CBSE Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Syllabus

CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun

The syllabus for class 6 English consists of two NCERT Books, one main book, and a supplementary reader book. The main book is titled ‘Honeysuckle’ and on the other hand, the supplementary reader book is known as ‘A Pact with the Sun’. CBSE Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun Syllabus is specially made to help CBSE students to find more opportunities to grow themselves with a good grasp of the language and the literature.

The students of CBSE Class 6 should study well to score high grades in English. It is not only important for the final examination but also for the higher classes.

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  • CBSE Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun Syllabus

CBSE Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun Syllabus for 2023-24 Examination 

English, A Pact with the Sun Syllabus For Class 6 CBSE is given below for the students to download and embark on a journey of joyful learning and be more thoughtful and creative in their pursuit. In order to know the answers to the CBSE Important Question, the students need to have a complete idea of the whole syllabus along with the outline of each story in mind. Avail the PDF of the syllabus from the link below and start preparing right away.

CBSE Class 6 English Chapter – A Pact with the Sun?

The CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 from the book ‘A Pact with the Sun’ can be downloaded from NCERT online official website. Kindly follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the official website of NCERT
  • Find the syllabus for the right class and subject
  • Click on the download button and you will find the PDF of the  book that you have been  looking for

Thus, the students do not have to spend a lot of time browsing through websites. If you are looking for a detailed breakdown of the syllabus, you can find it here on the Extramarks website. Other than the syllabus, Extramarks also provides CBSE Revision notes, CBSE Sample Papers, and many other study materials which are curated by the English subject matter experts while following the latest CBSE curriculum and guidelines.

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CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 English – ‘A Pact with the Sun’

The Central Board for Secondary Education has prescribed the NCERT solutions and book for students of Class 6. It has tried to reduce the load of curriculum by restructuring and reorganising the subject at various stages to ease the burden and impart superior knowledge and understanding of the subject to the students. The book ‘A Pact with the Sun’ is filled with an exciting learning experience that helps in developing the communicative skills of the students in the form of stories, poems, experiences, opinions, and learning  to understand themselves and others at  middle school. Each of the stories offered in the 10 chapters are so crafted that they enhance the moral values of the students, through the underlying message offered in each story.

Solving the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers along with CBSE Extra Questions can help the students grow a wider perspective and an analytical mind to be participants in learning. To mature as an agile and morally disciplined child and be more responsive.  Let’s have a better idea of the concepts provided in each story.

  • Chapter 1 – A Tale of Two Birds

This is a story that revolves around a mature mother bird and her newborn babies or fledglings. The moral of the story emphasises the fact that an individual’s success can depend on keeping the right friends around who can help in time of need.

  • Chapter 2 – The Friendly Mongoose

This story is a part of the ‘Panchatantra’ that portrays a farmer’s family including a child and a pet mongoose. One day, the farmer and his wife left the child at home for errands and when she came back the mongoose was waiting at the door with blood in its mouth. The farmer’s wife misinterprets the situation and kills the mongoose in rage believing it to have   killed the child, when in fact, it had only killed a poisonous  snake.

  • Chapter 3 – The Shepherd’s Treasure

It is a story of the wisdom and humbleness of an Iranian Shepherd who won the hearts of villagers as well as the king with his down-to-earth and helpful nature. Even though the jealous Governors try to doubt him for carrying an iron chest, the Shepherd proves his humbleness again by showing the chest which was  only filled with an old blanket, his sole companion during  tough times.

  • Chapter 4 – The Old-Clock Shop

In this story, there is a central character named Ray,  a deaf old person owner of  an old  watch shop. On the night of Christmas Eve, while he  was still working on the clock,  two-last minute  customers walked in. The moral of the story is that one should be honest and calm which can get us out of any difficult situation. 

  • Chapter 5 – Tansen

This story Tansen is about an accomplished and renowned musician from India who was tutored by Swami Haridas in Gwalior shows the mystical powers of singing. He was appointed in the court of Akbar as a musician. However, the jealous courtiers tried to ruin him through his performance of Raga Deepak which produces heat around. But he quickly counters it with his daughters by performing Raga Megh, responsible for rainfall that saved his life. The moral of the story is always follow your passion.

  • Chapter 6 – The Monkey and the Crocodile

It is a very popular story from aseop’s fable regarding a clever monkey and greedy crocodile’s wife who wanted the monkey’s heart for dinner. The monkey overcomes the situation with his presence of mind and the crocodile gets the message.

