NCERT Books Class 2 English Raindrops

NCERT Class 2 English – Raindrops

The NCERT Books Class 2 English Raindrops is the official English Book recommended for CBSE Class 2 curriculum. The content is designed in a very clear and direct manner which helps students understand the subject and develop an interest towards learning. The themes covered in the NCERT English book are a combination of poetry and stories that vividly paint their imagination while strengthening expression, language and vocabulary.

All the NCERT books including the NCERT Class 2 English are now available online in their PDF format. You can easily download the PDF version of the book from the Extramarks website for free.

CBSE Class 2 NCERT English – Raindrops 

There are two volumes of NCERT English textbooks for Class 2 kids: Raindrops and Marigold. Both textbooks were written with Class 2 students’ tender age in mind. The themes present in both textbooks will help students develop their interest in the subject while also imparting basic knowledge.

Students, teachers and parents can now download the CBSE Class 2 NCERT English – Raindrops Book for free on Extramarks. This will help them study the subject even if they do not have a hard copy. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Raindrops 

On Extramarks, NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Raindrops is now freely available. The NCERT answers are created in a style that is extremely simple to understand. Learners may easily understand the fundamental ideas taught in the chapters through the answers given in the NCERT Solution. 

The solution book contains all the answers to the questions presented in the NCERT Books Class 2 English Raindrops. The answers are framed in a crisp, to-the-point manner which help students understand the right way of answering questions. 

NCERT Books for Class 2

Students can develop a solid base by studying well in the early levels like Classes 1 and 2. Having solid fundamentals will make the complex concepts of higher grades very easy for them. NCERT textbooks Class 2 are the finest tools for basic education since they are well-researched to meet the level of understanding of a class 2 student. It also challenges their mind and pushes their limits in the right way to support their development.

NCERT Solutions for Class 2

These solutions have been created by highly qualified instructors to increase the interest and involvement of learning for the kids in Class 2. The Class 2 kids’ young age and level of awareness were taken into consideration while writing the answers. Since all of the solutions are provided in simple sentences, students can independently study and understand them. 

NCERT Books for Class 2 English – Raindrops 

Themes like Action Song (Poem), My Family, Our Day, and many more are included in Raindrops school books. Since questions from the chapters mentioned below will be given, students should properly understand these topics. They can take the English test with confidence and do well if they are completely conversant with all of the chapters. Obtain the chapters by clicking on the links given here:

Chapter 1: Action Song (Poem) Chapter 9: Work (Poem)
Chapter 2:Our Day Chapter 10: Our National Symbols
Chapter 3: My Family Chapter 11: The Festivals of India
Chapter 4: What’s Going On? Chapter 12: The Monkey and The Elephant
Chapter 5: Mohan, The Potter Chapter 13: Going to the Fair
Chapter 6: Rain in Summer (Poem) Chapter 14: Colours (Poem)
Chapter 7: My Village Chapter 15: Sikkim
Chapter 8: The Work People Do


Class 2 English Raindrops NCERT Books 

Learners may get a strong understanding of the topic and then use that information to solve the tasks with the support of the most recent NCERT books for English Raindrops Class 2. The chapter-by-chapter descriptions for the NCERT Books Class 2 English Raindrops are provided here.

Chapter 1: Action Song 

Students will discover how to synchronise their movements to the music via this poem. Students are taught actions like clapping their hands, tapping their feet, and other gestures while singing or reciting poetry.

Chapter 2: Our Day

This chapter introduces little students to the concept of how a day begins. The daily routines of the sun, birds, and humans are universal. When the sun sets, the moon appears, the birds return to their nests, people eat dinner, and they go back to sleep.

Chapter 3: My Family

Students are taught about their family tree and the diversity across the families are also highlighted in this chapter. While some kids might be growing in a nuclear family others might be living in a joint family. Students get to know the different equations of a family. 

Chapter 4: What’s Going On?

Know more about your surroundings in this chapter. The drawings in the NCERT Books Class 2 English Raindrops are expertly created and detailed so that learners will be able to explain what is happening in the images with the assistance of a teacher. 

Chapter 5: Mohan, The Potter

This chapter introduces the students to the job of a potter. They are taught how to operate the wheel. Clay is used by potters to make a variety of items, including pots. Additionally, they will learn about the functions of these pots in everyday life. They will also discover how a potter transports his pots and other supplies using a bullock cart.

Chapter 6: Rain in Summer

This amazing poem is about rainfall in the season of summer. It teaches young students how rainfall affects the environment. The poet discusses both the positive and negative impacts that rain has on people’s lives.

Chapter 7: My Village 

The kids will discover what a village is like and how people live there in this chapter. The writer has depicted the village in a very basic but lovely way. The children will discover the different types of trees, dwellings and occupations that people in villages engage in.

Chapter 8: The Work People Do

This brief chapter teaches students about many types of labour and how to refer to persons who carry them out. Teachers will explain to students that every man and woman has a certain work that must be finished to earn their living.

