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The class 11 curriculum puts significant emphasis on the study of the English language. Students will be introduced to works of literature that are written at an intermediate level of language and deal with complex topics as part of the curriculum for Class 11.

In Class 11 of the CBSE curriculum, English is a must subject for students. In addition, most entrance examinations in India demand a minimum score of fifty per cent in English. As a result, students ought to comprehensively understand this subject. They could find it useful to read the NCERT Class 11 English book PDF, which is geared toward assisting students in developing their level of competence in the English language. The NCERT English book for class 11 teaches students to use their language skills to articulate their ideas and thoughts in written form. Consequently, teachers often advise their students to read the English book for Class 11 NCERT to expand their vocabulary and become better writers.

NCERT Books for CBSE Class 11 English 

For English Class 11, CBSE requires students to use the textbooks Hornbill and Snapshot, both of which are published by the NCERT. These books compile a wide variety of works of prose written by authors from all over the world and present them in a collection format. The chapters in the book are intended to improve the students’ language and vocabulary skills and prepare them for the future. The works of poetry included in the English book for Class 11 PDF were selected to appeal to the student’s senses. They were chosen with great deliberation by respected academics and educators to assist students in broadening their horizons regarding the literature they read.

The texts that are included in the NCERT Class 11 English Book PDF are not taken from any particular literary genre; rather, they have been taken from a variety of different sources, such as travelogues, biographies, science fiction, and so on, to acquaint students with a variety of different styles of writing. The intention behind choosing these particular chapters in the book is to improve students’ language and vocabulary skills and prepare them for the future.


It is widely considered the best English textbook for Class 11. This English textbook for students in the 11th class has been carefully selected to assist students in developing the skills necessary to conduct independent literary analysis. It includes the chapters that are listed below:

The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James

The grey hair of the grandmother was dishevelled and unkempt, and it messily covered her wrinkled face. She maintained one hand on her abdomen while using the other hand to count the spheres on her rosary. She did this the whole time.

The author does not find her particularly gorgeous but believes that she is always exceptional. He compares her calm demeanour to the cool weather that is currently prevalent. During the length of time that they spent in town, grandmother ensured that he got up early every morning, that she made him breakfast, and that she took him to school.

When they were about to enter the house, she would give the dogs stale chapatis as a snack. The book’s author used to take the school bus into the city to attend school, where he would concentrate on subjects such as English, physics, science, and a wide variety of other topics that his grandma could not understand.

Unfortunately, his grandmother was unable to attend this particular class with him. She was dismayed to learn that the local public school did not include topics about God or religious texts.

When the author moved away to college, he was given a new room in the family home. At that very instant, the sole connection that had ever existed between the grandchild and the grandma was severed. After a while, Grandma stopped communicating with anyone else living in the house. She focused a lot of her efforts on God and began feeding the sparrows in the afternoons as part of her devotion to him.

When the author left to finish his school in another country, the author’s grandma did not express any concern for him. On the other hand, she was the one who accompanied him to the airport. The author was quite certain that the time he spent with his grandma in her senior age would be the final time he saw her. Despite this, when he returned to his hometown after being gone for five years, his grandmother was already there to greet and welcome him back.

She started feeling bad the following morning, just after her grandson had arrived. She was aware that the time had come for her to leave this world, even though the physician had reassured her that the fever was nothing more than a minor issue that would clear itself quickly.

She proceeded to sit down on her bed. Many sparrows rushed in to express their sorrow at her passing and spread themselves out around her body. When the elderly woman’s body became uncontrollable during the final ceremonies, not a single sparrow could be heard chirping as it flew away.

    • A Photograph
    • We’re Not Afraid to Die If We Can All Be Together
    • Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues
    • The Laburnum Top
    • Landscape Of The Soul
    • The Voice Of The Rain

The Voice of the Rain by Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman wrote this sonnet about a discussion he once had with rain. It took place when the rains began their slow descent from the sky. The writer asks the rain, “Who are you?” and the rain responds, “I’m the sonnet of the earth,” which the writer finds very peculiar.

The rain falls back to earth in very small beads after evaporating. Even while new plants appear regularly as a direct result of their actions, these new plants are still dormant and unborn within the earth in the form of simple seeds. As a consequence of this cyclical process of life that never ends, the rain inevitably flows back to the spot where it first fell. It revitalises the planet, making it more beautiful and pristine in the process.

