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The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an organisation the Indian government has established to enhance the education level provided in India’s public schools. NCERT is in charge of creating and publishing all of the NCERT textbooks to establish a unified educational system. In addition, it creates teaching kits and multimedia digital assets for students to use in their academic pursuits.

The official textbooks that the NCERT recommends for Classes 1 through 12 are being adopted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and many state boards. In addition to this, it is recommended that candidates consult the NCERT Book when preparing for other competitive examinations like IIT, NEET, and UPSC, among others. This is because the material presented in the textbook is organised in a way that is straightforward and thoroughly  explained. Reading through these works, one can begin with the fundamentals and work their way up to more advanced concepts

Students attending schools accredited by the CBSE should make reading from NCERT texts a regular part of their academic schedule.. These books benefit their education because the content explains complex ideas in a language that is easy to understand. The contents associated with the NCERT books are easily accessible, such as the PDF version of the NCERT Book Solutions for Class 8 English.

Students can also refer to the answer book that goes along with the English NCERT book for Class 8. The attached PDF has in-depth discussions of each of the topics. If you want to expand your comprehensive abilities in order to achieve an excellent score in  the exam, the NCERT English book for the eighth class PDF is a good alternative for you to consider.

You may also download the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths to help you review the entire syllabus and get a better grade in  your examinations. This will give you an edge  over their peers with superior knowledge and understanding of the subject. . Students who are looking for NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Science may also find the solutions curated by Extramarks faculty experts to be incredibly useful  for other subjects, such as Science, Mathematics,  English and so on. 

NCERT Books for Class 8 English Download

Class 8
Board CBSE
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NCERT Books for Class 8 English

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English

NCERT Books for Class 8

NCERT Solutions for Class 8

NCERT Books for Class 8 English Free Download

NCERT Book English Class 8 PDF

Two of the books that are included in the NCERT English syllabus for Class 8 are collections of prose and poetry written by well-known authors and poets. Every chapter was carefully explained  to contribute to the student’s holistic  development. It is important for students to strengthen their ability to think creatively and learn to express themselves freely , and the English NCERT book for Class 8 PDF can be of great help. Additionally, one may get the NCERT Class 8 English Book solutions in PDF format to understand and investigate the topics in detail. . This will motivate them to self study without any further assistance. This will encourage them to speed up their learning and improve their academic performance by guiding them to write concise and accurate answers for  each and every question irrespective of their difficulty level. This will boost their confidence level to read other subjects well since language is the foundation of learning.

Class 8th Honeydew

Both prose and poetry are included in this book. The goal is to acquire a broad and profound familiarity with the subject matter. The purpose of including each poem and piece of prose in the syllabus is to teach the children valuable life lessons. Certain chapters are provided to offer the learner some much-needed humorous relief, and the lessons that are taught in the chapters of the Honeydew book for Class 8 contribute to the development of the student’s personality.

The chapter end  exercises must be completed to understand the chapter better. Students can find  answers to all of the questions in this book by following the guide provided  with it and make the most of it.

NCERT Honeydew Class 8 (Prose Overview)

The NCERT Class 8 Honeydew textbook includes 10 different pieces of writing. The first two pieces of prose, one on the tragic realities of war and the other on the devastation caused by natural disasters. The author also demonstrates another reality, one filled with optimism and bravery.

“Glimpses of the Past” provides a synopsis of our nation’s history using photos and small text. The chapter  “Lapse of Memory”, written by Bepin Choudhury, is meant to be funny and offer the audience some comic relief.

“The Summit Within” tells the story of a mountain climber’s experiences, including the challenges he faced and how he overcame them. The story “This is Jody’s Fawn” emphasises the significance of core values such as love and compassion. Stephen Hawking and Firdaus Kanga have a conversation during the course of “A Visit to Cambridge”. Both of them have impairments of a different kind. The struggles that people with varying degrees of impairment have to go through are brought to light by their conversation.

