Molybdic Acid Formula

Molybdic Acid Formula

The hydrated form of molybdenum trioxide and a few other similar compounds is known as molybdic acid. Molybdic acid is also known as dihydrogen tetraoxomolybdate, molybdic(VI) acid, and molybdenum hydroxide oxide. Depending on how many water molecules are present in this chemical, it is typically found in two forms: monohydrate and dihydrate. The monohydrate’s Molybdic Acid Formula is MoO3-H2O, and the dihydrate’s Molybdic Acid Formula is MoO3-H2O. The nature of this material is diamagnetic. It appears as a solid of yellow colour.

Structure Of Molybdic Acid

Molybdenum trioxide and a few more compounds that are similar are found in the hydrated state as molybdic acid. The names molybdic acid and molybdic (VI) acid are both variations of molybdenum hydroxide oxide. The monohydrate has the Molybdic Acid Formula MoO3H2O, whereas the dihydrate has the formula MoO32H2O. A molybdenum oxoacid is molybdic acid. It is a hydrogenmolybdate’s conjugate acid. Dihydrogentetraoxomolybdate is the IUPAC name for molybdic acid. This molecule has two hydrogen donors and four acceptors, respectively. Coordination polymers are the solid forms of molybdic acid. The MoO3-H2O monohydrate is made up of layers of MoO5-(H2O) units that are octahedrally coordinated and share four vertices. The “extra” H2O molecule is intercalated between the layers of the dihydrate, which has the same layer structure.

Properties Of Molybdic Acid

MoO3H2O is the Molybdic Acid Formula. Most often, it manifests as a solid or as powder.  It is either white or a pale yellow colour. Molybdic acid has a relative density of 3.124. It barely dissolves in water. Molybdic acid has a molecular weight of 161 amu. Molybdates are the salts of molybdic acid. They form when base is added to molybdic acid solutions.

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