Quartile Formula

Quartile Formula

The quartile divides the set of observations into four equal parts. Q1 is the first or lower quartile, the term between the median and first term. In the same way, the value of midterm that lies between the last term and the median is referred to as the third or upper quartile, and it is denoted by Q3. Q2 stands for the Second Quartile, which is the median.

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What Is Quartile Formula?

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Examples Using Quartile Formula 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How are quartiles calculated?

As a general rule, data is ordered from smallest to largest. For example, the first quartile is 25% from the smallest to the largest number. The second quartile includes 25.1% to 50% (up to the median) and the third quartile includes 51% to 75% (above the median).

2. What is first quartile also known as?

In increasing order of data points, the lower quartile (Q1) is the value under which 25% of data points are found. In increasing order, 75% of data points are found in the upper quartile, or third quartile (Q3).

3. In statistics, why are quartiles important?

There are a variety of contexts in which quartiles are useful. In addition to helping one understand the dataset’s central tendency and variability, they can also help one identify outliers. Graphing them using a box plot can help one understand their distribution.

4. Are quartile solutions provided by Extramarks website reliable?

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