ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Revision Notes

ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Revision Notes

The 10th-class board examinations are frequently seen as the beginning of a successful career. They are necessary for choosing a good junior college and stream, as well as making a strong resume debut. As a result, it is not very surprising that students and their parents go above and beyond to ensure they have done everything possible to pass the board exams.

When considering how to do well on an exam, the first thing that springs to mind is choosing courses where you have the most possibility of excelling.Undoubtedly, at the top of this list is the subject of Mathematics. Although some students view it as a weakness, it is impossible to deny that this subject will yield enormous benefits if intentional efforts are made. The perfect score is difficult to achieve, and there will undoubtedly be many obstacles along the way. Extramarks makes it easy for students by providing ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Chapter-Wise Questions, all formulas of Mathematics Class 10 ICSE, ICSE Mathematics Book for Class 10 and many more study tools.

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Chapters included in ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Revision Notes

The following chapter are included in the ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Revision Notes:

  • Chapter 1: Real Numbers
  • Chapter 2: Polynomials
  • Chapter 3: Pair Of Linear Equations In Two Variables
  • Chapter 4: Quadratic Equations
  • Chapter 5: Arithmetic Progression
  • Chapter 6: Triangles
  • Chapter 7: Coordinate Geometry
  • Chapter 8: Introduction To Trigonometry
  • Chapter 9: Some Applications Of Trigonometry
  • Chapter 10: Circles
  • Chapter 11: Constructions
  • Chapter 12: Areas Related To Circles
  • Chapter 13: Surface, Area And Volume
  • Chapter 14: Statistics
  • Chapter 15: Probability

Few Areas Where ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Revision Notes Will Help you

The ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Revision Notes aim to help students grasp and evaluate the fundamental ideas in statistics, probability, geometry, surface area, and algebra. Because of the extensive syllabus, many students need help to prepare topics directly from textbooks. Most of the time, they read the entire concept out loud without knowing what it meant. Instead, pupils can successfully extract the conceptual meaning from every topic if they are prepared with carefully created ICSE revision notes.

You may effortlessly prepare all the concepts contained in the Class 10 Mathematics curriculum with the help of Extramarks’ Class 10 Revision Notes for Mathematics. This article includes key revision notes for all chapters in the ICSE Mathematics Class 10 Textbook. These study materials can give students a quick overview of all the topics, key formulas, and an in-depth topic-by-topic summary. These are excellent revision notes for the finest ICSE 10th Mathematics Book, with well-illustrated examples.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about exam preparation is selecting subjects in which you have the best chance of succeeding. The subject of Mathematics is unquestionably at the top of this list.Despite the fact that some students regard it as a weakness, it is impossible to deny that if deliberate efforts were made in it, it would produce significant benefits. It’s challenging to get a perfect score, and there will certainly be many challenges along the route.

One such challenge is the lengthy syllabus and the numerous minute facts that must be retained from each of the twenty-five chapters.Students are expected to retain a large number of formulas, theorems, proofs, and derivations in both algebra and geometry classes. This is a nice example of the ‘easy to learn, difficult to master’ argument because while many people can still study a particular chapter and memorise its formulae, doing so months later isn’t exactly a piece of cake.

How To Prepare Using ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Revision Notes

Extramarks presents the following ways to solve ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Revision Notes:

  • Spend at least three hours per day studying the subjects covered that day.
  • To acquire a sense of the questions that might be asked, complete as many sample papers as you can.
  • Practise solving numerical problems.
  • Solve question papers from previous years to gain a sense of the recurring questions.

Why and When Should You Study ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Revision Notes?


Formula learning is only one aspect of mathematics revision.In order to find quick solutions to various questions, you also need to keep the theorems and their proofs in mind. Our experts’ notes for Class 10 Mathematics revision material are swift but comprehensive.They definitely aid in your understanding of the rationale for learning the material and its practical applications.

The notes feature crucial equations and several examples broken down step-by-step to assist you in solving diverse arithmetic problems with ease.

These ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Revision Notes are essential for students who want to continue learning the subject after Class 10 because they help establish a solid foundation.


