NCERT Books Class 2 English Marigold

NCERT Class 2 English – Marigold 

NCERT Books for Class 2 are published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). It is an independent organisation responsible for offering higher-quality academic materials in schools. The NCERT books are designed by subject matter experts and top academicians, in adherence to the guidelines and syllabus prescribed by the central board of secondary education (CBSE). These books are recommended in most Indian schools because of the simple language, well-researched content and age-appropriate topics. 

NCERT Class 2 English Marigold is one of the two English books introduced in Class 2 curriculum in all CBSE schools. The book consists of interesting poems and proses depicted with colourful pictures that fascinate the students and engage them in learning.

The NCERT textbooks are available in local bookstores and libraries. You can also download the chapter-wise PDF versions of all NCERT books for free from Extramarks.

CBSE Class 2 NCERT English – Marigold Books Free Download

NCERT English Marigold Book for Class 2 Free Download is available on Extramarks. Extramarks is India’s leading e-learning portal that offers all the necessary study materials for students of all classes for free. This makes education accessible to all. Not just that, having a soft copy of the book also helps the students study anytime and anywhere. 

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  • NCERT Books Class 2 English – Marigold 
  • NCERT Books Class 2 English – Raindrops 

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Marigold 

Each chapter of the NCERT Class 2 English Marigold has a set of questions that are based on the topic discussed in the chapter. NCERT solutions present the answers to these questions. These answers are written by subject experts with years of experience in the academic field. Students can follow these NCERT solutions to learn about the art of writing answers. By reading the answers in the solutions book, they also develop a deeper understanding of the chapters.

You can download the chapter-wise PDF files of the NCERT Class 2 English Marigold Solutions from Extramarks.

Chapter 1 – First Day at School

Chapter 2 – Haldi’s Adventure

Chapter 3 – The Wind and the Sun

Chapter 4 – Storm in the Garden

Chapter 5 – Funny Bunny

Chapter 6 – Curlylocks and the Three Bears

Chapter 7 – Make it Shorter

Chapter 8 – The Mumbai Musicians

Chapter 9 – The Magic Porridge Pot

Chapter 10 – The Grasshopper and the Ant

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Marigold Poems 

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Marigold Poems are also available on Extramarks. The solutions present the summary of the poems, the author’s perspective of the creation and the answers to the questions given in the NCERT book. 

Here we have given CBSE Class 2 English Marigold Poems NCERT Solutions.

NCERT Books for Class 2 

All of the Class 2 NCERT Books are written with young children in mind. To help students comprehend the subjects, the textbooks include graded exercises, poems, stories, etc. These NCERT textbooks adhere to the revised curriculum set forth by the CBSE Board. Children’s self-learning is facilitated by these books as well. In order to make studying more enjoyable and interactive, the Class 2 NCERT textbook solutions include vibrant pictures. The NCERT textbook includes expressive images to teach mathematical concepts to pupils so they would remember them more readily, especially for subjects like math.

NCERT Solutions for Class 2

Children perform better on the test if they work through textbook problems and make sure the answers are accurate. NCERT solutions provide the answers to the textbook questions that help students understand the lessons better.

Students and teachers can download the NCERT Solutions for Class 2 from Extramarks 

NCERT Books for Class 2 English – Marigold 

By preparing students for competitions and for subsequent classes, the most recent NCERT Textbook English Marigold 2 Class 2 helps to increase confidence. The chapter-by-chapter breakdown for the Class 2 English Marigold 2 NCERT Textbook is provided here.

Unit 1:

First Day at School

This chapter explores the emotional requirements and concerns of a youngster on their first day of school. These illustrations demonstrate the imaginative creativity of young children.

Haldi’s Adventure

This chapter discusses how to develop students’ learning paths and how to encourage imaginative thinking. It makes an effort to aid kids in adjusting to the novel procedures of the novel school environment. The chapter encourages the youngster to discuss relatable experiences with their family, pets and other people.

Unit 2:

I am Lucky!

In this poem, an opportunity is shared with the students where they are made to understand that they can be happy being what they are. The children’s feelings are joyous when they are told how good they are, and they feel special.

I Want

In this chapter, a message has been shared with children through a story describing that one should never want to look and feel like anyone else. They are best at what they are born with and they should not try to change themselves.

Unit 3:

A Smile

In this poem, the children can grow their horizons of understanding the importance of good social manners and courtesy and how they can speak in their turn with a smile and not by shouting or interrupting others. The teachers must advise students not to be aggressive with others either in school or outside it. You can access the NCERT 2nd Class English Marigold Book at Extramarks.

The Wind and the Sun

In this chapter of the Latest NCERT Books for Class 2 English Marigold 2, the students will learn about arrogance and aggressive behaviour and understand the meaning of considering smiling for others which can help achieve a lot of things in life. The students can achieve their goals through gentle means also

Unit 4:


In this poem, the student will learn to build their imaginations by listening carefully and feeling the raindrops. The sound produced by them and how calm they are. Teachers may assist children by letting them sit quietly with closed eyes and think.

