Summation Formula

Summation Formula

Students will first review the definition of summing before learning the formulas for summation. The cumulative total of terms in a sequence is referred to as a summation (or sum). Instead of manually expressing the entire sum, we use the summation notation to represent the sum of more terms—say let’s n terms—in a sequence called “an.” Specifically, a1 + a2 +. . . + an

ni =1ai. Let’s use a few solved instances to master the Summation Formula and their uses.

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What Are Summation Formulas?

The sum of the series is computed using the Summation Formula. There are many different kinds of sequences, including arithmetic and geometric sequences, and consequently, there are many different kinds of Summation Formulas for those different kinds of sequences. There is also a Summation Formula that determines the sum of natural numbers, the sum of natural number squares, the sum of natural number cubes, the sum of natural number evens, the sum of natural number odds, etc. The list of Summation Formula is provided here. Each of these formulas will be covered in detail in the section that follows.

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List of Summation Formulas

Students are aware that the outcome of adding two numbers is their sum. So, if the sequence x1 + x2 +. . . + xn = ∑ni =1xi exists, the sum of its terms is represented by the symbol ∑ (sigma). i.e., the total of the preceding order ∑ni =1xi = x1 + x2 +. . . + xn. The expression ∑ni =1 “sigma I is equal to 1 to n” can be read as “sigma I represent the sum of the terms of the sequence from the first term to the nth term” in this instance. However, finding the sum does not actually need us to constantly manually add the sum of the sequences. Instead, students employ the summation formulas listed below. These popular Summation Formulas are listed below. 

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Examples Using Summation Formulas

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Are the Applications of the Summation Formula?

Without actually calculating the sum by hand, the summation formulas are used to compute the sum of any given series. As an illustration, n2 is the summation formula for calculating the sum of the first n odd numbers. This allows us to state that the first 30 odd numbers add up to 12 + 32 +… (30 numbers) = 302 = 900.

2. Does Extramarks make it simple for students to obtain the Summation Formula?

The website and mobile app for Extramarks provide students with quick access to the Summation Formula. The Summation Formula PDF file must be downloaded by students in order for them to fully comprehend it. Students will therefore be able to perform better in their next examinations.