Centroid Formula

Centroid Formula

The Centroid Formula and its derivation are the subject of this article. Centroid Formula is undoubtedly a fairly straightforward idea. The geometric centre of an object is referred to as the centroid. In engineering, this idea of locating an object’s centre is particularly helpful. Additionally, if it has a single axis of symmetry, the controls would be located along that axis. Additionally, if it had two axes of symmetry, the centroid would be where the two axes connect.

What Is a Centroid Formula?

A fascinating idea in both Mathematics and Physics is the centroid. In addition, the geometric centre of a certain plane figure can be said to be the centroid. Additionally, it represents the arithmetic mean position of each point that is present in the figure. The Centroid Formula is the location where a cutout of the shape may balance perfectly on a pin. Additionally, any n-dimensional object can use the centroid idea.

Depending on the geometry of the item, one, two, or three coordinates may be needed to pinpoint the centroid’s precise location in space. Additionally, the Centroid Formula would be situated on the axis of symmetry if the shape contained one.

Centroid Formula

The point where the three medians cross is referred to as a triangle’s centroid. The average of the three vertices is also mentioned. Using coordinates, the centroid may be located.

In terms of the side lengths and vertex angles, centroids can also be expressed in trilinear coordinates in any of these equivalent ways. In addition, the vertex angles are L, M, and N, and the side lengths are a, b, and c.

Derivation of Centroid Formula

The Centroid Formula is the term for the object’s geometric centre. Students need to apply the centroid formula to find the triangle’s centroid’s coordinates. The intersection of a triangle’s three medians yields the centroid, or centre, of the triangle. All of the medians are divided by the centroid of a triangle in a 2:1 ratio. Students can study the Centroid Formula and then look at several examples that have been solved.

Solved Examples

Students can find the extra sample questions and solved questions based on the Centroid Formula on the Extramarks website and mobile application. The questions have been designed keeping in mind the needs of students and their requirements, while also pertaining to the CBSE norms.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can the Triangle Centroid Formula be derived?

The Centroid Formula can be used to calculate a triangle’s centroid. By using the section formula to determine the coordinates of a point that would split the median in the ratio 2:1, we can determine the centroid’s coordinates, G.

2. What are the properties of the Centroid Formula?

The centroid’s characteristics are:

  • It is referred to as the object’s centre.
  • It also goes by the name “centre of gravity.”
  • It is located inside the thing.
  • The intersection of all medians is represented by the centroid.