Important Questions for CBSE Class 11 Physics with Answers 2022-23

CBSE 11th Physics Important Questions

Physics is an essential aspect of the science curriculum and a challenging subject to master. The importance of Physics as a subject during a student’s academic career cannot be understated. Students keen on pursuing a career in engineering, whether mechanical, electrical or computer, should have a strong foundation in Physics. Class 11 lays the foundation for class 12, a turning point in any student’s life. 

Physics requires that students first have a strong understanding of all core concepts, and then they are able to solve practical problems that are based on these concepts. So along with theoretical study from textbooks and reference books, it’s very important for students to start solving past years’ questions.

To help students get easy access to all the important questions Class 11 Physics, our academic experts at Extramarks have collated questions from the last ten years’ exam papers. Along with the important questions, we provide detailed solutions to them. These step-by-step solutions help students to further strengthen their conceptual understanding and also revise the curriculum. 

CBSE Class 11 Physics syllabus is based on NCERT guided curriculum. The syllabus for many competitive exams such as JEE and NEET is based on CBSE. So Extramarks solutions for these important questions Class 11 Physics also help students who would be pursuing these competitive exams. Our solutions cover all the chapters and concepts that a student needs to prepare for the examinations. 

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What Chapters Are Covered in Important Questions Class 11 Physics?

The curriculum of class 11 Physics consists of 14 chapters, and the Physics important questions class 11 are framed as per the CBSE syllabus

The chapters from the NCERT book for Class 11 Physics are listed here:

  • Ch 1: Units and Measurements
  • Ch 2: Motion in a Straight Line
  • Ch 3: Motion in a Plane
  • Ch 4: Laws of Motion
  • Ch 5: Work, Energy, and Power
  • Ch 6: System of Particles and Rotational Motion
  • Ch 7: Gravitation
  • Ch 8: Mechanical Properties of Solids
  • Ch 9: Mechanical Properties of Fluids
  • Ch10: Thermal Properties of Matter
  • Ch 11: Thermodynamics
  • Ch 12: Kinetics Theory
  • Ch 13: Oscillations
  • Ch 14: Waves

Apart from the hard work, a student should be organised to complete the syllabus of Physics class 11 and get good grades. A student should make a study schedule and allocate time for regular practice. This is where class 11 Physics important questions and solutions from Extramarks fit in. 

The Extramarks academic team has created the Important Questions Class 11 Physics section for each chapter in the syllabus. This set has a wide range of questions varying from objective type questions (fill in the gaps, true or false), Multiple Choice Questions, and subjective type questions such as respond in brief and answer in-depth, among others. As a result, this set of important questions will help you study key concepts and prepare for your examinations.

Class 11 Physics Important Questions – Weightage

The following table shows the CBSE 11th Physics chapter wise marks distribution:

CBSE Syllabus for Class 11 Physics Term 1

Serial Number Chapter Name Number of Periods Marks
Unit-I Physical World and Measurement 6 20
Chapter number 1: Physical World
Chapter number 2: Units and Measurements
Unit-II Kinematics 16
Chapter number 3: Motion in a Straight Line
Chapter number 4: Motion in a Plane
Unit-III Laws of Motion 10
Chapter number 5: Laws of Motion
Unit-IV Work, Energy and Power 12 15
Chapter number 6: Work, Energy and Power
Unit-V Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body 16
Chapter number 7: System of Particles and Rotational Motion
Unit-VI Gravitation 8
Chapter number 8: Gravitation
Total 68 35

CBSE Syllabus for Class 11 Physics Term 2

Serial Number Chapter Name Number of Periods Marks
Unit-VII Properties of Bulk Matter 22 23
Chapter number 9: Mechanical Properties of Solids
Chapter number 10: Mechanical Properties of Fluids
Chapter number 11: Thermal Properties of Matter
Unit-VIII Thermodynamics 10
Chapter number 12: Thermodynamics
Unit-IX The Behaviour of Perfect Gases and Kinetic Theory of Gases 8
Chapter number 13: Kinetic Theory
Unit-X Oscillations and Waves 23 12
Chapter number 14: Oscillations
Chapter number 15: Waves
Total Marks 63 35

Students may refer to chapter-wise important questions class 11 Physics on Extramarks.

Important Questions for Class 11 Physics Chapter-Wise Questions and Answer

In the science stream, physics plays a significant role. Students must understand all of the concepts from class 11th because they are the foundation for class 12th and other competitive examinations. Students need to understand all concepts to attain high grades in the near future. 

Students need not worry if they are facing any kinds of doubts; at Extramarks, we give important questions class 11 physics so that students may easily prepare for their examinations. It will help students understand important problems, but it will also assist them in revising.

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Important Questions Class 11 Physics – Types of Questions

According to CBSE’sCBSE’s recent guidelines, the current exam paper format for Class 11 Physics is as follows:

  • There are a total of 12 questions
  • The paper will be divided into three sections- A, B and C
  • Section A will have three questions with two marks each
  • Section B will have eight questions with three marks each
  • Section C will have one case study-based question of five marks

The important questions class 11 Physics provided by Extramarks plays a vital role in grooming the students for their examination. Students may click here to access the important questions in class 11 Physics.

Benefits of Solving Class 11 Physics Important Questions

  • The important questions Class 11 Physics will serve as a guiding aid for a student, allowing them to concentrate on the most significant aspects of the chapter.
  • Going through these important questions is highly recommended after going through the NCERT textbook.
  • Having important questions on your hand will ensure you the extra practice of concepts and time management skills.

Extramarks important questions class 11 Physics is a carefully curated collection of important questions collected from each chapter. Once you subscribe to the CBSE Class 11 Physics plan, you can access this section. It will help you practice and improve problem-solving.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Which chapters can be considered the toughest and easiest in class 11 Physics?

It isn’t easy to pinpoint which chapter is the most challenging and easiest. Physics is a subject that must be studied with the right mindset.It is very important to practise the numerical problems on a regular basis in order to get them right in the exam Even the easiest chapters appear difficult if you are unable to understand them. All of the chapters are related to one another and must be read and understood as a whole. Once the chapters are clear, the rest of the chapters will be a breeze.

2. What chapters have more weightage in class 11 physics exams?

 Students are constantly encouraged to focus on each topic. However, they must pay attention to all of the important Physics chapters. Some of the most important Physics topics for Class 11 include

Work, Energy, and Power are three words that come to mind while thinking of work, energy, and Rotational Motion, Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory, Gravitation, Laws of Motion, Waves, and Thermal Properties of Matter.

Students may refer to important questions class 11 Physics to prepare for their examination. Additionally, they should also devote more effort to these subjects since they can assist them in achieving good results.