CBSE Class 6 - English

A series of sentences developing into a short piece of writing on a given topic is called a paragraph. A paragraph includes a topic sentence that introduces the main idea and acts as a starting point to expand the idea. After the topic sentence, we have the supporting sentence which supports the main idea and gives a detailed description of this idea and develops the theme of the paragraph. Finally, the concluding sentence wraps up the point made in the paragraph and summarizes it by providing a logical closure to the paragraph.

A paragraph is developed by giving proper examples and details and by telling an incident in a logical and systematic manner. In order to achieve unity in a paragraph, every sentence in a paragraph should support the main idea expressed in the topic sentence. One should write sentences differing in length and construction to make the paragraph interesting and lively, to avoid monotonous reading and to add variety to the paragraph. It is important to generate coherence in a paragraph by sticking to the point. In order to build your points, raise questions about the given topic and arrange the points in a logical order.

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