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CBSE Class 11 NCERT Books for Hindi PDF – Free Download

Hindi is one of the major languages in India, and having fluency in it can be considered one of the major skills of students. Being well-versed in Hindi can be helpful to students not only for effective communication but also to excel in academics. The CBSE syllabus for Class 11 Hindi is designed in a way that helps the students gain adequate skills that add to their overall performance. It also falls under the curriculum to have a better understanding of the language in order to score more in the other subjects.            

The aspiring students of Class 11 who are willing to ace the final examination should deliberately follow the NCERT Books Class 11 Hindi which will nurture their preparation. The Central Board of Secondary Education has decided to choose these books as textbooks for the students which will help them to score well. The NCERT books are masterfully designed to enhance the skills of the students both in the Hindi language and literature as well. Other than following the textbook, the students are advised to be aware of the grammatical portions, spellings and other related topics to stay ahead in the competition.

CBSE Class 11 Hindi Book PDF with Free Solutions

Those days are gone when the students had to wait until textbooks physically arrived at home. At Extramarks, you will be able to find all the study materials and Hindi NCERT book class 11 in a PDF format. It is available for free and therefore, the students will not have to wait anymore. Download for free right now and embark on your strategic preparation for the subject. 

NCERT Class 11 HINDI Book

The CBSE Syllabus for Class 11 Hindi Core and Hindi Elective is composed of four books in total. NCERT has subsequently reduced the syllabus according to the latest directive issued by CBSE. It is solely done to offer more ease in the learning curriculum that helps the students garner more marks in the finals as well as the Board Examination in the future.   

NCERT Books for Class 11 Hindi

Each of the books namely Aroh, Vitan, Antra and Antral are available in PDF for download. Download from below and get a good grasp on the whole syllabus of NCERT books class 11 Hindi medium. Having the PDF files downloaded allows the students to study the chapter at any time and anywhere without relying on a book. Whether it is a mobile or a desktop, the students can access our platform at any time and at any place. Downloading the files allows the students to study offline as well.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi

Studying the books and the chapters is very important but it also requires an evaluation to understand how much preparation you need. That is why the students need to solve the exercises from each chapter to internalise the knowledge and understanding gained from each topic. It is recommended to follow CBSE sample papers to get more ideas regarding the question patterns, the questions, their depth and weightage. CBSE previous year question papers can also enhance the preparation for the subject as it offers a subtle dose of confidence among the students. It provides an overview of what kind of questions students can expect in the final examination.

Get the solutions for Class 11 Hindi based on each book below.

Hindi Book Class 11 PDF Download

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NCERT Solutions for Class 11

Just like the NCERT Books, Extramarks provides exquisite solutions study material for each subject of Class 11 CBSE. The students can obtain solutions for various subjects and create a fruitful strategy for their preparation. CBSE important questions from each subject are solved in the solutions to provide the student with not only questions but complete guidance on how to write the answers. It works like CBSE revision notes, which allow to keep track of the past years’ questions as well as offers the idea of what questions usually come often. These solutions can help you figure out your strongholds and weak points based on each subject and the containing chapter in it. There is a chance to get your hands on CBSE extra questions which can help the students gain more marks.

Click on the options below and you will find the complete solutions for each chapter of the respective subject along with complete guidance for preparation.

An Overview of Hindi Class 11 NCERT Books 

Hindi plays a huge role in the development of various cultures and communities in India. That is why it is considered an essential element for learning for the students of class 11. It is one of the oldest languages in India that is also an integral element of Indian traditions.

NCERT Class 11 Hindi syllabus contains a total of four different sections that offer an amazing blend of prose and poems. Keeping the best interests of the students in mind, the Hindi syllabus for CBSE Class 11 is an accumulation of Hindi Core and Hindi Elective comprising four books namely Antra, Antral, Aroh and Vitan.

