Secant Square X Formula

Secant Square X Formula

The Secant Square X Formula is defined as the sum of the squares of the secant function and the square of the tan function. It is also known as the secant function identity square. Students must visit Extramarks’ website to study more about Mathematics and various topics. It is a platform which ensures a holistic improvement of a student. The platform offers a wide range of study sources. Students can practice the Secant Square X Formula and its usage with the help of solved examples and past years’ questions. This will help the students understand and practice Secant Square X Formula thoroughly.


The Secant Square X Formula are used in trigonometric expressions and square-form equations. By simply changing the secant squared functions into their equivalent form, the statements and equations may be simplified. As a result, mastering the square of secant function identity is essential for studying advanced trigonometry further. Students can easily grasp the topic well with the help of study sources available at Extramarks. 

About Secant Square X Formula

Secant Square X Formula is a part of Trignometry. Trigonometry is a major topic in Mathematics, with extensive applications in various domains. Trigonometry is primarily concerned with the relationship between the sides and angles of a right-angle triangle. As a result, it is feasible to find the missing or unknown angles or sides of a right triangle using trigonometric equations, functions, or trigonometric identities. In trigonometry, angles are measured in degrees or radians. A trigonometric ratio is the ratio of the lengths of any two sides of a right triangle. These ratios in trigonometry connect the ratio of sides of a right triangle to the angle. The hypotenuse ratio is used to calculate the secant ratio (longest side). Students must visit the Extramarks website to download all solved examples of topics such as Secant Square X Formula.


Trignometry is a thoroughly practised Mathematics topic that is challenging for many. Secant is defined as the value of an angle obtained by dividing the length of the hypotenuse by the length of its neighbouring side. It is abbreviated as “sec” in trigonometric calculations and may be calculated as the reciprocal of “cosine.” The most common functions used in trigonometry are sine, cosine, and tangent, whereas the other three are rarely used, which are cosecant, secant, and cotangent, and sometimes, even sometimes, most calculators do not include buttons for these three functions, and you will also find them missing in software function libraries. Students can learn and practise more for topics such as Secant Square X Formula with the help of Extramarks.

Sec Square x Formula

When it comes to Secant Square X Formula they are commonly used in trigonometric functions in the form of squares in expressions and equations. We can reduce the equations and expressions by shifting the tasks of the secant square into some comparable form. As a result, learning about secant square functions becomes increasingly crucial to understand other advanced Trigonometry functions. The Secant Square X Formula requires an in-depth understanding of the topic. It is mainly utilised in two situations: when the secant square function equals the sum of one and the tangent square function, and when the sum of the tangent square function and one is simplified as the secant square function.

Formula Proof

Students can also utilise the Secant Square X Formula to assist them to answer certain types of problems. Extramarks provide several formulae for calculating Secant Square X Formula. Students must visit the Extramarks website to practice and self-assess their understanding towards the topic.

The Secant Square X Formula is one of them. Students can use Extramarks’ tools. Extramarks resources are easily accessible to students. Sample sheets, study notes, specific subjects such as the sample size formula, revision notes, NCERT answers, past year papers, answer keys, and study material for specific examinations such as NEET, JEE, CUET, and so on are all available from Extramarks. 


Extramarks has provided a variety of solved examples of the Secant Square X Formula to help students understand how to apply it correctly and creatively to find the best and simplest solution to a problem. Furthermore, students will be able to excel in their exams more swiftly and precisely. Students can make use of Extramarks’ features. Students may easily access the content on Extramarks. Sample sheets, study notes, revision notes, NCERT answers, past year papers, for topics such as Trignometry answer keys, and other materials are available from Extramarks.


Students may seek assistance with specific topics such as Secant Square X Formula. Making a small error when solving and failing to recognise it might cause someone to behave differently. The Extramarks solutions may assist individuals to save time and feel less worried by providing solutions to NCERT questions and explanations to topics such as Secant Square X Formula. When students have difficulty with a problem, they may become concerned. As a result, they may become dissatisfied and lose efficacy. As a result, seeking assistance is critical. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where can I find questions related to Secant Square X Formula?

Students can visit Extramarsk to study with the help of a variety of study sources available for students. Extramarks offers, solved examples and solutions for Secant Square X Formula. Mathematics can sometimes be challenging for students but Extramarks ensure to provide easy to learn and understand the topic thoroughly.

2. Is Secant Square X Formula a tough topic in Mathematics?

Secant Square X Formula might be challenging for the students at first, but with the help of several examples available on the Extramarks website, students can easily practice and grasp the topic well.

3. Where can I find study material for Trignometry?

Extramarks is a reliable and credible platform which offers a plethora of study sources for students to practise Mathematics and its topics. Subject matter experts at Extramarks compile this data for students. Extramarks offer a holistic development of students. Students can find a variety of study materials for Trignometry on the Extramarks website.

4. How can I practice Mathematics well?

You will have more time for hobbies and other interests if you study more efficiently. When a student focuses only on comprehending and responding to questions, he or she may study successfully and efficiently. To effectively learn a topic, students must first get familiar with the ideas, questions, and needed replies. It is critical since it allows them to choose which method to employ while exploring options and resolving difficulties. Their exam results will rise as a result. Students must prioritise their own emotional and physical wellness. Students’ health will be safeguarded through participating in extracurricular activities and developing hobbies.

5. How to prepare well for the board exams?

Students can prepare well for board exams by prioritising essential topics. Students can also refer to the Extramarks website to download study material which will help them to prepare for board exams. Experts at Extramarks curate these study sources for students. It helps them to assess their challenges and helps them to work on them thoroughly.