NCERT Books Class 12 History Themes in India Part 2

NCERT Book Class 12 History Themes in India Part 2 

After studying contemporary world history in class 11, the syllabus of class 12 presents an overview of Indian history. It explores the stages and evolution of economic, cultural, social, political, religious and other aspects of Indian society. 

Along with the historical information, the NCERT textbook for CBSE also describes how historians find this information; like archaeological reports, ancient scriptures, state records and personal journals.

CBSE Class 12 NCERT Books for History Themes in India Part 2 

NCERT Class 12 syllabus aims to give the student a comprehensive idea of the evolution of civilisation and society on the Indian subcontinent. It explores how people lived then, what their activities were, how they fed themselves, what occupations they practised, what technology they developed, and what their relationship was with each other and with their environment. 

CBSE Class 12 course provides a detailed overview of India’s lifecycle from its initial days to the new era after British rule. After completing the course, a student will have an idea of every time period of Indian history and will be able to choose his/her area of interest for exploration in future classes. 

The information gained in this course is accurate and highly reliable. The student can use this knowledge as a foundation to pursue a career in history.

NCERT Books Class 12 History Themes in India Part 2 

Class 12 History part 2 begins with studying the experiences of renowned world travellers who visited India. It explores their perceptions of various aspects of Indian people and their society, compared to other countries they visited. The chapters further explore the ideological transformation that occurred during the mediaeval period. Art, religion, philosophy and literature influenced people in a multi-dimensional way, which caused corresponding changes in the society. 

You study one city and its empire in particular, Vijayanagar. It was a prominent empire in South India with significant contributions to the subcontinent’s progress. 

Technological advancements promoted large-scale farming, making agriculture a widespread occupation. The surplus of food boosted population and trade. It also prompted kingdoms to collaborate, compete and get into conflict with each other. 

The final chapter of part 2 explores the growth and dominance of Mughal rulers. 

NCERT Books for Class 12

Different books by different publications exist for every subject of class 12. Most of them share sound concepts and information, but from an exam point of view, NCERT books are the most reliable resources. Since NCERT is the governing authority which designs the syllabus, the books created by them give a wholesome view of the subject. Every state and board in India follows NCERT’s directions for teaching a particular course. Examinations also test the student based on the information written in the NCERT book. In this situation, the student stands a higher chance of scoring top marks if he or she presents solutions as described in the NCERT textbook. 

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NCERT Books for class 12 are the latest and most recommended academic resource. They divide the entire syllabus into bite-sized parts, which makes them easier to consume. The syllabus follows a sequential pattern, and each chapter is linked to the other. Hence, students are advised not to skip any chapter. 

Readers report that NCERT books are easy on the eyes and have a pleasant feel to them. Students mention that the book is fun to read, in the classroom and on your own. They also inform that most CBSE Important Questions come specifically from NCERT books.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12

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NCERT Books for CBSE Class 12 History Themes in India Part 2 

– Benefits of downloading the digital pdf copy of NCERT Class 12 History book are;  

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Extramarks exists with an aim of making quality education resources accessible to every person. Providing free downloadable PDF books is one part of our mission. NCERT writes, publishes, and distributes its books as sole authority. They own the rights to their products and do not allow other agencies to sell them. But to reach more students, NCERT allows particular agent channels like Extramarks to distribute their books. Along with free PDF books, we also provide a detailed syllabus, exam pattern, previous year’s exam question papers, quick revision notes and other such information which helps the student prepare well.

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NCERT Books for CBSE Class 12 History Themes in India Part 2 PDF Free Download

Part 2 contains 5 chapters, starting from chapter 5 to chapter 9 of the entire syllabus. 

Here’s a brief account of each chapter and its contents. 

Chapter 5: Through the Eyes of Travellers

Describes the accounts of the travellers who visited India in the medieval period. It gives a brief insight into what attracted them to India and the motives of their visit. It specifically talks about the three famous travellers, Al-Biruni, Ibn Battuta and Francois Bernier, who visited the Indian subcontinent from the 11th to 17th century. It dives into their experiences in India to give a glimpse of how the society was at that time. 

Chapter 6: Bhakti – Sufi Traditions

Follows the Bhakti Movement, Islam and the Sufi movement, which played a vital role in the medieval period between the 8th and 18th centuries. It explores the changes in the religious landscape throughout the subcontinent. It describes the records of poet-saints, their works and the effect they had on their devotees. 

Chapter 7: An Imperial Capital Vijayanagara

Describes one of the most dignified cities of South India, Vijayanagar. Its empire started from the Krishna river and extended all the way to the southern edge of the subcontinent, but was destroyed and deserted in 1565. The chapter provides deep insights into the history of this empire, its capital: Hampi, the dynasties that ruled the empire and more.  

Chapter 8: Peasants, Zamindars and the State

Revisit the development of agricultural technology during the medieval period. It explains the history of various tribes, village communities, and the Mughal Empire under Akbar’s rule. This was a time when a majority of India’s population lived in villages and practised farming. It explores how agriculture became the economic backbone of multiple empires in the nation, leading to collaboration, competition and conflict.

Chapter 9: Kings and Chronicles

Explores the working of various institutions of the Mughal rule. The Mughals believed themselves to be the supreme power sent by the divine. It reflects the policies formed in the Mughal Empire that the rulers sought to impose. It further sees how their rule ended because of an unstable political landscape. 

Reasons Behind the Popularity of NCERT Books

The following are the benefits of using NCERT books to study from: 

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. Students can score good marks just by focusing on the NCERT textbooks. NCERT books contain CBSE Revision Notes along with CBSE Sample Papers.

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These features make NCERT books the most preferred study resource for most students. 

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Which is the best book to study for CBSE Class 12 History?

NCERT books are the best-suited notes to study from. These notes have the latest information and present the same engagingly, using stories and anecdotes. They paint the most accurate picture of history while offering insights from the events. These features improve your studies and help you score better in the examination. Moreover, answers from NCERT books ensure you get good marks.

2. Does it help to solve sample question papers?

Yes, solving sample papers definitely helps you strengthen your understanding of the subject. It also gets you habituated to solving questions in time-bound conditions, which is great preparation for examinations. CBSE Previous Years Question Papers are ideal for this purpose.

3. How difficult is CBSE Class 12 History?

As per most students, CBSE Class 12 History is one of the most interesting and easiest subjects in the curriculum. You are not required to have an extensive background in history to do well in this subject. But regular studies, discussions, and written practice will help students pass the subject with satisfactory marks.

4. What is the professional scope of studying History?

Class 12 History aims to acquaint you with the possibility of taking up history as a professional field of study. A student of History can become a historian, a teacher, a writer/author, researcher/archaeologist. He/she can also get into civil services. Students can also work in the field of sociology and anthropology.

Now you have a complete overview of the NCERT Class 12 History. You can start planning your preparations accordingly. 

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