Hindi Core (Revised Syllabus)

Aroh: Part I

The Class 11 Hindi book, Aroh is an attractive mix of some of the timeless creations of Hindi literature of all time. There is prose, poetry and a fine blend of fiction and creativity. The selection of poems and literary creations is done in a way that ingrains a deep passion for the language for every student. Not only language but the moral essence in each story is able to evoke humane values among students.   The Hindi Core syllabus contains the following chapters from the book Aroh. Let’s take a better look,

  • Namak Ka Daroga
  • Miyan Nasiruddin
  • Galta Loha
  • Spiti Mein Barish
  • Jamun ka Pedh
  • Bharat Mata
  • Kabir ke Pad
  • Meera ke Pad
  • Weh Aankhen
  • Ghar ki Yaad
  • Gazal
  • Hey Bhukh! Mat Machal, Hey Mere Juhi Ke Phool Jaise Eshwar
  • Aao Milke Bachaye

Vitan: Part I

This is the second compilation of the Class 11 Hindi Book that offers a crucial introduction to India’s some of the most talented personas that embraced the country’s culture. There is a chapter especially dedicated to Melody Queen Lata Mangeshkar. However, the book also sheds enough light on the social structure as well as gender equality and other important aspects which are important for the sensible mental growth of every student. This book is not merely an addition to the syllabus, but an important part of the syllabus that helps to grow a better perception and vision among the students.

There is a chapter based on the dying remains of the well in Rajasthan, one of the driest states in India. Similarly, there is a chapter on the condition of women in India. The chapter showcases the social issues and conditions that revolve around women in all communities. As a result, the students of Class 11 are able to gain a better perspective of the drawback elements of society such as conservatism that affects the liberalism of women in this male-dominated country. Not only about the nation but the students are also able to gain intricate knowledge regarding the world’s current situation. Let’s check the chapters from Vitan Class 11 Hindi book NCERT.

  • Bhartiya Gaayikao Mein Bejor: Lata Mangeshkar
  • Rajasthan Ki Rajat Bunde
  • Alo Aandhari

Hindi Elective (Revised Syllabus)

Antra: Part I

This NCERT Book for Class 11 Hindi is solely made to offer a wide spectrum of literary creativity. There are several thought-provoking pieces offered in this book that help to build a stronger bond between the students and the world surrounding them. Written in Hindi, this aims to connect students with nature and the natural elements that surround everyone. Not just facts, but the book helps to shape the power of imagination among students, allowing them to contemplate, learn and experiment. Solving the questions and exercises of each chapter can make the student more curious about the natural world surrounding them. In a nutshell, it provokes the hunger for knowledge.

Here are the chapters from Antra for Class 11 Hindi CBSE. 

  • Idgah
  • Dopahar Ka Bhojan
  • Torch Bechne Waale
  • Gunge
  • Jyotiba Phule
  • Khanabadosh
  • Kabeer
  • Surdas
  • Padmakar
  • Jaag Tujhko Door Jana Sab Aankho Ke Aansu Ujle
  • Badal Ko Ghirte Dekha Hai
  • Ghar Mein Waapsi

Antral: Part I

Just like Antra, Antral also represents the creative side of Indian art and culture. It pays homage to M.F Hussain, one of the most celebrated artists in India. There is a chapter solely dedicated to embracing the anecdotes from his autobiography. The chapter gathers attention from the students and makes them aware of Fine Arts and its culture in India. The students of Class 11 are able to know the personal struggles, hardships, achievements and realisations of the artist which shapes their determination inside. The chapter shows how Hindi has become an integral part of every sector in India.

There is another chapter that shows the foreseen society and contemporary society through the eyes and life of Sarat Chandra. It helps the students understand the development of society and its drawbacks of it. Sarat Chandra is one of the greatest authors of Bengal and was well revered around the world.

Similarly, there is another chapter titled Dishahara that depicts the struggles and turmoil of the writers in West Bengal who have won the world with their timeless literary creations. In a nutshell, this book not only portrays artists and writers but also explains the hardships that churned out art and creation from themselves.

The Chapters present in Antral Hindi 11th Class Book Are:

There are a total of 5 chapters from Antral that students of Class 11 CBSE need to read. Such as, 

  • Andey Ke Chilke
  • Hussein Ki Kahani Apni Zubaani
  • Baroda Ka Boarding School
  • Ranipur Bazaar
  • Awara Masiha

Why Study from the NCERT 11th Hindi Books?