After listening to its tale, the author comes to the conclusion that the life of the rain is comparable to the life of any tune. Additionally, the tune was written from the heart of the composer. When the melody is finished, it moves in a meandering pattern, starting in one region and then going on to the next. As time goes on, it might develop differently or continue along the same path as previously. Nevertheless, in the end, it comes back to the writer while maintaining the right level of respect for the listeners.

On the other side, the sonnet is written from the viewpoint of someone interested in learning more about the rain’s background. In addition, if it doesn’t rain again, the seeds will continue to seed and won’t bloom to their full potential, bringing life back to how it was before the rain stopped falling. After some time has passed, the sonnet eventually transforms into a story that has a tune.

  • The Ailing Planet: the Green Movement’s Role
  • The Browning Version
  • Childhood
  • The Adventure 
  • Silk Road

Silk Road

The author of the tale, Nick Middleton, takes the reader along on his journey to Mount Kailash via the Silk Road. The author hopes to finish his circumambulation of the world by travelling to Mount Kailash. Consequently, he decides to employ Tsetan in the hope that he may find anyone to drive him up the mountain. While he was walking away from Lhamo, he purchased a sheepskin coat with long sleeves. The author introduces Daniel to Darchen in the hopes of developing a friendship with him.

When they first set out on their adventure, Tsetan chooses a more direct route and brings them to the southwest. He states that he is now travelling to Mount Kailash at this same moment. They would have to travel through several high mountain passes to reach their target. Tsetan assuages their concerns by assuring them that the task at hand will be straightforward despite the absence of snow.

When they reach the slope, they see many uninteresting tents. They find out that the structures are homes for nomads and note that a Tibetan mastiff is keeping watch over the tents. When they were within a certain distance of the tents, the dogs with large jaws began to chase after them. As they enter the valley, they see snow and ice covering everything in the surrounding mountains and streams.

As you go further down the slope, your ride gets choppy and bumpy. After removing the principal obstacle from the snow-covered roadways, they were now active throughout the surrounding area. The author starts to feel uneasy due to his height and his strain. At 2:00, they stop what they’re doing to have lunch.

Finally, as the night draws closer, they reach a quaint settlement called “Hor.” The writer took a break in the middle of writing Hot and went to a nearby café to sample some tea. During this time, Tsetan made the necessary adjustments to the vehicle, and Daniel continued on his way to Lhasa. The author’s disdain towards Hor approached the level of obsession at times. After completing their expedition, they check into a visitor lodging in Darchen and spend the night there. We can conceptualise how he must feel when he cannot breathe through his nose because of the elevation difference and the chilly weather. After consulting with a Tibetan specialist, he is given a course of antibiotics that will last for five days.

After that, he will finally be able to relax and take advantage of his time spent in Darchen, where he will also meet another traveller named Norbu. The lack of explorers in Darchen prompts the author to seek assistance, ultimately deciding to go on the journey with him.

Ultimately, they decide to use yaks to carry their belongings, and Norbu gives up while falling across the table and laughing. Norbu claims that it is impossible for him to do so, especially considering that he has a sizable stomach.


This is the supplementary reader for the English class that is taught at the CBSE level 11. The readings for English Class 11 that have been selected with consideration may be found in this book, and they cover a wide range of topics. Some examples include moral dilemmas, human feelings, and difficult situations. Students can learn more about the treatment of the theme, narrative patterns, stylistic traits, and other literary elements thanks to the literary pieces. Following is the content of Snapshot:

The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse focuses mostly on its two teenage male protagonists, both of whom are Armenian. There is a spot reserved for the younger men inside the Garoghlanian clan. Even though they were financially disadvantaged, we are given this information. They were always truthful, even when confronted with the most horrific of situations.

Similarly, young men will never tell a falsehood, regardless of the circumstances. This tale includes a description of the white pony that they owned in the past. His cousin Mourad is thirteen years old, whereas Aram is only nine years old. Aram’s youth and the relative ease of his life make him fascinated by the world around him. In addition to that, Mourad is known by everyone as “the insane one.”

Around four in the morning, Mourad goes to pay a call on Aram at his home in the early hours of the day. Mourad is currently galloping about on an incredible white pony that he brought along with him and brought with him.

The two younger boys had custody of the pony for a considerable amount of time. They would sing to it and ride it back in the day. In any case, the group of young men hid the fact that they owned a pony from the rest of the world. They took him to the animal sanctuary of an abandoned vine farm to protect him from the elements. Aram eventually learns that Mourad has taken John Byro’s pony without his permission. They understood that they would not return it to him under these circumstances, even though they had second thoughts about retaining it due to their ethics.

