JEE Advanced Question Paper 1 2018

JEE or Joint Entrance Examination is conducted every year. There are two stages in JEE – Main and Advanced. The National Testing Agency (NTA) conducts the Joint Entrance Examination Main while the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) conducts the JEE Advanced

Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are the three subjects covered in the JEE. Most of the students prepare for the JEE Advanced through JEE Advanced Mock Test, books, video lectures, etc. 

JEE Advanced Question Paper 1 2018 download free pdf

The JEE Advanced is a tough exam to crack. Hence, candidates should prepare all the sections thoroughly. They can visit the Extramarks website wherein all the previous JEE Advanced Question Papers are available along with the answer keys. Referring to the previous years’ exam papers can help students build an effective examination strategy. 

Below is the link provided for the JEE Advanced Question Paper 1 2018. Students can click on the link to download the free pdf of the question paper from Extramarks website. 

Tips on Solving the  JEE Advanced 2018 Question Paper-1: 

The following tips will help students in solving the JEE Advanced Question Paper 1 2018:\

  • Be and Stay Positive

Students preparing for the JEE exam should stay calm and positive. It is very essential to focus on the goal and prepare for the examination. 

  • Proper Routine and Timetable

A proper timetable and routine is necessary to prepare for the JEE examination. The syllabus is extensive. So, students should plan their schedule in a way that all the topics across three subjects are completed as well as practiced. 

  • Download and Solve Past JEE Papers

The previous JEE Advanced Question Papers are available on the Extramarks website. Candidates should download and practise them. They should solve all the sections and later check with the answer key which is available too. 

  • Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Students preparing for the JEE Advanced exam should take care of their health. They should maintain a fit and healthy routine. Students should consume healthy food and should exercise on a daily basis

  • Strengthen the Conceptual Part

Students should work on strengthening the conceptual side of all the subjects. They should clear all the concepts to solve the questions properly. 

  • Analytical Part

It is essential for students to give attention to the analytical part of all the topics across three sections. Since, majority of the topics are numerical based, students should work and improve in this area. Candidates should solve the numerical questions and practise well. 

  • Revision Part

Revision is very important. Apart from referring study notes, video lectures, books, etc. candidates should solve past JEE Question papers and revise all the concepts well. Candidates should review their performance and prepare accordingly.