Quadratic Interpolation Formula

Quadratic Interpolation Formula

In interpolation, an unknown quantity or data point is estimated between two known quantities. Interpolation is simple if seasonality, trends, and long-term cycles are available. Regression analysis and series analysis can be performed using the Quadratic Interpolation Formula in statistics. Although interpolation is an inbuilt function in computers/calculators, its formula becomes significant when presented in tabular form. Furthermore, the Quadratic Interpolation Formula introduces finite differences to a broader range of applications.

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Quadratic Interpolation

In more general line search optimisation, the Quadratic Interpolation Formula approach is commonly used. Using the Quadratic Interpolation Formula, the critical value of a function is bracketed, and the interval arc is fitted with an interpolant. After the interpolant has been minimised, a new interval is determined based on the relationship between the minimiser and the actual endpoints of the interval.

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Formula for Quadratic Interpolation

A linear interpolation formula and a Lagrange interpolation formula are used to identify unknown values in a Quadratic Interpolation Formula.

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Examples of Quadratic Interpolation

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Things to Remember

Interpolation is the process of estimating an unknown data point between two known quantities. There are two ways to express the Quadratic Interpolation Formula concept in statistics: regression analysis and series analysis. For any data regarding geography, such as elevation, rainfall, noise level, etc., this formula is used to determine the unknown values. Different types of interpolation methods exist, such as biharmonic interpolation, thin-plate spline interpolation, cubic spline interpolation, and linear interpolation.

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Sample Questions Using Quadratic Interpolation Formula

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