The Hindi books for Class 11 CBSE are masterfully crafted with intensive research and comprehensive materials which can motivate the students. The books consist of an introduction that explains the reason why these particular chapters are included in the text among millions of literary creations in Hindi. The stories, poems and prose are exquisitely chosen to offer better marks and sensible mental growth among the students. There are many other reasons why the NCERT 11th Hindi Book is recommended. Some of them are given below,

  1. Hand curated content – Most of the content from the four books of Class 11 Hindi are timeless in nature with subtle narratives, intriguing perspectives and human emotions. At some point in life, every person should go through or read such content to have a better understanding of life. The content in Hindi books for Class 11 is specially crafted to provoke the thoughts of the young students and make them question their surroundings. The chapters can help to explain why so many people choose art and literature even after struggles and why revolution is required in society.
  2. Compliance with the Syllabus – The NCERT books for class 11 which are prescribed by the CBSE strictly comply with the syllabus recommended by the board. All of these elements of the syllabus aim to make the learning process more fun, interactive and meaningful for every student. Therefore, the students do not have to go through any kind of stress or peer pressure during the examination.
  3. Question bank and exercises – Each book and each chapter from the book feature a question bank or respective exercise at the end of the chapters to make sure the students are ready to evaluate their preparation for the examination. The questions are quite thought-provoking and allow students to push their limits of knowledge in Hindi. Solving these questions and practising it makes the students well versed with the nitty gritty of each chapter. The question bank also helps the students to assess themselves before the examination.
  4. Evoke Original Thinking – Every poem, prose and story included in the four NCERT books of Hindi for Class 11 is presented in a way that instils important concepts and ideas that enhances the independent thinking capabilities of the students. As the students of Class 11 proceed through each chapter, they will start developing a liking for Hindi literature which results in their individuality. As a result, the students are able to gain excellent marks in the final examination.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why should the students study from the PDF version of the Hindi books of class 11?

The NCERT books for class 11 Hindi are strictly prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education. Since it is recommended by CBSE as textbooks, the students need to abide by those books at any cost. In the books, the study materials are crafted in a way that can reduce the stress and pressure on the students that they usually felt in past sessions. The learning process of the books is quite fun, interactive and meaningful which makes the students a complete understanding of the language as well as Hindi literature.

There is a question bank at the end of every chapter to make sure the students assess and evaluate their preparation for the subject based on each chapter.

2. How many important chapters are there in the NCERT Class 11 Hindi book PDF?

There are mainly two choices in Hindi namely Hindi Core and Hindi Elective from which student can start their preparation for the subject. The syllabus for Class 11 Hindi both Core and Elective is composed of four NCERT books namely Antra, Antral, Aroh and Vitan. Each of them consists of a handful of chapters that represent some of the best stories, poems, prose and literary creations in Hindi. The students are recommended to study all the chapters since all of them are important in order to get good grades in the final and the board examination.

3. What is the most important chapter from the whole syllabus of NCERT Class 11 Hindi?

With such a vast syllabus and four textbooks, it is nearly impossible to figure out which is the most important chapter from the Class 11 Hindi Syllabus for CBSE. Based on the topics and weightage of the chapters, here are some of the chapters that can be considered important ones. Like,

  • Idgah
  • Dopeher Ka Bhojan
  • Torch Bechnewaale
  • Gunge
  • Namak Ka Daroga
  • Miyan Nasiruddin
  • Galta Loha

However, the students are advised to study all the chapters from the syllabus to make sure they can attempt every question no matter which portion of a chapter carries more marks. Having a good grasp of the whole syllabus will help you stay one step ahead.

4. Where can I download the Class 11 NCERT Hindi books?

You can download all the NCERT books for Class 11 from our official e-learning platform Extramarks. The books are provided in a PDF format to allow the students to study at any time and at anywhere without the need for a physical book. The downloadable content allows studying the chapter offline as well.

5. Can Extramarks provide me with all the materials needed for the preparation of Class 11 Hindi?

Yes. Extramarks is well revered as one of the top e-learning platforms in India and it can provide all the necessary information regarding Class 11 Hindi of CBSE. We provide exquisite study materials which are curated by the top teachers in the nation. There are also various options for online classes, doubt clearing sessions and many other options that make Extramarks the best companion for the students. Our platform is authentic, and efficient and offers only up-to-date information for the students. Visit Extramarks and embark on your journey of strategic preparation.