  • Chapter 7 – The Wonder Called Sleep

This chapter especially focuses on the mystery and importance of sleep and how it helps us to get refreshed and stay rejuvenated the human body and mind. It can affect the daily life of  humans in a big way.

  • Chapter 8 – A Pact with the Sun

This is just a  namesake. It is filled with heartily emotions where a girl named Saeeda pledges to the sun rays to come as her mother was sick and desperately in need of sunlight to recover. This chapter emphasises the importance of fresh air and sunshine to stay healthy and fit.

  • Chapter 9 – What Happened to the Reptiles

This is one of the most interesting and relevant stories that depict the true image of society with  the reptile kingdom as a metaphor.

  • Chapter 10 – A Strange Wrestling Match

This story revolves around the battle of strength and wisdom. In the story, the main character Vijay singh who was a wrestler and had the habit of boasting,was supposed to spend  a night with a ghost to prove his strength and he ultimately wins the fight with the  presence of mind. It teaches you to be humble and avoid boasting.

Chapterwise Stories in the Syllabus: A Pact with the Sun (Class 6)

‘A Pact with the Sun’ is formed by 10 amazing chapters and each one of them are different and offer something interesting for the learners  not only to enjoy the story but imbibe moral values and virtues to be a good human being. Let’s take a better look.

  •      Chapter 1 – A Tale of Two Birds
  •      Chapter 2 – The Friendly Mongoose
  •      Chapter 3 – The Shepherd’s Treasure
  •      Chapter 4 – The Old-Clock Shop
  •      Chapter 5 – Tansen
  •      Chapter 6 – The Monkey and the Crocodile
  •      Chapter 7 – The Wonder Called Sleep
  •      Chapter 8 – A Pact with the Sun
  •      Chapter 9 – What Happened to the Reptiles
  •      Chapter 10 – A Strange Wrestling Match

Fundamental Rights

Right to Equality
• before law and equal protection of laws;
• irrespective of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth;
• of opportunity in public employment;
• by abolition of untouchability and titles.
Right to Freedom
• of expression, assembly, association, movement, residence and profession;
• of certain protections in respect of conviction for offences;
• of protection of life and personal liberty;
• of free and compulsory education for children between the age of six and fourteen years;
• of protection against arrest and detention in certain cases.
Right against Exploitation
• for prohibition of traffic in human beings and forced labour;
• for prohibition of employment of children in hazardous jobs.
Right to Freedom of Religion
• freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion;
• freedom to manage religious affairs;
• freedom as to payment of taxes for promotion of any particular religion;
• freedom as to attendance at religious instruction or religious worship in
educational institutions wholly maintained by the State.
Cultural and Educational Rights
• for protection of interests of minorities to conserve their language, script and culture;
• for minorities to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice.
Right to Constitutional Remedies
• by issuance of directions or orders or writs by the Supreme Court and High
Courts for enforcement of these Fundamental Rights.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to score more in CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 English ‘A Pact with the Sun’?

Well, there are no hard and fast rules  to get good grades  other than consistent reading, chapter-end exercises, preparation and revision on a regular basis.. Having a good idea about  the syllabus and the stories is mandatory. It’s important to learn how to express oneself and practising writing will definitely prove to be useful. Along with that, you may  find  study materials  available on Extramarks website to supplement your learning to get an edge over others besides the NCERT book to ace the examination and stay ahead of the pack.

2. Which is the most important chapter from Class 6 English ‘A Pact with the Sun’?

There is no one  particular  chapter in  the book, rather, all of them should be considered important. The questions in the examination can come from any chapter and the students who are looking forward to getting good grades are encouraged to read and study all of them. In case they require any help, they can register themselves at Extramarks maximise their potential.

3. Are CBSE guidelines strictly followed for Class 6 English ‘A Pact with the Sun’?

Certainly! The guidelines, question pattern and marks division are strictly followed and updated regularly. The book  ‘A Pact with the Sun’ and the supplementary English book offers more opportunities to learn and score better in the examination along with the textbook. Each chapter consists of NCERT questions and solutions as well.

4. How can Extramarks help in my preparation for English Class 6?

Extramarks is one of the leading  online educational websites in India that has empowered  students from private and government schools to ace their examinations. All the study material, questions and other sample papers provided on the website are curated by some of the subject matter experts with years of experience while adhering to the NCERT books and following the CBSE curriculum and guidelines. No wonder students and teachers have complete faith and trust in Extramarks.