Storm in the Garden

In this chapter, students will learn about the sounds made by objects when there is strong wind or heavy rain. Teachers may help students in observing the sounds and identify them.

Unit 5:

Zoo Manners

Here, students will learn about different creatures who exist in nature along with humans. The pictures depict the experience of those who have visited the zoo and how friendly they can be with the zoo animals.

Funny Bunny

In this chapter, the students will come to know how sensitive other creatures can be towards those who show love and care to them. The teachers must encourage their students to behave friendly with the animals who are trapped inside the cages in the zoo and students should try to know more about these animals while visiting them.

Unit 6:

Mr Nobody

In this poem, the teachers will help children in working out their imagination to think and how well they can picture experiences in an adventurous way. It will be fun to hear how every child builds a different picture of a situation in their mind.

Curly locks and the Three Bears

In this chapter of NCERT Textbook English Marigold Class 2, the students will discover how they can build a story when they hear or read about a scenario differently and they will also feel a sense of adventure in knowing other people. The students will enjoy learning about the different imaginative stories of their friends.

Unit 7:

On My Blackboard I can Draw

In this poem, the students will learn how they can also get an opportunity to draw in front of the whole class on the blackboard and they can also gain confidence. If the activity is carried out in a very sensitive manner, then children’s self-esteem may get a boost.

Make it Shorter

In this chapter, the students will learn that they can also do anything and draw anything if they are ready to do it. They should also have an ‘I can’ feeling inside them and they can also give tight competition to their opponent. They just need to learn, understand and carefully work on their ideas.

Unit 8:

I am the Music Man

In this poem, the students will get encouraged to learn or start hearing the music or musical instrument. Teachers can do some activities where students will sing the poem alongside an orchestra. 

The Mumbai Musicians

In this chapter of NCERT English Marigold 2 Book for Class 2, the students will learn that sound can be produced using an object like tiffin boxes, benches, clap or tap, etc. It is important to make it more melodious and pleasant to the ears otherwise it might just be considered a loud, scary sound.

Unit 9:

Granny Please Comb my Hair

In this poem, the students will learn how they can experience a good home environment and build relationships stronger with their grandparents.

The Magic Porridge Pot

In this chapter, students will see a gradual engagement of a girl with home experiences, thoughts about her family and how subtly she found a solution to her problems.

Unit 10:

Strange Talk

In this poem, the students will learn that one of the major skills to talk about something is communication. It is important to work on your speech to establish good and efficient communication.

The Grasshopper and the Ant

In this chapter, the students will learn that laziness is a negative trait and children should be discouraged from adopting it. The emphasis should be on the positive note which is hard work.

Other Resources Available Related To Ncert Class 2 English – Marigold Book 

At Extramarks we understand that many parents teach their students on their own and teaching such young children can become very challenging at times. Moreover, students who are new to this education system can get stuck at times. To ease this problem for Class 2 students, Extramarks has brought additional resources for English – Marigold Book for free:

  • NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Marigold
    This particular document consists of solutions to all the problems and questions present in NCERT Class 2 English – Marigold Book. This will come in handy when students will be solving questions presented in the book. The purpose of providing these solutions is to give the students an idea about forming the ideal solutions to the exercise questions
  • CBSE Class 2 English Marigold Worksheets 

Extramarks provides worksheets for each chapter separately to avoid any confusion. All the worksheets are solved by subject matter experts and are very reliable. 

One can download the above-mentioned resources from the official Extramarks handles. Supplementing NCERT Class 2 English – Marigold Book PDF with the above-mentioned materials will surely help in enhancing a student’s marks in Class 2 English examination. 

Extramarks Gives You the Competitive Edge 

You can Download NCERT Books PDF Class 2 English Marigold 2 from developing a good understanding of all the topics. Extramarks is a well-known leading education site where students can access learning materials in a much better way. A step-by-step solution strictly as per the CBSE Board guidelines is available. Students are allowed to download the study material in a PDF format and can get help in understanding the complex topics. Sign up with Extramarks now, download solutions easily and achieve mastery in subjects.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How do I download solutions for NCERT Class 2 English - Marigold Book?

Solutions for NCERT Class 2 English – Marigold Book are available on the Extramarks website. The solutions are also available on the Extramarks mobile app for Android and iOS. You can download them after creating a free account by providing your email address or phone number and verifying them via an OTP that you will receive either as an SMS or an email. These solutions will be made available.

2. How do I teach English from NCERT Class 2 English - Marigold Book PDF to a child?

Teaching young children can be a challenge for adults. It is suggested one should teach NCERT Class 2 English – Marigold Book PDF chapter-wise to children. In the process give them enough time to grasp each chapter as the learning speed of each student is different. Make sure that at no point is the child bored while learning because it can make holding a child’s attention very difficult. 

