Area Of A Rectangle Formula

Area of a Rectangle Formula

A rectangle has four sides, with the longer lines parallel to each other being the same length. Given that all of its angles are equal (360°/4 = 90°), it can alternatively be referred to as an equiangular quadrilateral. It can alternatively be described as a parallelogram with equal and parallel opposite sides. A square is a rectangle with four equally long sides. By multiplying the rectangle’s width and height, one can determine the area of a rectangle in units.

The Area Of A Rectangle Formula is, A = lb


l = Length

b = Breadth

Area of a Rectangle Definition

Any shape’s area can be calculated by counting how many unit squares will fit inside of it. A square with a side of 1 unit is referred to as a unit square in this context. Therefore, the area of a rectangle is equal to the number of unit squares that make up its perimeter. Alternatively, the region contained within the shape’s perimeter is referred to as the rectangle’s area. The unit-length tiles in a house are a good illustration of a rectangle form. By counting the number of tiles, one can quickly determine how much space the floor takes up. This will also enable one to calculate the rectangle floor’s area. The area is the amount of space occupied by a flat surface with a particular shape. It is calculated as the number of square units (square centimetres, square inches, square feet, etc. The number of unit squares that can fit inside a rectangle is called its area. The flat surfaces of laptop monitors, blackboards, painting canvases, etc. are a few instances of rectangular shapes. To determine the area that these objects occupy, one can use the Area Of A Rectangle Formula.

How to Calculate Area of Rectangle?

A rectangle’s area is determined by multiplying its length by its width, and is expressed in square units. To determine a rectangle’s area, students can follow the procedures given. From the provided information, note the length and width parameters. Then, one has to locate the product of length and breadth values. Find the solution in square units, finally.

To comprehend how to determine the area of a rectangle, use an example. If one has to calculate the area of the rectangle with dimensions of 15 units in length and 4 units in width, then it is essential to find the length and width first, then the area. Given that, length is 15 units and breadth is 4. A = l w is the f Area Of A Rectangle Formula. In this Area Of A Rectangle Formula, “l” should be replaced with 15 and “w” with 4. This suggests that the rectangle’s area is 15 x 4 = 60. The rectangle’s area is 60 square units.

Area of a Rectangle by Diagonal

The line that connects the opposing vertices of a rectangle’s diagonal is a straight line inside the rectangle. The rectangle has two diagonals, each of which is the same length. Using the Pythagoras theorem, one can determine a rectangle’s diagonal.

Why Area of a Rectangle Is Length × Breadth?

Students should know why Length multiplied by Breadth is the Area Of A Rectangle Formula. One can calculate the rectangle’s area using its formula. A rectangle ABCD will have a diagonal AC drawn through it. The rectangle ABCD is clearly divided into two congruent triangles by the diagonal AC. The combined area of these two triangles equals the area of the rectangle.

Area of Rectangle ABCD = Area of Triangle ABC + Area of Triangle ADC

= 2 × (1/2 × Base × Height)

= AB × BC

= Length × Breadth

Solved Examples

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the Area Of A Rectangle Formula?

The Area Of A Rectangle Formula is Length × Breadth.

2. Where to find solved examples on the Area Of A Rectangle Formula?

Solved examples on the Area Of A Rectangle Formula can be found on the Extramarks website and mobile application.