Quadrilateral Formulas

Quadrilateral Formulas

One can typically compute the area of the 7 most common types of quadrilaterals using 5 formulas. In general, there are only five formulas, though some have variations and can be used for more than one purpose. For instance, one can calculate the area of a kite using the rhombus formula and vice versa. Prior to learning the formulas for quadrilaterals, it is important to understand the types and properties of quadrilaterals. Students have been studying Mathematics since the beginning of their academic careers. As a result, Extramarks provides students with Quadrilateral Formulas and their solutions. Providing students with the resources they need to succeed, it is an e-learning website. Along with the Quadrilateral Formulas and their solutions, it provides various essential questions, revision notes, extra questions, sample papers, and much more for all subjects and academic sessions. It is always possible to improve learners’ academic performance using Extramarks. It has always encouraged learners to learn, practice, and excel in their academic careers. For students to succeed in any in-school or competitive examination, the learning website offers a variety of learning modules and credible study materials such as formulas and solutions.

Quadrilateral Formulas for different quadrilateral types.

Mathematics is a subject that requires a lot of practice for students to master in their earlier grades. Additionally, students can develop comprehensive learning habits if they learn the subject thoroughly in their smaller classes. To achieve better results in their examinations and to develop a habit of systematic learning, Extramarks offers students Quadrilateral Formulas and their solutions. The sole purpose of Extramarks is to help learners grow academically. The learning website provides students with learning modules, and study materials, as well as formulas and solutions to help them succeed academically.

Types of Quadrilaterals and Their Properties with Formulae

A rectangle is a quadrilateral with parallel and equal sides. The angles are all right angles. Each diagonal measures equally and intersects the other (divides congruently). 

A square is a quadrilateral or a special type of parallelogram with equal sides. The angles and sides are identical. The opposite sides are parallel. There is a perpendicular relationship between the diagonals and they intersect.

A rhombus has four equal sides. Due to its equivalency of length, it is sometimes called an equilateral quadrilateral. Angles opposite to each other are congruent. There is a perpendicular relationship between the diagonals, and they intersect. Angles adjacent to each other form supplementary angles.

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Solved Examples of Formulas of Quadrilateral

Extramarks makes it easier to access Quadrilateral Formulas and their solutions. In addition, Extramarks provides students with solved sample papers and previous years’ papers, as well as Quadrilateral Formulas and their solutions. Students can use these resources to prepare for their examinations. In order to avoid any difficulties during the examination, learners should examine past years’ papers to understand the pattern of the question paper. Students can use these learning tools to understand the marking scheme and topic weightage. Past years’ sample papers and past years’ papers also allow learners to self-assess their preparation levels by conducting self-assessments. With the help of these learning resources, they can gain an understanding of the format of the examination question paper so that they will not face any difficulties during the examination. To determine the exact blueprint of the question paper, sample papers and past years’ papers can be viewed. Additionally, Extramarks provides students with the latest syllabus so that they are aware of any changes in examination patterns. To prepare for their examinations, Extramarks recommends students thoroughly go over the Quadrilateral Formulas and their solutions. Furthermore, Extramarks provides students with a variety of trustworthy study material, including formulas, sample papers, and past years’ papers. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where can students find the Quadrilateral Formulas and their solutions?

Extramarks provides students with reliable and comprehensive solutions. Furthermore, it provides past years’ papers, important questions, and sample papers for all classes and subjects. In addition, it offers learners a variety of learning modules to help them succeed in any examination and have a great academic career. To learn more about these learning tools, students can visit the Extramarks website.

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Quadrilateral Formulas and their solutions form the foundation of the curriculum, so students should practice all these solutions. These solutions illustrate the key concepts of the topic, Quadrilateral Formulas, and their solution. As a result, students are able to learn all the chapters of the Mathematics curriculum effectively. Extramarks recommends that students thoroughly read these solutions before taking their examinations

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Since Extramarks’ Quadrilateral Formulas and their solutions have been curated and cross-checked by experts, they are authentic and trustworthy. Owing to their simple language, these solutions are easily understood by learners. By providing students with an overview of the chapters, the solutions summarise the key points of the subject’s curriculum. The Quadrilateral Formulas and their solutions provided by Extramarks are very informative and explain the concepts of the chapter clearly.