be allowed to debate the topic and develop their answers.

It Can Let You Get Good Grades: Your teachers will find it simpler to award you a good grade in English when you have access to the necessary materials. Thus, owning the NCERT English Handbook would help you get better scores.

It Enhances Your Study Techniques: The NCERT English Textbook is an excellent resource for students looking to enhance their study techniques. You can accomplish a lot with this ebook if you’re committed to it.

It is Inexpensive: While the majority of textbooks are expensive, this one is not, so you can rest assured.This is a tiny fraction of what textbooks typically cost; one will enjoy reading this book for the rest of your life.

It Acts as a Guide: Because the book was produced by NCERT educators and researchers, it is simple to read and may assist you to manage your English studies. The majority of English-language novels are fact-based, which improves critical thinking abilities. This one, however, relies on your interpretation and evaluation of everything you’ve read, which makes you think harder.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What role does the NCERT 10th class English textbook function?

The NCERT 10th class English textbook is important in the following ways:

It promotes curiosity: Although the textbook teaches the fundamentals of English, it doesn’t stop there. It invites queries from learners! If you’re unfortunate—or just unlucky enough—this book will also be beneficial to you.

It will assist you in developing realistic thinking: The text challenges readers to consider contemporary issues. It’s a useful method for learning English outside of the classroom!

It educates students about the structure of English: This textbook demonstrates to learners the value and significance of English in our everyday lives. Anyone interested in English may use it as a reference!

2. Give a description of the Chapter One summary, A Triumph of Surgery.

Mrs Pumphrey was a wealthy, lively lady with a cute pet. Its name is Tricky. She loved him so strongly that she often put too much pressure on him. Tricky put on a lot of weight, which eventually turn him sluggish and pitiful. James Herriot, a specialist, was astonished when he first saw the obese dog, which he compared to a bloated frankfurter. He made plans and informed Mrs Pumphrey about Tricki needed care for a condition that could only be treated at a clinic.

The expert understood that Mrs Pumphrey did not have the choice but to maintain the dog on a proper meal schedule. The greedy dog needed to be hungry at the time he visited the clinic since he anticipated being late for food delivery. At certain intervals, food was delivered to him. He quickly lost a significant amount of body weight and became a highly active individual.

When Tricki was at the house, Mrs Pumphrey pampered him excessively. When cream cake, chocolates, and Horlicks were given to him, he was living the high life. But when he saw the expert, everything was ok. When she saw her lively dog, she expressed her gratitude to the doctor and thought that the outcome was a success for medicine.

3. How can Extramarks be used to make learning enjoyable?

By actually reading the sections as stories, the NCERT Books Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Supplementary Reader will assist you in enhancing your English. Besides, these works are readily easily accessible digitally without login and completely free of charge. You can view them even while you’re not at home since they are accessible in a PDF file format.

For several other disciplines, NCERT publications are also available from Extramarks as a soft copy. Thus, you can ensure that you are adequately prepared for your next board examinations with the help of these textbooks and their NCERT answers for 10th-class English.

4. Describe the chapter's synopsis, "The Hack Driver."

This is the story of a legal counsellor who, after receiving his degree, started working for a reputable business in the area. As an assistant agent, he was filling in there. Because he sometimes had to deal with harsh conditions, he disliked the job of serving summonses. He had to call Oliver Lutkins at some time since he was an important observer in various circumstances. He resided in the little community of New Mullion. Although he was happy to be going to the town, everything seemed incredibly lifeless and dreary. The narrator noticed a hack driver performing on a busy stage. When he questioned him about Lutkins, he discovered that the guy was cunning and had stolen credit from other people. The hack driver deceitfully released the lawyer, who had arrived at this location to summon Lutkin to court.