The thoughts and musings of an outdoorsman serve as the primary focus of “A Short Monsoon Diary”. The first and second parts of “The Great Stone Face” tells the story of a man who grows wise without being aware of his accomplishments.

NCERT Honeydew 

Honeydew contains a total of eight different poems. The first poem in the collection is called “The Ant and the Cricket,” and it is written in the form of a story. It instils in the students a sense of personal accountability and responsibility. They should make conscious efforts to prepare for the future rather than squandering away their lives irresponsibly.

The second piece of poetry, “A city”, is discussed in this lesson from the perspective of seeing the city from a great height. It centres on  how the city was developed in a disorganised and haphazard manner and finally why people abhor each other.

Macavity: The Mystery Cat is written in the style of a narrative.. It’s a funny poem about a cat who seems to be hiding something.

The meaninglessness of life in this everyday world is driven home throughout “The Last Bargain”.  The School Boy, one of the main characters, is a depressed youngster who worries that he is losing his childhood to the demands of school life.

The need for independence is the theme of The Duck and the Kangaroo. When I Set Out for Lyonnesse is a poem that recounts the poet’s experiences throughout his time in Lyonnesse.

The Grasshopper and the Cricket figuratively talk about the summer and winter seasons. The poet expresses his ideas by using personification in various ways.

Supplementary Reader in English

This book is included as a secondary reader in the NCERT book for English Class 8 in PDF format. The students’ overall reading comprehension will hopefully increase as a result of  using  this book.

There are ten pieces of prose here. The first piece of literature teaches us the importance of perseverance and hard effort. In the second piece of literature, Children at Work, the author conveys the tragic circumstances of children who live in slums and asks us to have compassion for them. In The Selfish Giant, the author explains how being self-centred can have negative effects. The lesson we could learn from The Treasure Within is that we should encourage children to pursue whatever interests them.

The significance of individual liberty is highly valued by Princess September. The Fight argues that fighting is pointless and encourages readers to gain knowledge from the experiences of others instead. Open Window is an interesting tale that advises us not to trust the words of someone we do not know very well. The comet is written in prose and divided into two parts. In the first section, we learn about the discovery of a comet; in the second section, we discuss how logic and superstition can coexist simultaneously.

Why Should We Study NCERT Books for Class 8 English?

The CBSE syllabus relies heavily on NCERT texts as a primary resource. These are the books that are recommended to students by their schools because they help students have a better understanding of the idea. The  NCERT books are widely available in PDF format is a major factor in the book’s popularity among students. They can also use the NCERT solutions book to understand the topic better. It is possible to attribute the success of NCERT books among educational institutions to the following factors:

  • The language utilised in NCERT publications is designed to be straightforward and simple. The language that is used here is easy to understand. The idioms and terms employed in these books are not as difficult to understand, and the use of illustrations makes learning more fun and engaging. The students can read through the PDF and learn.
  • The primary purpose of NCERT books is to educate students on all of the concepts associated with a subject, beginning with the fundamentals of language- listening, reading, writing, and speaking. . The issues are discussed in an approachable and comprehensive manner. The book has chapters such as “thinking about it” and “to-do lists” to help readers to get a better hold of the language.
  • The students can evaluate the depth of their comprehension of a specific chapter with the help of the questions that are provided at the end of the chapter.. If the students face any problems when attempting to answer the questions, they can consult the solutions for assistance and continue their learning uninterrupted. Students will gain an understanding of their weak areas and the uncertainties that they are having as they work through the questions and pay more time and attention to improvise them. During the live sessions with students dedicated to resolving their doubts and other queries, they will have the opportunity to get their questions answered.This will motivate them to develop their linguistic skills while doing these exercises.
  • The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), which is an independent entity within the Indian government, is the publisher of these books. Since the source may be relied upon, the information contained within the text is  accurate and strictly adheres to the latest CBSE guidelines. The students do not need to be concerned about the validation as NCERT books are an integral part of the teachers’ and students’ CBSE course books.

