Heat Transfer Formula

Heat Transfer Formula

Phase changes related to work and energy are influenced by heat. The transfer of heat from one object to another at a lower temperature can be defined as the process of moving heat from one object to another. Thus, heat is the measure of kinetic energy possessed by particles in a system. Particles will also have more kinetic energy as the temperature of a system increases. As a result, the heat measurement of an object changes over time for a variety of reasons.

Heat Transfer Formula

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Concept of Heat Transfer:

When one system is in contact with another system with a low temperature, energy is transferred from the particles in the first system to the particles in the second system. As a result, heat is often transferred from one object to another. As defined by the definition of specific heat capacity, it is the total amount of heat required to heat a unit mass. As a result, the temperature should be raised by one degree Celsius.

The formula for Heat Transfer:

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Heat transferred by the process of conduction:

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Heat transferred by the process of convection:

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The Heat transferred by the process of radiation:

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Solved Examples

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