JEE Advanced Chemistry Question Paper 2 2018

The Joint Entrance Examination JEE paper has three sections – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Candidates should follow the JEE Advanced Syllabus given on the official website. Students should first cover the most important topics in the syllabus to score good marks.

When it comes to the syllabus of Chemistry for JEE Advanced, it’s vast. Therefore, candidates should practise the numerical problems and other questions of Chemistry from the JEE Advanced Question Papers. It will help them to understand the level of questions asked in the examination. 

Chemistry is divided into three major sections. These sections are Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry. Applicants must invest equal time in studying all three sections to get a good All India Rank. If candidates have covered the most important topics then they can start revising from the past years’ question papers. 

JEE Advanced Chemistry Question Paper 2 2018 download free pdf

Students can now download the free pdf of JEE Advanced Chemistry Question Paper 2 2018 by clicking the link below. 

Tips to solve JEE Advanced Chemistry Question Paper 2 2018 

Students can follow the below-mentioned tips to solve the JEE Advanced Chemistry Question Paper 2 2018:

  • Candidates can follow a timetable for studying regularly. They can follow a daily target of completing a specific number of topics to score good marks 
  • Students should be familiar with their strengths and weaknesses so that they can work on their weak areas
  • Candidates should invest sufficient  time to solve questions to get a good rank. 
  • Students should memorise the nomenclature of organic compounds to avoid any negative marking in the final examination 
  • Students should have proper time management skills. The examination is lengthy and speed is required so students should have appropriate time management skills for the examination
  • Candidates should make short notes on the most important topics and must revise them every day