Recursive Formula

Recursive Formula

Students should review what a recursive function is before learning the Recursive Formula. A recursive function is one that uses a known previous term to define each term in a sequence, meaning that the next term is dependent on one or more known previous terms (s). The expression for a recursive function h(x) is:

h(x) = a0 h(0) + a1h(1) + ……. + ax-1 h(x-1) where ai ≥ 0 and at least one of the ai > 0

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What Are Recursive Formulas?

Each term in a series is defined by making reference to the term before it in a Recursive Formula (s). The Recursive Formula is used to define the following variables:

  • the series’ first sentence
  • The method for determining any phrase’s prior term

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Recursive Formulas

The offered topic complied with the NCERT syllabus’s guidelines. These subjects will follow the format of NCERT textbooks. After taking into account the question papers from previous years, this topic was created. Students must download the test questions and complete each one in accordance with the scoring guidelines. Understanding the Recursive Formula is quite simple. Since it is readily available to students via the Extramarks website and application, students must have this PDF. This is user-friendly for students and beneficial when they attempt to answer inquiries based on the Recursive Formula. Since the subject is so diverse, students shouldn’t be overwhelmed and should just follow the steps when answering questions based on the Recursive Formula.

The Recursive Formulas for various types of sequences are listed below.

Recursive Formula for Arithmetic Sequence

The following is the Recursive Formula to determine the nth term in an arithmetic series:

an = an-1 + d for n ≥ 2


an is the nth term of an A.P.

d is a common difference.

Recursive Formula for Geometric Sequence

To determine the nth term in a geometric sequence, use the following Recursive Formula:

an = an-1 r for n ≥ 2


an is the nth term of a G.P.

r is the common ratio.

Recursive Formula for Fibonacci Sequence

The Recursive Formula to determine a Fibonacci sequence’s nth term is

an = an-1 + an-2 for n ≥ 2, where

a0 = 1 and

a1 = 1

where an is the nth term of the sequence.

Examples Using Recursive Rule

The Recursive Formula must be used to answer every single question by the class. The Recursive Formula has many questions, and it’s necessary to get them answered. Students may easily find answers to all of their questions on the Recursive Formula by using the NCERT solutions. NCERT solutions can be easily acquired using the Extramarks learning portal. Students must review the Recursive Formula in order to completely appreciate the subject. Students who are having difficulty solving arithmetic problems can get assistance through the Extramarks website and mobile app.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the series of Fibonacci recursive rules?

Each number in the Fibonacci series is defined as the sum of the two numbers that came before it in the sequence. With n > 1, the Fibonacci formula is then stated as Fn = F(n-1) + F(n-2), where n > 1.

2. Where to download Recursive Formula?

Students can download Recursive Formula from Extramarks’ website, or they can download Recursive Formula from Extramarks’ application from the play store.