Important Questions for CBSE Class 11 English Snapshots 2022-23

Important Questions Class 11 English Snapshots: Chapter-wise Important Questions and Answers

English is an important subject that students study in school. It is the most common linguistic subject taught in almost every school all over India. Snapshots, an English textbook, is published by NCERT or the National Council of Educational Research and Training for CBSE class 11 students. It contains a total of eight chapters. The textbook has stories, a poem and a drama written by well-known international and Indian writers. Thus, it encounters the students with renowned pieces of English literature.

Like any other subject, students must practise questions regularly to write better exam answers. This habit not only increases their marks but also helps in time management. For this purpose, students should practise the questions given in Snapshots exercises. But these questions are limited and not enough for students. So, students must take help from other references.

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Important Questions Class 11 English Snapshots: Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1. The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse by William Saroyan

Summary: The story revolves around two boys, Aram and Mourad, who belong to a poor Armenian tribe. Mourad’s desire for a horse led to stealing of a white horse. Though they didn’t understand their mistake, the horse owner awakened their consciences. The boys felt guilty about what they had done and returned the horse to its owner. The story beautifully catches the innocence of the boys and the lifestyle and legacy of their tribe, along with a few funny moments.

Chapter 2. The Address by Marga Minco

Summary: This story catches the predicament of a girl after the war. She, along with her mother, left the country during the time of war and returned to visit a woman who had kept their valuable things after its end. She recognised their items, but those kept reminding her of her former life, especially her mother, whom she lost in the war. She finally decided to leave the stuff with their new owner to move on from her past.

Chapter 3. Ranga’s Marriage Masti by Venkatesha Iyengar

Summary: The main character of the story is Ranga, who is the son of an accountant. He was the first person in his village who went to a city to learn English. The story follows several funny instances and quotes while the narrator indulged himself in changing Ranga’s view of marriage with the help of a Shastri. Finally, with the narrator’s help, Ranga got married to a suitable girl named Ratna and led a happy married life.

Chapter 4. Albert Einstein at School by Patrick Pringle

Summary: The chapter has been taken from a biography of Albert Einstein named ‘The Young Einstein’. The great scientist struggled to get along with the system during his school days. He hated school to such an extent that he didn’t want to complete his diploma. With his friend Yuri, he managed to get a certificate from a doctor to leave school. But before this, the headmaster asked him to leave because the teachers weren’t pleased with him either. Thus, the scientist left school while his only friend Yuri bid him goodbye.

Chapter 5. Mother’s Day by J.B. Priestley

Summary: The drama revolves around a homemaker Mrs Pearson who is treated miserably in her house. She meets a fortune teller who asks her to switch their personalities to give her family a lesson. The housewife, who was calm and obedient, now turns into a bold person and gives her children and husband an important lesson. When they understand their mistakes, she again switches her personality with the fortune teller and becomes the nice person as before. Thus, the drama points out a serious problem of taking the women in the household not seriously. We must respect the women doing the greatest duties of caring for their family members.

Chapter 6. The Ghat of the Only World by Amitav Ghosh

Summary: Amitav Ghosh wrote this piece of writing in memory of his friend Agha Shahid Ali whom he lost to cancer. He remembered Shahid as a very free-spirited person who was lively even in his last days. He used to be a great poet who tried to describe her motherland Kashmir. Though Shahid knew his death was near, he kept himself around his friends, loved food and enjoyed every day. The writer believes Shahid could defeat death by not being afraid of it but rather embracing it. He asked the writer to write something about him after his death, and the writer kept his promise by writing this piece about him.

Chapter 7. Birth by A. J. Cronin

Summary: The story has been extracted from The Citadel. It starts with a young medical student, Andrew returning from college in a bad mood. He came across Joe, who asked him to attend to his wife, who was in labour pain and going to give birth to their first child after a long time of their marriage. Andrew attended to the lady who gave birth to an apparent lifeless child. He did his best to revive the baby and became successful. After bringing the mother and the child out of danger, he left the place with the satisfaction of achievement.

Chapter 8. The Tale of Melon City by Vikram Seth

Summary: This poem describes the vanity of the government system in a sarcastic way. The poem describes a king who was just and fair and built an arch, but the arch became too low that his crown fell from his head. The angry king wanted to hang the builder, but the builder stated it was the workers’ fault. The series of blaming continued, and finally, the king was accused. Meanwhile, the general people claimed to hang a person. So, the king declared any person above a certain height would be hung. Ironically, no one other than the king became that person. After his hanging, his ministers decided that the person who would pass the arch the next day, would choose the next king. The following day it was an idiot who passed the gate. Upon asking who the king should be, he replied melon. So, the ministers made a melon for the next king. Later, the city got its name Melon City.

Benefits of Solving Important Questions Class 11 English Snapshots

Practice is very important for better preparation and better marks. Class 11 English Snapshots has standard samples of English literature. Students must practise answer writing to have in-depth knowledge and answer uncommon exam questions. The experts of Extramarks have prepared the Important Questions Class 11 English Snapshots to help students. There are multiple benefits of solving this question series. Some of these are given below:

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Are Class 11 English Snapshots chapters tough?

Snapshots, a textbook of English for Class 11 CBSE students, contains eight chapters, which are well-known pieces of writing by Indian and international writers. The literature standard is very high, and each chapter bears a very important message. But students shouldn’t find these difficult as they are already in the senior class. They should follow the textbook exercises to score better in exams. If they find it insufficient, they can read our Important Questions Class 11 English Snapshots for better preparation. Our experts’ answers will help them improve their writing skills and score better in exams.

2. Why must students follow the Important Questions Class 11 English Snapshots?

Students must practise as many questions as possible to improve their preparations. In English, they must write long answers and have the knowledge to write complete answers. Our experts have collected many chapter-wise questions from sources like the textbook, CBSE sample papers and important reference books to prepare the Important Questions Class 11 English Snapshots for students. They will find all the possible questions from each chapter and their quality answers. Thus, the question series will thoroughly guide them to increase their marks in English.