Always use innovative techniques to teach them. This will keep them engaged. You can perform activities mentioned in the NCERT Class 2 English – Marigold Book PDF with them to keep them involved throughout the process.   Are you stuck mid-way while practising? These solutions will also assist parents while teaching their wards. These solutions are very reliable as they are made by subject matter experts at Extramarks in a very student-friendly manner.   

3. Why is NCERT Class 2 English - Marigold Book preferred for Class 2 English?

NCERT books are designed by competent experts who have expertise in respective subjects. The curriculum is designed according to the age of the students and learning objectives are fulfilled henceforth. The same has been applied to the NCERT Class 2 English – Marigold Book as well. Chapters, poems, essays, etc. are chosen to cater to the needs of the students in such a way that curiosity can be sown in them and the process of learning is made enjoyable eventually. NCERTs are known to be very dependable and easy to understand for students for the past many years. Therefore, NCERT Class 2 English – Marigold Book is preferred for Class 2 English. 

4. Does a student need to refer to any book(s) other than NCERT Class 2 English - Marigold Book PDF?

Generally, a student need not go beyond NCERT Class 2 English – Marigold Book for Class 2 English. All the topics are covered in this book in a very comprehensive and concise way. But, for the best results, you can download Extramarks’ free study materials. You can download NCERT Class 2 English Solutions for Marigold book, and NCERT Class 2 English Worksheets for Marigold book. These materials can be accessed from Extramarks’ official website as well as from the mobile application. You only need to provide your contact details to access them. All these resources along with the NCERT textbook will ensure your ward comes out with flying colours in his/her CBSE Class 2 English exam.   

5. How important is NCERT Class 2 English - Marigold Book PDF?

NCERT book of Marigold for Class 2 English is a book specially designed for students of that particular age. CBSE refers to the NCERT textbooks for all its exams. Hence, students cannot ignore the Class 2 English Marigold textbook. The basic habit of reading, listening, comprehending, empathising and imagining is built through this textbook. Pictures present in this book will transport children to a different world giving them a new kind of joy. For these reasons, NCERT Class 2 English – Marigold Book is considered to be very significant.   

6. How to read NCERT books more effectively?

The important techniques that must be used to read NCERT books effectively are listed below –

  • Carefully read each topic, taking the time to comprehend the relevance of each sentence that is part of it.
  • Ask your teacher for clarification on any topics you find complicated or hard to understand.
  • Make a note of the critical information to review before the exam.
  • Respond to all the practice questions that are provided at the end of each chapter. These inquiries are crucial for higher conceptual understanding as well as for examination preparation.

7. Are NCERT books enough to score more than 80% marks in class 2 exams?

Any student’s grade is solely determined by how well they did on the test and in their preparation. By reading NCERT books, you would surely become a fundamentally sound person, giving you the ability to reply appropriately to the many exam concerns. To understand the information provided in the NCERTs, students are recommended to pay close attention and remain focused.

8. How can I use the Extramarks NCERT English - Marigold Class 2 Solutions to score better marks?

Extramarks has together a group of subject matter experts that are leaders in their fields from throughout the nation. Class 2 English – Marigold NCERT Solutions has been curated with the aid of this team. Both reader textbooks and other sources have provided useful subjects that have been expanded upon. The activities that are provided at the end of each chapter of the NCERT textbook frequently appear as exam questions, according to observations. Because of this, the value of NCERT solutions cannot be understated. Students that use the English NCERT Solutions from Extramarks are already ahead of the curve. You’ll be sure to do well on any upcoming exam if you continue to review these questions weekly.

9. What topics are included in the NCERT Solutions for English - Marigold, Class 2?

All of the questions in the NCERT textbooks for class 2 have step-by-step solutions in the NCERT solutions. We put this together for our Class 2 students with the assistance of our English tutors. You won’t have any trouble answering any of the NCERT Class 2 English (Class 2) questions thanks to Extramarks solutions. For the benefit of the students, each chapter has been meticulously broken down, resulting in quick learning and simple retention. English – Marigold Class 2 CBSE NCERT answers are available for free at Extramarks. Extramarks’ NCERT solutions for Class 2 English (Class 2) have been meticulously created to assist you to comprehend the topics and learn how to respond appropriately to your board exams.

You may also let your classmates know about our link for free Class 2 English (Class 2) NCERT solutions. You can watch our English video tutorials if you have any questions after reading our Class 2 English (Class 2) NCERT solutions (Class 2). You ought to learn the topics better thanks to the lessons.

10. Is NCERT Class 2 English (Class 2) Guide Book Back Answers available in the market?

We hope that the free PDF download of the CBSE NCERT Class 2 English (Class 2) Book Answers Solutions Guide in English and Hindi would be helpful to you. The NCERT Class 2 Books Solutions include answer material that has been created in accordance with the most recent exam format. You won’t overlook any of the themes or ideas covered in the book, and the study materials will help you gain a greater conceptual understanding. Please get in touch with us if you have any inquiries regarding the CBSE New Syllabus Class 2 English (Class 2) Guide PDF of Text Book Back Questions and Answers, Notes, Chapter Wise Important Questions, Model Questions and so on.