Bernoullis Equation Formula

Bernoullis Equation Formula

Students should know that even common garden tools like garden hoses can follow Bernoulli’s principle in certain situations, Garden hoses are really effective at making people suffer just by following Bernoulli’s principle/equation. Water will flow out of the garden hose, but if students use their thumbs to block part of the opening in the hose, the water will release more quickly. However, when they remove my finger, the flow returns to normal and this phenomenon is based on Bernoulli’s principle. Students can go to the website of Extramarks to learn more about Bernoullis Equation Formula.

What Is Bernoulli’s Equation?

Bernoulli’s principle, also known as Bernoullis Equation Formula, applies to liquids in ideal conditions and therefore, pressure and density are inversely proportional to each other which means that a slow-moving fluid exerts more pressure than a fast-moving fluid. Fluids in this case refer to gases as well as liquids. This principle underlies many applications. Some very common examples are when an aeroplane is trying to stay aloft, or even the most common, mundane things like shower curtains curling inwards. A similar phenomenon occurs in the case of rivers with varying widths. Water speeds are slower in larger areas and faster in smaller areas. Students must think the liquid pressure will be higher. However, contrary to the explanation above, the liquid pressure decreases in the narrow part of the flow and the liquid pressure increases in the wide part of the flow.

Swiss scientist Daniel Bernoulli led the discovery of this concept while experimenting with liquids in tubes. He called this concept Bernoulli’s principle. Either way, the concept is hard to understand and very complicated. It is easy to imagine that the water pressure will be high in a narrow space. In fact, water pressure increases in tight spaces, but not underwater.

Thus, the environment of the fluid experiences an increase in pressure, and changes in pressure also result in changes in the velocity of the fluid. So students must get this concept

of the Bernoullis Equation Formula, clear.

The fluid flow mechanism is a complex process. However, some important properties related to streamlined flow can be obtained by using the energy conservation concept. Students must look at an example of a liquid moving in a tube. Pipes have different cross-sectional areas at different points and are at different heights.

Bernoulli’s Equation Formula

It is important to note that in deriving this Bernoullis Equation Formula, students use the law of conservation of energy and assume no energy loss due to friction. However, there is actually an energy loss due to internal friction when the fluid flows. This certainly results in some energy loss. For more information about Bernoullis Equation Formula, learners can visit the Extramarks website.

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