Octagon Formula

Octagon Formula

A polygon is a closed, two-dimensional (2-D) figure formed of segments of straight lines. The octagon is an 8-sided polygon in Geometry. An octagon is referred to as a regular octagon if all of its sides and angles have equal lengths. In other words, an ordinary octagon has congruent sides. In a standard octagon, the inside angle is 135 degrees, and the outer angle is 45 degrees. A preset set of formulas known as the “Octagon Formula” can be used to calculate the area and perimeter of a regular octagon. A regular polygon has eight equal sides and eight equal interior angles. An irregular octagon, on the other hand, has 8 distinct sides. There is no centre in an irregular polygon, and they are also asymmetric. The Octagon Formula is 8 times the area of a triangle.

What Is Octagon Formula?

An octagon is a type of eight-sided polygon. An octagon is referred to as a regular octagon if all of its sides are equal and all of its angles are the same. There are a total of 20 diagonals in a normal octagon. A normal octagon’s internal angles add up to 1080 degrees. Additionally, each inner angle measures 135 degrees. An octagon’s exterior angle is 45 degrees, while the total of all exterior angles is 360 degrees. An octagon’s area and perimeter are determined using the Octagon Formula. The area, perimeter, and diagonals of an octagon are determined using the Octagon Formula. There are various formulas for calculating an octagon’s area, perimeter, and diagonals.

Formulas for Octagon:

Students use the Octagon Formula to determine the area of an octagon: Octagon Formula area: 2 s2 (1 +√2)

Using the following formula, they can get an octagon’s perimeter: Octagon’s perimeter is eight squared.

Students use the following calculation to determine how many diagonals there are in an octagon: Diagonals: n(n – 3)/2 = 8(8 – 3)/2 = 20


Side length is s, and number of sides are n.

Examples Using Octagon Formula

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What equation is used to calculate an octagon's area?

Students refer to a form as an octagon if it is a polygon and has eight sides. Using the following formula, they can get an octagon’s area. Octagon Formula area: 2 s2 + (1 +√2) where “s” stands for an octagon’s side length.

2. Does an octagon have to have equal sides on all sides?

The octagon is a two-dimensional, 8-sided polygon, often known as an 8-gon, in simple words. All of the sides of a regular octagon will be the same length. A regular octagon has internal angles that are each 135° in length.