Uniform Distribution Formula

Uniform Distribution Formula

A uniform distribution is one with a constant probability due to equally likely occurrences. Additionally, it is called a rectangle distribution (continuous uniform distribution). It has two parameters: a for minimum and b for maximum, respectively. U is how the distribution is written (a, b). Various uniform distributions include:

Distribution that is constant and uniform

Distributive Discreteness

It can be written as U(a,b), where a and b are constants such that axb, and the probability density function or probability distribution of a uniform distribution with a continuous random variable X is f(x)=1/b-a.

What Is Uniform Distribution Formula?

A continuous probability distribution known as a uniform distribution describes occurrences that are equally likely to occur. Two parameters, a and b, where an is the minimum value and b is the maximum value, create a uniform distribution. Typically, it is written as u. (a, b). The probability density function is represented visually as a rectangle with a base of b-a and a height of 1/b-a.

Solved Examples Using Uniform Distribution Formula

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