NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science Geography Chapter 4 : Maps


(a) Maps showing distribution of forests are (i) Physical map (ii) Thematic Map (iii) Political (b) The blue colour is used for showing (i) Water bodies (ii) Mountains (iii) Plains (c) A compass is used – (i) To show symbols (ii) To find the main direction (iii) To measure distance (d) A scale is necessary (i) For a map (ii) For a sketch (iii) For symbols


(ii) Thematic Map   ✓

(ii) To find the main direction   ✓

(i) Water bodies   ✓

(i) For a map    ✓


(a) What are the three components of a map? (b) What are the four cardinal directions? (c) What do you mean by the term ‘the scale of the map? (d) How are maps more helpful than a globe? (e) Distinguish between a map and a plan. (f) Which map provides detailed information? (g) How do symbols help in reading maps?


(a) The three Components of Maps are – distance, direction and symbol.

(b) The four cardinal directions are North, South, East and West.

(c) The scale of the map is the ratio between the actual distance on the ground and the distance shown on the map. For example: 5 cm = 1km.

(d) The maps are more helpful than a globe in the following ways:

    A globe can be useful when we want to study the earth as a whole. But, maps are useful when we want to study only a part of the earth.

    Maps are useful to us to solve various purposes.
    Maps provide more information than a globe.
    They can be carried easily.
    They are of different types:

(i) Political Maps (ii) Physical Maps and (iii) Thematic Maps




It is a representation or a drawing of the earth’s surface or a part of it drawn on a flat surface according to a scale.

A plan is a drawing of a small area on a large scale.

It gives detailed information about earth but cannot depict smaller details.

It gives even the smaller details of the area.

It is drawn to small scale.

It is drawn to large scale.

(f) Large scale maps provide detailed information than small scale maps.

(g) It is not possible to draw on a map the actual shape and size of different features such as buildings, roads, rivers, etc., so they are shown by using certain letters, shades, colours, pictures and lines. These symbols give a lot of information in a limited space. It makes the map making and reading easy and simple.

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