Ethane Formula

Ethane Formula

Ethane is an organic chemical molecule present in natural gas. Ethane is an alkane, which indicates that it is a saturated carbon molecule with entirely single bonds. The Ethane Formula is C2H6. It is an organic chemical substance discovered by Michael Faraday in 1834. Extramarks’ specialists explain and elaborate on the Ethane Formula and its uses in further detail below.

What is Ethane?

Ethane is a type of gas that is found naturally underground and is also made in some industrial processes. It is made up of carbon and hydrogen atoms. It is the second member of the alkane family. It has two carbons and six hydrogen atoms. It is produced synthetically during the refining of petroleum or the processing of natural gas. It is used for the production of ethylene, which is a very important chemical used in the production of plastics, synthetic fibers.

Ethane Chemical Formula

Ethane consists of six hydrogen atoms and two carbon atoms.

  • Ethane Formula in the chemical form: C2H6
  • It has molecular weight of 30.07 g/mol.
  • It is the second-simplest organic compound after methane.

Ethane Structural Formula

Ethane structural formula shows how atoms of ethane are bonded together. In ethane, each carbon atom is bonded to three hydrogen atoms and to the other carbon atom with covalent bond.

The two carbon atoms are connected by a single bond, and each carbon atom has three hydrogen atoms bonded to it. This structure of ethane satisfies the valency of carbon which has valency of four and forms four bond and hydrogen which has valency of one and forms one bond.

Ethane Properties

  • Ethane is a colourless, odourless gas at room temperature and pressure.
  • Ethane is a highly flammable gas at room temperature.
  • When 3.0%-12.5% ethane is mixed with air, it generates an explosive combination.
  • Ethane can also be kept frozen as a liquid.
  • Severe frostbite comes from direct contact with liquid ethane.
  • Ethane is non-toxic and generally safe for handling विथ proper precautions taken.

Ethane Uses

  1. Ethane is used as a raw material in the production of ethylene which is used in polymer manufacturing.
  2. Ethane is used as a fuel in industrial processes, power generation, and heating applications.
  3. Ethane can be blended with other hydrocarbons to produce automotive fuels. For Example, we have E20 which means 20 percent ethane is blended with petrol
  4. It is used as a starting material in the synthesis of other organic compounds and specialty chemicals.
  5. Ethane has refrigerant properties and is used in some refrigeration and air conditioning systems as a substitute for CFC gas
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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is ethane a hydrogen?

Yes, ethane is a hydrocarbon

2. What is chemical formula of ethane?

The chemical formula of ethane is C2H6

3. Is ethane used in fuel?

Yes, ethane is used in fuel as an additive

4. What are uses of ethane?

Ethane is used in fuel, antifreeze agent and in production of polyethylene