John eventually comes upon the group of young men who are riding the beautiful white pony one day. On the other hand, he was so convinced of his position that he stated their pony was strikingly similar to his own pony.

Because of this, the young men had an experience that would stick with them for a long time. They decided to give the pony back to its owner, who John found the next day at the vineyard. John is ecstatic and immediately tells Aram’s mother about the wonderful news. We can also see that his pony has significantly improved, become more polite, and become kinder than it was in the past.

  • The Address
  • Ranga’s Marriage
  • Albert Einstein at School
  • Mother’s Day
  • The Ghat of the Only World
  • Birth 
  • The Tale of Melon City.

Why are NCERT textbooks preferred?

The National Council of Education, Research and Training (NCERT) offers help and advice to the Ministry of Education and Social Welfare about the latter’s educational policy decisions. However, it is also in charge of printing textbooks, which students highly regard for various reasons, and this aspect of its business is quite important. The following are the reasons:

Textbooks published by NCERT are written in a way that caters to the need of students from all over India. As a consequence, they are written in simple and straightforward language so that students may rapidly assimilate the primary ideas of the subjects as they are reading about them.

Students benefit from swiftly studying these ideas thanks to the clear language used before exams. In addition, the textbooks provided by NCERT, such as NCERT English Class 11 PDF, provide a detailed and comprehensive explanation of the underlying ideas and the significant topics covered in each topic. Students have an easier time grasping even the most difficult concepts due to this.

Textbooks published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), such as the NCERT Class 11 English book PDF, are crafted in a manner that is entirely compliant with the recommendations issued by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). This is one of the primary reasons why educators hold NCERT textbooks in such high esteem.

Most of the time, independent publishers do not always implement the changes CBSE announced in the books they produce. Because of this, it is preferable to consult NCERT textbooks, which are regularly updated per the most recent version of the CBSE Curriculum. Since NCERT textbooks are based on the CBSE’s curriculum, students preparing to take entrance exams can also utilise them as a resource for their preparation.

The NCERT textbooks each have multiple exercises after each chapter or unit to test students’ understanding of the material covered in that chapter or unit. These questions can also be practised to better understand the subject at hand. For example, the vocabulary and grammar exercises found in the NCERT Class 11 English Book PDF assist students in developing their vocabulary and increase the range of terms they can correctly utilise in their writing.

There is also a list of tasks for students included in NCERT textbooks. These activities encourage students to apply what they have learned in the textbook to real-world scenarios.

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The core mission of Extramarks is to improve your academic performance in every way we can. For this reason, it offers students individualised educational experiences that are tailored to their individual rates of intellectual development. One can also choose to participate in interactive classes experienced instructors teach on the Extramarks online platform to answer any subject-related questions.

In addition to this, students may obtain the NCERT Class 11 English book in PDF format along with the solutions, which will make it easier for them to swiftly grasp the concepts being covered.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why is having a basic command of the English language important?

The government of India has designated English as one of its official languages. In addition to this, English is regarded as the global language. English is used in the classrooms of the majority of educational institutions, including universities and colleges. As a result, it is necessary to have at least a fundamental command of this language while pursuing higher education. Additionally, it will make it easier for students to interact with one another.

2. What is the format of the questions that will be on the exam for CBSE Class 11 English?

The question paper pattern for the English subject in Class 11 is broken up into three sections: A, B, and C. Reading comprehension will be one of the topics covered in Section A, which is where the student’s reading abilities will be evaluated. The student’s knowledge of grammar and writing will be examined in Section B of the test. Finally, there is a portion of literature called Section C, and it will contain questions taken from Hornbill and Snapshot.

3. Why do students need to study literature?

Literature is a subject that students should study since it will help them develop a better understanding of themselves and the society surrounding them. Literature, whether it be a poem, a short tale, a novel, or an essay, is about the experiences, losses, and sufferings that humans go through. Therefore, students can increase their perspective’s breadth if they read many works of literature. The Class 11 English NCERT Book PDF serves as a stepping stone for students, based on which they can improve their reading of literary works.

4. How can students become more English-fluent with the help of the NCERT Class 11 English Book PDF?

After each unit in Class 11 English NCERT book PDF, students can refer to a set of techniques to better grasp the material. For example, a few different exercises are suggested for readers, and these activities will help students understand the book and relate their personal experiences or story to what is presented in the text.