Tin Iv Chloride Formula

Tin (IV) chloride formula

Tin Iv Chloride Formula consists of the elements Tin and Chlorine in its constitution. Tin is mainly a silver-coloured soft metal present in group 14 of the periodic table. Tin Iv Chloride Formula is used for plating steel cans, and it is also used in food containers. The atomic number of the Tin Iv Chloride Formula is 50, and it is represented by the symbol Sn. Chlorine is a very toxic and corrosive gas which is actively present in group 17 of the periodic table, which mainly includes halogens with an electronegativity of 1. Among the halogens, Chlorine is the second-lightest element in that group. Its atomic number is 17 and is represented by the symbol Cl.

Tin (IV) Chloride Chemical Structure

Tin Iv Chloride Formula is an inorganic substance which means the atoms in it are attached to each other using electrovalent bonds which constitute bonds which happen when electrons are exchanged between the atoms. The Tin Iv Chloride Formula is a colourless and also ranging to light yellow fuming liquid compound with the molecular formula SnCl4. It is first discovered by Andreas Libavius. It is a hygroscopic substance, which means that it has an affinity to water, meaning that it is a good absorbent of moisture and that even contributes to its various uses. Tin Iv Chloride Formula can produce fumes when it comes in contact with air. The other name for Tin Iv Chloride Formula is Stannic Chloride. The IUPAC names for SnCl4 are Tetrachlorostannane, Tin (IV) chloride, and Tin tetrachloride.

Preparation of Tin (IV) chloride

Method 1

Tin Iv Chloride Formula is prepared by the reaction of Tin with Chlorine gas at 115 °C.

Sn + 2Cl2 ⇢ SnCl4

Method 2

Potassium hexachlorostannate on being strongly heated decomposes into Tin Iv Chloride Formula and Potassium chloride.

K2SnCl6 ⇢ SnCl4 + 2KCl

Method 3

The hydrated Pentahydrate form SnCl4.5H2O is prepared by oxidising Tin(II) chloride (SnCl2) in solution using Potassium nitrate (KNO3).

Tin (IV) Chloride Properties

  1. Tin Iv Chloride Formula is colourless, but it often ranges to light yellow fuming liquid.
  2. The molecular weight of the Tin Iv Chloride Formula is 260.5 g/mol.
  3. The melting point of the Tin Iv Chloride Formula is 33 °C in anhydrous form and 56 °C in pentahydrate form.

Physical Properties of Tin (IV) chloride

  • Tin Iv Chloride Formula has a boiling point of 114 °C.
  • The density of the anhydrous Tin Iv Chloride Formula is 2.226 g/cm3 and for pentahydrate, it is 2.04 g/cm3.
  • Tin Iv Chloride Formula is very soluble in water.

Chemical Properties of Tin (IV) chloride

When the Tin Iv Chloride Formula is made to go through the redistribution process, it is used in the reaction with tetra organotin compounds.

SnCl4 + SnR4 ⇢ 2SnCl2R2

Anhydrous Tin Iv Chloride Formula SnCl4 fumes in the humid air form a white smoke of Tin (IV) oxide (SnO2) and Hydrogen chloride (HCl).

SnCl4 + 2H2O ⇢ SnO2 + 4HCl

Tin (IV) Chloride Uses

Tin Iv Chloride Formula reacts with the Grignard reagents like RMgCl to give tetra alkyl tin compounds.

nCl4 + 4RMgCl ⇢ SnR4 + 4MgCl2

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