Chapter 9: Work

The students will learn about many jobs and what individuals do to assist others via their work in this poem. Somewhere between, the writer has included other noises as addition and how they function to complete the task.

Chapter 10: Our National Symbols

The students will study several animals and items that are regarded as national emblems in this section. The chapter will discuss what these symbols mean, including national symbols such as the peacock, the national anthem, the national flag and the national animal.

Chapter 11: The Festivals of India 

You will study the various holidays that are joyfully and enthusiastically observed around the nation in this chapter. To prevent any harm, instructors may suggest to the kids that they avoid using fireworks during Diwali.

Chapter 12: The Monkey and The Elephant

Students will discover in this part how animals survive in a forest. Animals exist in a wide range of forms, and all of them enjoy peaceful lives. Here, a short tale about forest creatures is told, in which an elephant picks up several monkeys and rides them about on his back. Together, they have a wonderful time.

Chapter 13: Going to the Fair 

Learners will read about what it’s like to visit a fair with friends and family in this part of the NCERT Books Class 2 English Raindrops PDF. It informs us about a Narela fair. People travelled from a great distance. The stores sold toys, clothing and sweets. A few kids rode the giant wheel. After enjoying themselves at the fair, everyone went home. The instructor could instruct the class to go to and indulge in the well-organised fair with their friends.

Chapter 14: Colours 

In this poetry, several colours of items are mentioned, such as how red flowers are and how blue the sky is. It specifies the whiteness of milk and the colour of tar, as well as green fields and red rose. Teachers may assist students in exercises that allow them to recognise these colours.

Chapter 15: Sikkim 

Readers will learn about the stunning states of northeastern India, including Sikkim, in this section of the NCERT Books Class 2 English Raindrops. There are hills in it. Terrace farming is a method used by the local peasants. The state animal is the red panda. Kanchenjunga, a stunning mountain with a covering of snow, is situated in Sikkim. The weather in Sikkim is chilly. The hills, waterfalls and breathtaking beauty have all been wonderfully described by the author. 

Benefits of NCERT Class 2 English – Raindrops 

The English curriculum for CBSE Class 2 is broken up into two volumes, Marigold and Raindrops. The second section is the Raindrops textbook. The advantages of getting the NCERT Books Class 2 English Raindrops  include:

  • It is free; this guarantees that no student will experience difficulties due to a lack of study materials;
  • It is simple to understand; it is created in a way that young children can easily understand it; 
  • It is simple to teach; chapters are arranged so that it is simple for teachers to understand objectives.
  • This textbook has lots of pictures, drawings, and activities, making it very engaging. This guarantees that a youngster never loses interest in the subject topic.
  • The NCERT materials have always been recommended by CBSE, and the organisation itself claims that these texts are adequate for individuals to do well on examinations.
  • NCERT textbooks are still the finest books on the market for Class 2 English because of all these advantages. Despite the market being flooded with books, no other textbook can provide as many advantages as this one.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where can one get the answers to the NCERT English Raindrops textbook?

On the Extramarks website, you can get the answers to the NCERT Books Class 2 English Raindrops questions. The same answers are also available via a mobile application. These solutions may be downloaded after submitting your contact information and having it verified with an OTP. You will get access to these answers in a PDF format. These ideas may assist students who get stuck in the middle of an assignment, saving valuable time. Additionally, these solutions will support parents while they teach their kids. These answers are highly reliable since they were created by specialists in a very effective and student-friendly way.

2. How crucial is the NCERT Books Class 2 English Raindrops PDF?

The NCERT Books Class 2 English Raindrops is a textbook created especially for kids in that age group. The wonderful realm of English literature and its complex and intricate language is introduced to children in this textbook. Chapters, essays, poems and other content resources are chosen in a manner that will inspire students to study more and improve their entire educational experience. This textbook helps students develop fundamental skills such as reading, listening, understanding, empathising with characters and visualising various scenarios. Children are moved to a brand-new world by the pictures and illustrations in the book, which brings them a special kind of excitement.

3. Does a learner need to study any other textbooks besides the NCERT Books Class 2 English Raindrops PDF?

The Class 2 English Raindrops textbook is usually sufficient for Class 2 English students. This book goes into great depth in every aspect. But you should grab the free study materials from Extramarks for improved results. Both the mobile application and the official Extramarks website provide access to these resources. To access them, one simply has to submit their contact information. Your kid will succeed in the Class 2 English examinations with the help of all these tools and the NCERT Raindrops textbook.

4. Why should students of Class 2 English use the NCERT Books Class 2 English Raindrops PDF?

The authors of NCERT textbooks are experts in the topics with years of experience they are writing about. The majority of these professionals are professors or lecturers who have advanced degrees. Their curriculum is created as per the age of the kids, and to meet the learning goals. The NCERT Books Class 2 English Raindrops has also been subjected to the same treatment. The chapters, poems, essays and other materials are selected with the students in mind so that interest may be awakened in them at an early age and that learning is fun for them. Many years ago, NCERTs have gained a reputation for being very trustworthy and simple for students to learn.