You should read the ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Revision Notes:

  • Following your completion of a Mathematics class, quickly reading your revision notes will help you reinforce the key concepts and equations, improving your ability to retain information.
  • When practising Mathematics, keep the following in mind: When you are stuck on a question, consulting your revision notes will help you concentrate on the idea you are having trouble with. The detailed explanation will help you solve the problem and make it simpler for you to resolve other problems of a similar nature.
  • Just before a Mathematics test or exam, using these revision notes will save time studying a particular Mathematics topic. You can quickly go over the extensive Class 10 Mathematics Curriculum because of the effectiveness of these notes.

Benefits Of Solving ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Revision Notes

That’s when “Revision” comes to your rescue. We cannot overstate the value of revision, particularly in a subject like Mathematics, where it is common for students to struggle to recall the precise formula to solve a certain problem. Let’s quickly note a few things that regular revision notes can help you with before giving you all the links you’ll need for your preparation:

  • Enhances speed: Answering several questions not only helps students understand the ideas better but also helps them compute sums more quickly. Not only did the sums improve after several iterations of adjustment, but so did the calculation speed.
  • Aids in avoiding silly mistakes: Revision allows you to avoid making such silly mistakes in a subject like mathematics, where a small negative instead of a plus can completely send you down the wrong path.
  • Presentation abilities: How well you deliver your work is a key component of the board exam.
  • Leaving the handwriting aspect aside, frequent revision aids the students in making fewer typos and cancellations in their work, which increases the overall cleanliness of the provided solutions.
  • Increases self-confidence: The student is satisfied that he or she has done all that is necessary to remember all the crucial information for the exam after finishing his or her revision. This assurance infuses a fresh level of self-assurance.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can students consider their preparation finished once they have reviewed each topic?

One should solve practise question papers from the previous year or try some additional third-party sources after carefully reading each topic. This helps them identify the areas that require revision. They might also strive to finish rewriting the entire work in batches of three to four chapters each. A thorough preparation includes revising and periodically resolving puzzles and noting minor facts for quick recall. However, completing your revision is unquestionably the first step in preparing for the 10th grade exams.

2. How long should students spend revising?

A chapter can be prepared for and mastered relatively easily, but it must be repeatedly revised in order to be truly masterful. The class 10 Mathematics Curriculum includes a wide range of topics and contains numerous significant equations, derivations, theorems, and proofs in each chapter.As we progress through the curriculum, we may need to recall earlier chapters.Therefore, revision is crucial and shouldn’t ever be given a low priority. You should dedicate between four and six hours each week to studying what you’ve already learned.

3. Will going over every chapter-by-chapter revision benefit the students?

Let’s use an illustration to address this. Think about going to a cricket game. We all appreciate it and are frequently forced to work with third parties. We turn off the TV and call it a day after the game is over. Now, if someone had to recreate some of the most memorable parts of the game tomorrow, they wouldn’t watch the full game and every ball delivered, only the boundaries, sixes, and wickets. Similar to seeing a topic highlights, which include every important information, when updating a topic. This will improve the student’s performance by ensuring he retains the finer points of every subject covered by the extensive syllabus.

4. When should revisions be started?

Another query where the answer mostly relies on the learner is this one. Everyone has a certain level of memory recall; thus, some students may require more frequent revision than others. Test yourself on the subjects you’ve studied over the past month to see what will work for you. You can limit your revision sessions to 4 hours on the last two days of every week if you can still clearly recall everything. However, suppose you discover that the material you studied at the beginning of the month is less vividly remembered than the material you studied later. In that case, you will need to continue your review sessions more frequently, twice a week, for up to three hours. A helpful strategy is to revise after finishing each topic (at first), then three topics at once, then half the material, and finally, all of it.

5. What exactly are the requirements for revision by students?

SOLVE is the one-word response. It could be acceptable to read and skim pages for other topics, but you won’t get away with it when studying Mathematics.You are required to sit down and work through various problems on the subject, to compose lengthy theorems without the use of a book, and to generate contestant results as you go You have finished revising a topic once you’ve addressed every potential question that might be asked about it.

6. What core ideas are covered in the ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Curriculum?

Linear equations, quadratic equations, matrices, AP, GP, coordinate geometry, circles, statistics, and probability are the core ideas covered in ICSE Class 10 Mathematics.


7. What study materials should I concentrate on to perform well on the ICSE Class 10 Mathematics exam?

To do well in the ICSE Class 10 Mathematics exam, you must concentrate on the curriculum, important questions, sample papers, and question papers from the previous year.