NCERT Solutions Class 5 Maths Chapter 4

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 4 – Parts and Wholes

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 4 – Parts and Wholes by Extramarks help students in solving textbook questions accurately and prepare for the exams. These solutions are crafted by subject matter experts as per the latest CBSE guidelines.

Parts and Wholes is an exciting chapter. It is about correctly representing and discovering fractions and their integer relations. Here students will be encouraged to use models to divide a whole into equal parts and record fractions for the parts. 

The questions-answers in the chapter are designed to help students practise concepts that have been or may be asked in upcoming exams. Students will learn to draw, determine and explain whether or not a given fraction and an area representation match.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 4 – Parts and Wholes

Here’s an overview of the questions that are asked in Class 5 Mathematics Chapter 4:

  • The first question is about the Indian Flag and the three colours that make it up. It asks which parts are saffron, green, and white. Additionally, it asks to draw the Ashoka Chakra.
  • The second question is about the Mexican Flag and how many of the sets have the black or green Mexican Flag.
  • The third question is about the Flag of Myanmar. Which part of the Burmese Flag is blue on a red background?
  • In the next question, There is a situation where a chocolate bar has to be shared by Manju and his friends. How much will each friend get if they share it in a particular order?
  • The question asks you to colour many hats in a particular colour, red or blue. Then you need to know how many were red and blue. Also, if you found how many were not coloured, you can get help in finding the answer.
  • This exciting activity challenges students and their creativity. They have to colour some blocks with particular colours according to their wish and then show how many parts of the whole are coloured or not.
  • This question is related to the question above. It asks how many grids are coloured in a particular colour, red or blue. 
  • A grid of 16 squares is drawn, and different patterns are drawn. The question specifies how to remove the drawings, and then different sub-questions are asked on the final image.
  • Ramu has a vegetable field, he grows different kinds of vegetables there. There are tomatoes in three parts of the field and eggplants in two parts of the area. Various simple questions are asked based on the given information.
  • Ramu then gives his friends Abu Bakr and Srija, and Nancy the vegetables as a particular fraction. Students must determine how much each got.

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Parts and Wholes

Why is NCERT Class 5 Maths Chapter 4 Solutions Beneficial?

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 4 are incredibly beneficial for students as they can get accurate answers to textbook questions. As these solutions are prepared by subject matter experts, they can be relied upon for accuracy. It has been ensured that the solutions meet the latest guidelines by CBSE.

Students can access the solutions on the website as well as the app of Extramarks.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to draw the Indian Flag as shown in NCERT Class 5 Maths Chapter 4?

In Chapter 4, the Indian Flag is drawn in the following steps:

  1. Draw a rectangle with a length of 9 cm and a width of 6 cm.
  2. Divide it into three equal parts and complete the Flag.

 The top third of the Flag is saffron (or orange), the middle third is white, and the bottom third is green. Finally, draw the Ashoka chakra in the Flag’s central (white) part.

2. Are NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 4 enough for students to get high marks in tests?

Extramarks expert tutors create NCERT Solutions for Class 5 Maths Chapter 4 following the latest CBSE guidelines. All answers are written in simple language for easy understanding. Verbal and numerical problems are solved progressively for a clear perception of the concepts. Therefore, referring to these solutions is more than enough for students to get high marks in their exams.

3. What will students learn from Chapter 4 of the NCERT for Class 5 Maths?

NCERT Class 5 Maths Parts and Wholes is a chapter that involves the basic fundamental level of fractions. Students in grade five are trained to understand exactly what the parts mean and the relationship between the parts and the whole. Parts are a part of the whole. Instead of constructing concepts of fractions, the easier to understand the idea of ​​parts and wholes is introduced.

4. Are the Parts and Whole chapter part of fractions?

Yes, the chapter on Parts and Wholes is part of fractions. In younger grades, students do not understand the meaning of fractions, so they are taught fractions as parts and a full. It is the fundamental level of the chapter on the fractions which they will study in-depth in the higher classes.