Horsepower Formula

Horsepower Formula

A horsepower is a unit of power like any other. This is simply a measure of how fast work is being done. An experiment led to the creation of this horsepower unit. The purpose of this experiment was to measure the power of a single horse. Three thousand ft-pounds of force can be exerted by a horse in a minute. The horsepower unit is used as a reliable unit to measure how efficient a person or machine is at performing some task.

Horsepower Formula

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What is horsepower?

The horsepower of an engine is a popular imperial unit of power. Work done by a person or machine in a given period of time is called productivity. A horsepower is a unit of power that compares the power of a machine to the power of the horse’s muscles. Earlier, it was used to compare the power output of steam engines and draft horses. Eventually, it was used in piston engines, electric motors, turbines, and other machinery.

The formula for Horsepower calculation:

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The derivation of these constants is as follows:

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Solved Examples on Horsepower Formula

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