Why Should You Choose Extramarks?

Extramarks believes in incorporating joyful learning experiences through its own repository. Its in-house subject matter experts diligently and meticulously research,and build the company’s best educational resources. Every piece of information has been thoughtfully crafted to simplify and enliven the educational process. So that students may enjoy and develop that curiosity to study more and go beyond textbooks. Students may enhance their learning experience about a particular topic through live, interactive classes.

They can quickly download PDF versions of the text, making learning much more accessible. In addition, students have the opportunity to get their questions answered during the doubt-clearing sessions.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Which resources should we refer to when studying english for NCERT Class 8?

There are different sites where one can get materials for the NCERT Class 8 English course. You may also check the study materials at  Extramarks which is one of the best educational platforms, and has a repository of educational resources exclusively designed by subject matter experts while adhering to the NCERT books and following the latest CBSE exam pattern.   Experts  have prepared these materials working conscientiously and diligently to prepare authentic, concise answers which students can trust and have complete faith in them. The materials aid the students in a clear  understanding of the concepts. We strive to give our students access to high-quality content to improve their educational experience. This is true for all the classes of CBSE board and other boards as well.

2. Where can we find the materials needed for the NCERT Class 8 English course?

Both offline and online versions of the course materials for NCERT Class 8 English are freely available. You can also get high-quality content by downloading it from the Extramarks website or app. These materials are in PDF format, making them easy for students to access. The problems are addressed in an organised and systematic manner to make it possible for the students to study without any distractions.

3. What is the lesson to be learned from the story of the Ant and the Cricket?

The NCERT Class 8 English book includes prose and poetry to teach students important life lessons. This poem emphasises how important it is to take responsibility for one’s actions. We ought to make conscious efforts to prepare for the future rather than squandering and frittering away our lives irresponsibly.  If we do not take the time to plan for the future, we will be forced to endure hardship.The future is bright and full of opportunities if you work towards it.

4. Why is it necessary for us to go through supplementary l reader in English?

It is imperative that students complete the supplementary reader as part of their English syllabus. The students need to read the stories that have been provided, and then they should do their own theme analysis. The book is critical for helping students build comprehensive thinking and communication abilities. They can improve their comprehension  by reading the solutions provided for them online.

5. Why are the NCERT English Books for Class 8 considered to be so crucial?

The students who are enrolled in CBSE Class 8 English studies have shown an overwhelming preference for the NCERT Class 8 English Books. The English textbooks recommended by the NCERT for Class 8 provide a variety of fantastic tales, poems, and other literary works that make learning an enjoyable experience. The books are written in very good English and contain in-text questions and exercises that assess students’ comprehension of the material and also help them enhance their usage of grammar.. Combining these factors simplifies learning and improves one’s capacity for comprehension and writing.

Students’ vocabulary is expanded due to reading short stories and poems, which also helps them become accustomed to new vocabulary. Most crucially, the NCERT English books for Class 8 are the primary textbooks for English that are required to be used by the CBSE board. This indicates that the questions on the CBSE Class 8 English Examination are based on the chapters from these books. If you want to perform well on the English exam for Class 8, you need to get the NCERT Class 8 English Book PDF CBSE Class 8 NCERT English Books Free Download that is offered here on Extramarks for free

6. What are some of the other resources that users can access when they visit the website?

Extramarks offers all the NCERT Textbooks in Hindi, English and Urdu. The solutions provided by NCERT are additional resources that might be useful for appropriate preparation before an examination. The solutions include an explanation of how an appropriate answer should be written and a step-by-step guide explaining how to respond to each question. The resources are developed after exhaustive research has been conducted on the subjects by the subject experts, and the language used in their creation is kept as simple as possible to be accessible to all of the students. Before the tests, you will also have access to mock papers, which include a comprehensive review of each topic. To enjoy the maximum benefit of these resources, students just need to register themselves at Extramarks’ official website and stay ahead of the competition.